WATCH: Love Is Off The Menu On The Latest Episode Of “The Cougar Lesbians”

We might be behind the times but we just discovered The Cougar Lesbians Of Los Angeles, a sort-of surrogate love child of Seinfeld, The Real Housewives and The L Word. Call it How I Banged Your Mother.

It this most recent installment, group ho Breath decides she needs to lay off the lady love, which pisses off her housemates Gayle and Bronwyn, who are happy to bed her cast-offs and sloppy seconds. But will Breath be able to keep her celibacy vow at the White Party Chick Mix? And, more importantly, will the girls be able to keep from throttling their arch-nemesis, the esteem-annihilating Carol? Watch and fine out!

Cougar Lesbians is the work of Megan Grano, Molly Erdman and Celeste Pechous, all alumni of Chicago’s legendary Second City. View more clips here.