WATCH: Madonna Baby-Daddy Carlos Leon Is The Son Of God In “Carlos Christ”

There’s not a lot gay about Easter, except for maybe the whole thing with the 33-year-old bachelor in a loincloth. So artist Michael Angelo (yes, that’s his real name) made this Passion play with Madonna‘s Baby Daddy, Carlos Leon, cast as as Jesus.

In the spirit of springtime and new beginnings, Michael Angelo’s film Carlos Christo looks at the period of Jesus’ life between his baptism and his resurrection through a secular and lyrical lens.

Despite being tempted by great fear about a painful destiny, Jesus makes the ultimate sacrifice because of his love for the future of humanity. Angelo’s film is meant to remind us that regardless of our religion or our choice to not practice one, it is through courage and empathy that we will see our world reborn.

See, we’re not perving on Leon—it’s a spiritual thing.

Happy Easter, everyone!