WATCH: Madonna Debuts The Video For “Girl Gone Wild”


Madonna released the video for “Girl Gone Wild,” the second single off MDNA, today—and we’re really kind of into. And not just because there are scorching-hot half-naked guys in it. (Well, not just because of that.)

The clip is directed by fashion-photography duo Mert and Marcus and E! Online, which posted the video, says “the use of black and white and a healthy dose of erotic imagery calling to mind both ‘Vogue’ and, well, ‘Erotica’!”

We’d add “Justify My Love” to that list as well.

What do you think of the video—does it make you like the song more?


MDNA, Madonna’s first album for Interscope Records, is due out March 26.


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  • CJustSickening

    “Yeeeeeeeees!” at Madonna paying tribute to her own damn self
    Instead of the new girls ripping her off and calling it “homage”.

    Even though the imagery is nothing new, Madonna has done this since
    The early 90’s, including “men in high heels”.

    And get into Madge & that choreography!
    Loved it!

    Madonna continues to reign supreme with her gays. ^_^

  • Red Meat

    So its basically KAZAKY – LOVE with Madonna in it. How original, “really” in my faux British accent.

  • Jake

    What a f-ing awesome video. Welcome back your Madgesty, it’s been a long time.

  • Vevar

    I LOVE IT!!!!!

  • tookietookie

    Autotuned crap. And derivative. Gaga did direct homosexuality (and let’s be clear, Madonna’s gays are dancing with mirrors…mirrorsexuality?) and the “dancing in front of a bunch of gays” before this. And then I count Cyndi’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” and elements of Janet Jackson and the men dancing in high heels…wasn’t that some Eastern European thing or something Queerty posted on here several months back?


  • Stef

    Loved it! Much better than the first single. Let’s give Madonna credit. She’s done it all either in Print or Video. Although I love Kazaky; especially their LOVE video; Madonna did the guys in heels in Rolling Stone ’91. Madonna paid homage to herself here. All my favorite black & white video’s from her “NASTY” period. So relevant; although it seems she’s really trying to win back the “queer” crowd that she’s basically alienated as of late. Demo 35-50 will love what she does no matter if she’s a fierce advocate. blah blah blah blah.

  • thomas

    There are so many pathetic ignorant gays on this. KAZAKY – LOVE??? Love it but…..that is inspired from Madonna. Watch Human Nature..the people in the contorted position in box things? And Madonna has had ripped gay men in heels 20 years back. Look at the Rolling Stone 1991 spread and all her Erotica stuff

  • DouggSeven

    Terrible song off a (so far) terrible album. Musically, she should’ve revistited Erotica or Confessions instead of Ray Of Light. The video is sexy and lit well, but it still can’t make up for a bad song and make me want to purchase any product.


  • Uppity

    Wow, as a 49-year-old who partied nonstop to Madonna in the early 90s, this video makes me wistful for those times. That’s the button it pushes for me, because it’s such a pastiche of all her best visual moments from that era. Back then she was a trailblazer who exploded the sexual mores of the time. Her battle now is against ageism, her efforts to stay relevant triggering envy, condemnation and admiration among her generation. I hope she’s pushing everyone’s buttons for many years to come.

  • Kyle

    Perfection! Love it!

  • shle896

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the song and the video. Madonna is back, fiercer than ever! Never count her out!

  • jason

    This is not gay-progressive despite appearances. A male singer wouldn’t be allowed to do it.

    There’s this ugly pattern in America of only female singers being allowed to say they “kissed girls” or that they are “bisexual”, even if it’s fake. When it comes to depicting male-male sensuality in their videos, it’s also only female singers who are allowed to do it.

    What the hell is going on? Have we totally surrendered ourselves to the double standard? Looks like it.

  • ~PR~

    @tookietookie: if you look a little closer (though I doubt you will) there are a couple of gay moments presented as well. Yeah, the mirror stuff was there but there were some flashes of guys kissing at the end… and then there is the whole apple sequence. YUMMY!

  • Alan

    WOW!!! Ale Ale ALejandroooo! Isn’t This Gagas Video!? =)

  • Mike

    @Alan: Clearly you’re joking or youre a 19 year old idiot without access to YouTube. Madonna is paying an homage to herself, not copying GaGa.

  • Sam

    I agree with TookieTookie, this video sucks and Vadge is just copying Cyndia and Gaga.

  • jj

    DO you people realize that it IS kazaky in the video? how can she be ripping them off if they are in the video. Madonna is the f ucking queen. She loved the gays when it wasnt cool and ill support anything she does.

  • n900mixalot

    Boring. I like Kazaky without Madonna better. Madonna is tired. Been there done that. This dance music needs to be over. It is harder and harder to find good progressive stuff because it is being buried by trash like this. Sad because she is better than that. She used to reinvent herself. Now it is all just a broken record.

  • Bobsters

    Such a rip-off of Kylie! She had the same dance moves and costumes on her “Get Outta My Way” video! MADONNA IS OUT OF IDEAS!

  • shle896

    The video is incredible. I’d like to be that apple!

  • grizz


  • Onyx

    Yeah guys thats actually KAZAKY in the video! The official FB and Press Site for KAZAKY has been linking to the video, and related interviews.

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