WATCH: Madonna Likes Her Sandwiches Cut. But What About Her Lovers?

Madonna graced the NYC’s Herald Square Macy’s with her presence yesterday, and did something she usually doesn’t do: field questions from random strangers. (This reporter recalls reading horror stories of her high-powered publicist knocking the voice recorder out of the unstayed hand of a disobedient member of the press.)

For no discernible reason except the fact that she is awesome, a lady with a thick New Yawk accent asked her, “Cut or uncut?”

Queen Madge answers: “That is a scandalous question. I refuse to answer it. Are you talking about my sandwiches? I like my sandwiches cut.”

It was a promotion for her new Truth or Dare fragrance, so perhaps it made sense for this lady to ask an either-or question?

Other soundbite gold, completely out of context:

“There are things you can do in heels that you can’t do in sneakers, and you know what I’m talking about.”

“She’s just what? Drawing tights? Oh, tights. Leggings. Okay, well, cool.”

“I didn’t [get rid of my birthmark]. I made it darker with a black pencil, case you didn’t know.”

Oh yeah and she signed the arm of this crazy guy too (photo at right).

This is a game-changer for me personally, because I thought that Madonna liked to keep her fans at a healthy distance. Perhaps she has learned the error of her ways, and wants to do the Lady Gaga thing of baptizing her little monsters with attention all the time?

UPDATE: A reader who was on the scene writes in to tell us, sarcastically: “Truly a game changer, as this was a PA where the celebrity did not take part in any photographs with fans who purchased her (expensive) gift set, and didn’t sign anything.”

Perhaps, in the world of divadom, all diva activity is a zero-sum game, and, when a diva attempts to un-diva herself for a public appearance by taking questions from fans, said diva must then display her repressed divadom in a fit of diva… in this instance, refusing to sign merch for fans.

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  • Spike

    Truth or Dare fragrance . . . how original. Poor Madge, she’s become, so, celebrity pedestrian. Cue Kevin Costner to put HIS finger in down his mouth, vomit style.

  • Anthony

    The only reason she came out of hibernation was so she could make money? What happened to her? She used to love what she did and now it’s like all she wants is to make money.

  • Dennis

    *Yawn* Vadge is an idiot. She was married to a man from the UK and had a Latino BF or two Jesus Luz and Carlos Leon so I’m sure she likes foreskin and sex with an intact penis like most men and women do.

  • Allen D.

    @Dennis: Good God, speak for yourself. Gross.

  • Xtincta

    Oh God the Foreskin Nazis are about to unleash dozens upon dozens of comments in this post about how circumcision is wrong, how EVERYONE prefers foreskin (guess I missed the memo), and how people who are uncut are missing sensation, and blah blah blah.

    Get over yourselves fellas, Circumcision is here to stay….

  • TJ

    What does this fragrance smell like? Old used up trash from Michigan? She’s like 20 years too late for this.

  • John

    @Dennis: yeah….foreskins arent that hot…

  • ChrisC

    @Xtincta: Murders are also here to stay, doesn’t mean it’s right. And yes, circumcised Men do have less sensation in their penis. Enjoy your mutilated dick.

  • Tom

    @TJ: Used up trash? That doesn’t even make sense.

  • Blake

    I f-ing love her. She’s bitchy but charming and honest. I’d take Madonna and her realness over the fake sincercity of GaGa and Beyonce or the lights are on by nobody is home stares of Britney. Madonna worked her ass off and laid the foundation for every female in the game today. She’s still an ally and I don’t get how some of you bitter Queens are so quick to throw her under the bus regardless if you like her music or not.

  • MMDD

    @Xtincta: Spoken by a Circumcision Nazi, no less.

  • Tomas

    Xtincta I guess that means female circumcision is perfectly fine too and it’s here to stay! Vadge should look into getting cut or getting a labia plasty like some rich women do.


    “have you smelled my new perfume?”

    Yes it smells like desperation, and looks like a once beautiful woman who has excercised herself into a state of having a chitinous exoskeleton where her body used to be.

    Im as gay as the next guy but Ive never got the whole madge thing, she is so shallow and vapid (which perhaps explains her queen appeal)

    Id like to nominate Bjork for gay diva-dom instead, shes origional, she actually is/has been a bisexual (and doesnt kiss starlets as a marketing ploy), shes got an amazing voice, she can really act (try and watch dancer in the dark and not cry, its tears of a different kind when you see a madonna flick) she is political (dedicated her song “declare independance” to tibet when she played in China, madge meanwhile is opening gyms for gay gays in russia without even a whisper about gay rights). Bjork’s cool, liking Madge kinda lumps you in with those guys who obsess about streisand/garland etc


    @Xtincta: Im fine with circumcision, if any grown man wants to do it, thats fine, all power to him, Id totally support an individuals choice to do what they want to their body.
    What I dont like about circumcision as it is practised today is its a redundant religious ritual IMPOSED upon infants. In that sense its no different to female circumcision, which we all know is totally fucking barbaric, ergo…

  • BlogShag

    Her lovers? I think her BOY TOY’s would be a more than appropriate term here, or should I say man whores.

  • BlogShag

    @XTIAAN: You think she’s shallow, because you’re shallow and simple. Madonna has more intelligence and depth to her than you can imagine. You only know what you see her doing for the camera

  • BlogShag

    @XTIAAN: Bjork’s voice? Please. It’s actually quite jarring, besides that fact she’s ugly. And her way of handling the paparazzi by pummeling them to death is not exactly becoming of a human being or starlet.

    I’ll never understand people like you that think a celebrity’s job is to be a role model and politician. They’re nothing but court jesters that the kings summon to shake their fanny when asked

  • BlogShag

    @Dennis: Since Madge is smart, I doubt if she likes guys with foreskin, since they don’t have the common sense to wash properly down there

  • BlogShag

    New York must be some city. It’s no secret she really didn’t like Los Angeles, which is totally understandable..

  • BlogShag

    The only thing I really haven’t liked about Madonna is her sense of style. What style? She goes to a press conference, fragrance promotion in a dress that looks like a nightgown cut to show her Madge Vadge and loose thighs. Come on, get some cooth Madge. We’ve already seen everything there is to see – not that we wanted to in the first place.

  • Pete n SFO

    Rule #1… never ask a question of which you already know the answer.

    Madge, prefers intact, of course.

    And, puleeeeze, I don’t care what she’s selling, the gurl doesn’t sign the schlock for adoring fans. She’s Madonna, folks. MADONNA! lol

  • Marie Cohn

    Well, I read that Madge made Guy get chopped.

  • Nick

    I never read that Madge made Guy get cut at all. Why would he even do this as an adult man with a perfectly fine and healthy penis, and as an adult man living in the UK where circumcision is pretty much not performed on infants at all and most men have foreskins?

    @BlogShag-Speak for yourself. I’ve been around or with cut men who had nasty smelling dicks. All of the men I’ve been with who have foreskins know how to keep their penis clean and it’s very easy to do this.

  • MMDD

    @Nick: Exactly. My husband is uncut, and I’d dare say he’s even cleaner down there than I am.

  • BlogShag

    @Xtincta: Circumcision does decrease sensation. Common sense should tell you that.

    Circumcision is done for sanitation purposes among other reasons

  • Gabriel

    @BlogShag: Except that it doesn’t. There have been muliple peer-reviewed studies that show no difference in sensation between circumcised and uncircumcised penises. There has been exactly one study that showed a decrease in sensation and (surprise!) it was funded by NOCIRC. Gee, I wonder if that had any impact on the outcome.

  • MMDD

    @Gabriel: Do you really want to justify cutting off a normal, sensitive, functioning part of your body based on the findings of a “study”? Plus, how do you account for the adult men who have been circumcised and state that there unquestionably IS a difference in the sensation?

  • Gabriel

    @MMDD: You don’t seem to understand the difference between subjective anecdotal data (adult men who have been circumcised and state that there unquestionably IS a difference in the sensation) with empirical data (electrophysiological experiments that were performed on a decent population sample and analyzed statistically). Scientifically speaking, the former is worthless while the latter is valid. Oh, and I wasn’t justifying anything. I was just pointing out that one of the main claims of people who are against circumcision, that the penis becomes less sensitive, isn’t true.

  • MMDD

    @Gabriel: You’ve got to be kidding me. You want to elevate clinical statistical data above individual personal data? That’s one of the biggest problems with these so-called studies and surveys in the first place. You might as well be talking about lab rats.

    I’m circumcised, and my penis is less sensitive than my husband’s penis, which is uncircumcised. Regardless of how that plays out in your “electrophysiological experiments,” those are the facts in my household.

  • Gabriel

    @MMDD: Clinical, empirical, statistical data, rather than personal feelings, are responsible for all advances in science and medicine. That’s how it works. The facts of your household, in the great scheme of things, are irrelevant and don’t allow you to make valid conclusions about anything.

  • MMDD

    @Gabriel: In the great scheme of things, you’re just an anonymous Internet poster who promotes his agenda on a blog without once giving any concrete source for his information…and that’s pretty irrelevant in my book.

  • Gabriel

    @MMDD: My “agenda” basically ammounts to the following: making sweeping generalizations about a scientific phenomena (in this case, the effect of circumcision on penis sensitivity) without any knowledge of the current literature or how science ooperates, is foolish.
    As for “concrete sources” the following are some of the articles that have shown no decrease in sensitivity as a result of circumcision:
    Bluestein et al., 2003. Quantitative somatosensory testing of the penis: optimizing the clinical neurological examination. Journal of Urology 169(6):2266-2269.
    Enkul et al., 2004. Circumcision in adults: Effects on sexual function. Urology 63:155-158.
    Masood et al., 2005. Penile sensitivity and sexual satisfaction after circumcision: are we informing men correctly? Urological Internationalis 75(1):62-65.
    Payne et al., 2007. Sensation and sexual arousal in circumcised and uncircumcised men. Journal of Sexual Medicine 4(3):667-674.

  • MMDD

    @Gabriel: Yet you make a sweeping generalization such as “One of the main claims of people who are against circumcision, that the penis becomes less sensitive, isn’t true,” when you know perfectly well that there are studies, not to mention many individual men, supporting this claim. If you’re going to be fair about this, then tell the whole story: Some studies support your theory while others don’t. It’s a debate that’s been going on for a very long time.

    Go to Wikipedia and look up “Sexual effects of circumcision” for a list of studies and links. While Wiki isn’t a 100% reliable source, the links will lead you to valid sources, which make your statement “There has been exactly one study that showed a decrease in sensation and (surprise!) it was funded by NOCIRC” inaccurate. A few examples:

    Kim and Pang (2006). Overall satisfaction: Better after circumcision in 6%, worse in 20%.
    Yang (2008). Penile sensation: Worse after circumcision.
    Denniston (2004). Penile sensation: Better after circumcision in 34%, worse in 58%.
    Shen (2004). Penile sensation: Worse after circumcision. Ejaculation: Greater time to ejaculate after circumcision. Erectile function: Worse after circumcision.
    Fink (2002). Erectile function: Worse after circumcision.

    It’s interesting to note that many of these studies report no significant difference, which as far as I’m concerned validates the concept that “if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.”

    I’d also like to point out that many men who have been circumcised as adults have had problems with phimosis, so it makes logical sense that they would feel INCREASED sensitivity after a circumcision because of the fact that their glans is now exposed. The glans of an uncircumcised man who doesn’t have a problem with phimosis (like my husband, for example) naturally becomes exposed during sexual activity and thus can experience all the pleasures of that activity, plus it gets the added benefit of being covered and protected when the penis is flaccid.

  • Gabriel

    @MMDD: First of all, the studies you cite are based on questionaires which result in subjective responses, not direct measurement of sensitivity which do not. Secondly, as you yourself state, “It’s interesting to note that many of these studies report no significant difference.” That means there’s no significant loss in penile sensation in the population sample, genius. They prove my point, not yours. When you learn to properly read a scientific paper, get back in touch with me.

  • Dave

    @Gabriel-You’ve clearly never had sex with a man that’s intact with a foreskin and seen the various ways that guys with foreskin get lots of pleasure in ways that guys who are cut simply don’t at all.

    I’ve been with men who are not cut and you can lick the inside of a foreskin and the glans or head is more sensitive and soft. Men who are cut have dry penis heads and they don’t have a foreskin with lots of sensitive nerve endings.

  • BlogShag

    @XTIAAN: Madonna might be a lot of things, but she’s far from desperate. She an actress, singer, movie director, music producer, songwriter, fashion model, fashion designer, marketing genius and owns a business empire that’s worth about $700million

  • BlogShag

    @Gabriel: Gabriel you’re an idiot. Put down your scientific papers for a minute, and use common sense.

    The glans have nerve endings in them. People with foreskin also secrete “dick saliva” creating natural lube Hello? Anyone home in there? I doubt it

    Pfffft to your science. Science is what brought us AZT and a plethora of lies cloaked as truth surrounding HIV infection, origins and transmission

  • MMDD

    @Gabriel: When you learn how to properly fuck yourself, then please get back in touch with me, fellow genius.

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