WATCH: Madonna Likes Her Sandwiches Cut. But What About Her Lovers?

Madonna graced the NYC’s Herald Square Macy’s with her presence yesterday, and did something she usually doesn’t do: field questions from random strangers. (This reporter recalls reading horror stories of her high-powered publicist knocking the voice recorder out of the unstayed hand of a disobedient member of the press.)

For no discernible reason except the fact that she is awesome, a lady with a thick New Yawk accent asked her, “Cut or uncut?”

Queen Madge answers: “That is a scandalous question. I refuse to answer it. Are you talking about my sandwiches? I like my sandwiches cut.”

It was a promotion for her new Truth or Dare fragrance, so perhaps it made sense for this lady to ask an either-or question?

Other soundbite gold, completely out of context:

“There are things you can do in heels that you can’t do in sneakers, and you know what I’m talking about.”

“She’s just what? Drawing tights? Oh, tights. Leggings. Okay, well, cool.”

“I didn’t [get rid of my birthmark]. I made it darker with a black pencil, case you didn’t know.”

Oh yeah and she signed the arm of this crazy guy too (photo at right).

This is a game-changer for me personally, because I thought that Madonna liked to keep her fans at a healthy distance. Perhaps she has learned the error of her ways, and wants to do the Lady Gaga thing of baptizing her little monsters with attention all the time?

UPDATE: A reader who was on the scene writes in to tell us, sarcastically: “Truly a game changer, as this was a PA where the celebrity did not take part in any photographs with fans who purchased her (expensive) gift set, and didn’t sign anything.”

Perhaps, in the world of divadom, all diva activity is a zero-sum game, and, when a diva attempts to un-diva herself for a public appearance by taking questions from fans, said diva must then display her repressed divadom in a fit of diva… in this instance, refusing to sign merch for fans.