Schitting Ourselves

WATCH: Mariah Carey dueting with the cast of ‘Schitt’s Creek’ is everything we need today

The cast of Schitt’s Creek reunited this weekend–in character, no less–for a special Zoom chat as part of Barack & Michelle Obama’s 2020 commencement events. As the cast united to do a rousing digital rendition of Marah Carey’s “Hero” viewers also got treated to a special guest: Carey herself.

Anyone familiar with Schitt’s Creek will note David Rose’s (Dan Levy) Mariah Carey obsession, so a special acapella version of the song to congratulate the graduates of 2020 only seemed fitting. The cast actually sounded pretty good too…

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Then Mariah herself showed up (complete with a fan to blow her hair around, music video style) do deliver the final lines of the song herself.

“Moira darling, I hope you didn’t mind I jumped in like that,” Carey quipped. “You all sounded so good I had to get in on it.” Meanwhile Levy, in character as David, sat with his mouth agape and fanning himself like mad. Carey noticed and sang a few bars of “Always Be My Baby” for him, prompting him to pass out.

We kind of feel the same way.