WATCH: Mark Wahlberg In Bed With Mila Kunis And A Foul-Mouthed Bear

The trailer for Ted, Seth MacFarlane’s new comedy, starts innocently enough with a meetcute between Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis. While a stereotypical rom-com “OMG-we’re-falling-in-love” song plays in the background, the couple discovers their love is “special” and stuff.

Then the titular “Ted” enters: a brought-to-life teddy bear who, with his foul mouth and stoner-bro attitude, is Wahlberg’s best friend. Language NSFW, but shouldn’t you be playing this video into your headphones anyway?

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  • Nick

    Sounds like “the beaver” redux

  • Bailey

    I want.

  • MEJ

    Seth McFarland is going to regret this big time.

  • ET

    Oooh. Ha ha ha. It’s a cussing teddy bear. FAIL!

  • olterigo

    So, it’s a slightly smarter guy than his cartoon characters and a talking stuffed animal. As opposed to the talking dog or the talking alien. What will be in his next project – a talking plant or a talking car or maybe even a talking piece of furniture or a talking body part?

  • Nick

    I wonder if the teddy bear is going to be gay too.

  • Kristopher

    We get it, something talking that isn’t supposed to be able to talk is funny.

  • Jacob

    At least Seth Green will have something to work with when Peter and Chris do their banter shtick.

  • MJ

    @olterigo: I know right?

  • brandon

    haha, all of yall are freaking trolls. just shut up and laugh.

  • Jacob

    @brandon: But it doesn’t look very funny. Do we have to laugh anyway?

  • InLikeInk

    I guess someone thought they could cash in on the success of Elijah Woods’ Wilbur . . . There was something else painfully obvious I noted from watching this trailer . . . Mark Wahlberg’s acting. You can see him doing it!

    It’s like Spencer Tracy said: “Don’t let them catch you at it.”

  • Joe

    Funny but I can see why some wouldn’t laugh.

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