WATCH: Marriage Equality Delayed in NJ

Planning a marriage is stressful enough, but imagine if you were two weeks away from the big day and the governor of your state was like, “ehhhh, maybe we should cancel this couple’s wedding.”

That’s what’s happening in New Jersey right now, where a court recently ordered the state to start providing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples starting October 21. But Governor Christie, that big old romantic, is now asking the courts to delay the start of weddings to he has time to appeal them. This is sort of the legal equivalent of Dustin Hoffman pounding on the window at the back of a church in The Graduate.

But it’s not all frustrating news: we have a couple of new surveys out this week, and as always, that means more evidence that public opinion is turning in our favor. Can you think of a single state where public support for marriage equality has dropped over the last few years? We can’t.