WATCH: Marriage Wins in RI! Now Here’s What’s Next

Well, that takes care of New England: marriage equality is finally a done deal, with Governor Lincoln Chafee signing the bill into law last week. Weddings will start on August First. Have you gotten any wedding invitations yet? Our congratulations to all the lucky couples, and to all the no-doubt elated wedding vendors.

But our work’s far from over! There are still 40 states left that need the freedom to marry. So, who’s next?

Probably Delaware. And then maybe Illinois. Oregon’s looking good. Polling’s strong in Colorado And then there’s the possibility of civil unions growing in Arizona.

Unfortunately, all of those states are going to be tough fights. It’s far from assured that we’ll be successful this year (although the momentum is clearly on our side), so there’s never been a more crucial time to get involved.

By all means, let’s celebrate Rhode Island! But no resting on our laurels. Let’s roll up our sleeves and finish this work.