Puerto Rican Pride

WATCH: Marta Beatchu’s new drag show, “A Boricua Anthem”

Fresh off her digital drag show featuring her Peruvian sisters, Los Angeles queen Marta Beatchu is back, and this time she’s shining a light on Puerto Rican talent. Featuring: Tito Soto, Catalina Tyrell, Imperia, Amalara Sofia, Lil Wild, Alyssa Hunter, & Jessica Wild.

Queerty: What inspired you to produce “A Boricua Anthem?”

The Inspiration for “A Boricua Anthem” came from the success of “Mis Hermanas Peruanas,” which was My 1st Virtual Trip outside the US! Since we are still in a pandemic,  I wanted to travel to the Island of Enchantment and showcase their beauty! I wanted to continue showcasing the art of DRAG to our audience giving the ARTISTS more of a platform via the internet and have everyone fall in love with them.

Queerty: How would you describe the drag performers from Puerto Rico?

The selected Drag Performers I had the pleasure of working with for this show are truly DIVERSE! I haven’t experience Puerto Rico’s Drag Scene IRL, but I can say that they are a kaleidoscope of talent! In this particular Virtual Show I have showcased a drag prince, a bio-queen, a visual artist, fashion queens, a body queen and a Drag Race SuperStar! They brought so much to the table and I couldn’t have asked for a greater group of Queer Artists!

Queerty: How are you celebrating Pride this year?

PRIDE for me is celebrated EVERY DAY! It doesn’t just come once a year or a specific month. My Voice remains LOUD & PROUD and it’s going to continue to get LOUDER & PROUDER!