WATCH: Mass Effect 3 Gives Gamers An Intergalactic Gay Tryst

We are behind on our gaming—woefully so, apparently: Queerty reader Samuel sent us this link to a clip from Mass Effect 3, BioWare’s red-hot RPG that rolled out today. As in previous iterations of Mass Effect, gameplay is determined by choices users make along the way.

One option is for characters Kaiden and Commander Shepard to hop in the sack together for a same-sex romp—to which we say “huzzah!” (You can also opt for a girl-girl encounter.)

Sadly, user scores for ME3 on Metacritic have been pretty negative—currently it’s averaging a not-so-hot 4.7/10. Many players are bitching about the gay sex scene:

* “What the hell were they thinking? putting gay scenes into video games?,” posted one user. “If i wanted political messages, id watch the news. I do NOT want games becoming yet another medium for propaganda.”

* “The game is really bad, don’t believe in the paid reviews and Hamburger Helper’s lies. They are trying to force homosexuality, telling yourselves that being straight is the bad choice (if you choose to not have sex with men its marked as a renegade option).”

* “I puked that’s just wrong and disgusting”

We did mention the queer storyline is entirely optional, right? We’re going to  assume these haters are the parents’-basement-dwelling virgins who give gaming a bad name, and not the super-cool, enlightened players we know and love.