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WATCH: Matt Boswell Is the Southeast’s Buju Banton

Matt Boswell and the Hillbilly Blues Band actually have a nice sound to them. Except then they went and injected something about “you stupid gays and queers” into a song they performed at Reidsville, North Carolina’s annual fall fair.

The fun starts around the 3:13 mark they perform Merle Haggard’s “Are The Good Times Really Over”:

Well you’ll never take my guns, and I’ll pray anywhere that I please.
My daddy told me, if you were able, and didn’t work then you don’t eat.
All you Wall Street bankers, as far as I’m concerned, you can all go to Hell.
And you can’t get married, you stupid gays and queers, so why don’t you go somewhere else?

Oh, did we mention the event was broadcast live on a local station?

(We’re loving the woman in red shirt and denim overalls applauding.)

After some complaints, city officials agreed to ban the band from future performances. Buju Banton? Still welcome.