WATCH: Matthew McConaughey Undergoes Dramatic Emotional And Physical Transformation in “Dallas Buyers Club”

Remember those photos of scary-skinny Matthew McConaughey from last year? Well, it was all part of his DeNiro-esque transformation to star in Dallas Buyers Club. The sure-to-be-Oscar-nominated actor portrays real-life Texas cowboy Ron Woodroof, whose free-wheeling life was changed for good in 1985 when he was diagnosed as HIV-positive and informed by doctors he had only 30 days to live. Woodruff refused to accept the diagnosis and then began smuggling alternative drugs into America to help himself and other AIDS patients.

As the trailer suggests, McConaughey undergoes an emotional journey every bit as dramatic as his physical weight loss. Jared Leto, who also underwent a staggering slimming down, costars as a transsexual woman with HIV, who helps McConaughey’s character.

The fact-based film was directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, noted for the the award-winning gay-themed 2005 drama C.R.A.Z.Y. Dallas Buyers Club will open in L.A. and New York  November 1 followed by a wider theatrical release.

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  • GayTampaCowboy


  • Tackle

    Matthew has developed into a “great” actor. I remember his earlier movies, particularly.
    “A time to kill”,15 or so yrs ago. He wasn’t even a good actor back then. I watched has last 5 movies. All great performances. Regardless if it’s a good movie or not, Matthew’s performance is going to be on point. I have no doubt about his performance in this movie. And the movie seems interesting.

  • Polaro

    This is some dedication to his craft though. I know I would not have done that to my body for a role. Let’s hope it was worth it.

  • mpwaite

    OMG… Matthew might acutally FINALLY win an Oscar!! His acting looks AMAZE BALLS!!

  • Mr. E. Jones

    I thought people were tired of AIDS films? Or was that just AIDS films about gay men? I’m sure Oscar will reward all the straight people involved, and applaud their bravery for tackling the difficult subject of AIDS.

  • jeff4justice

    Looks interesting with a pro-agorism and civil disobedience message.

    Regarding the US government’s hindrance in HIV treatment progress, besides the FDA, the allowance of patenting impacts treatment too. There’s a clip from an amazing doc film called “RiP! A Remix Manifesto” that provides a brief insight at

    In an interview with Filmmaker Magazine, there’s an exchange about it:

    FILMMAKER: I never realized that these issues of controlling intellectual property extended into medical patents and drug development.

    GAYLOR: Yeah, we [were studying what they had done in] Brazil, that they had fought the U.S. on HIV drugs [to deregulate those patents and distribute HIV medication throughout their country.] It was clear that the film had to kind of bloom into talking about those issues.

    The 2-partys system charade bribery machine is still working to hinder people: President Obama: Expand Access to Generic AIDS Drugs

  • balehead

    I bet Brad Pitt is pissing himself losing the chance at Oscar once again….Brokeback Mountain and now this?….

  • Dakotahgeo

    It is basically a story where the lead actor portrays a loser who has learned nothing in life and never will. And then he dies! Nice! Great acting x 100! But he dies!

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