WATCH: Meet Joe, The Gayest Contestant Ever On “Wheel Of Fortune”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3vIgIQBJi4]
We gave up watching Wheel of Fortune before they stopped doing any closeup shots of Vanna White. But we wish we were watching Wednesday, when Joe gave the wheel a spin. You just know he is going to wear that bowtie on the beaches of Curaçao.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2R_RsXKBf0]

h.t.: dlisted.com

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  • Crankycub

    Pat Sajak is a homophobic d-bag. During the Clinton era debate on Gays in the Military he was part of a panel that went to the media and he spoke out AGAINST GLBT people serving their country. We shouldn’t support or watch his trash show. (Or be on it either)

  • stfallon1028

    Jeopardy is the show where the cute, smart gay guys compete :)

  • Merv

    Alex Trebek is a Republican, too. Seriously.

  • Stache1

    I don’t know about being the gayest ever but he shore was happy:)

  • MK Ultra

    He’s adorable in his little bowtie.
    Pat Sajackass can go f- himself.

  • bry5n

    crankycub, can you cite any references? i tried doing some (admittedly brief) googling to find some sources, because what you said sounds interesting and i’d like to read more about it, but couldn’t come up with anything. the closest i found was a politico article on sajak offering his opinion regarding the president’s “you didn’t build that” statement (often taken out of context by those on the right). thanks.

  • kurt_t

    There it is again. That eerie feeling that I had a secret love child with one of the Go-Go’s.

  • queertypie

    He’s the gayest contestant on “Wheel of Fortune”? Are you kidding me? There were no rainbow flags, no screaming, no shout outs to his F*g Hag, no crying and he’s the gayest???
    Wearing bow-ties, I guess, sets off all the Gaydars now?

  • Shadeaux

    I watched this show and he was quite accomplished.., and a black belt in one of the martial arts. He was very animated and he had 3 of his “hags” in the audience with him. I was surprised how horrid the hags looked considering how well dressed he was. He wanted to make sure he was the prettiest in the bunch!

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