WATCH: Meet Kam Kardashian, Kim’s Older Dykier Sister

We thought we’d met every offspring Kris Jenner shot out of her womb and slapped a weave on, but it turns out there’s another Kardashian child:  Meet Kam Kardashian, lesbian sister to Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie, Kendall, Kumbaya and Krispy Kreme.

Is Kam bitter about being the forgotten member of the fame-whore family? Maybe. But she’s had her fun—including a sex tape that makes Kim’s look like a Mormon prayer meeting. “It’s Marcia Clark hot,” Kam says of her x-rated escapade.

Keeping up with Kam is the brainchild of Fawzia Mirza and director Ryan Logan, the team behind the short film “The Queen of My Dreams.” Find out about other episodes and updates on their Facebook page.