WATCH: Meet Shameless‘ Ian Gallagher, The Bad Ass Gay Kid With a Thing For Older Dudes

I can tell you without a doubt that Shameless, the new Showtime HBO series where William H. Macy plays the drunk father of a brood of lovable misfits just trying to get by, is about to become your new weekly source of gay teen angst. With the United States of Tara‘s Mitchell off the air and the entirety of In Treatment‘s Jesse character taking place on the couch, it’s Shameless‘ Ian Gallagher, the still-closeted-but-sexually-active teen played by (straight) 17-year-old Cameron Monaghan, that’s the freshest take on a homo kid in America. The show premieres tonight at 10pm EST, but we’ve gathered up Ian’s story from the first episode (that’s his brother Phillip, or “Lip,” who appears in the first scene). And we can say this much: Having your brother discover your gay porn stash isn’t exactly the way I would’ve wanted to come out to a sibling.

Watch the whole thing, because it’s the last scene where Ian and Lip lovingly discuss the, ahem, “digestive system” that’s part of any gay man’s sex life.

[flv: 650 400]

Looks like even Glee‘s Kurt has nothing on Ian. As Monaghan says, his character is “tough, he’s street smart, and he’s pretty much unlike any gay teenager on television right now.”

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  • Michael

    Does anyone else find it sort of inappropriate that a character being depicted as a 15 year old child is talking about this stuff?

  • divkid

    i loved the original british version of this. i hope it’s as good . it’s hbo so thats probably assured. ive seen other clips of the u.s. version and it seems to be bang on the money.

  • Riker

    @Michael: At 15 I was closeted and sexually active (though never with married men). It happens. HBO is just showing an honest portrayal of what some gay teens go through. Furthermore, the character is portrayed as strong and comfortable with his sexuality, something that actual 15 year-old gays might look up to.

    Yes, it might be inappropriate for some viewers. That’s why its on HBO at 10pm, not Fox at 8pm.

  • Robert

    @Michael: Wow, U must not have been 15 in a very long. U think 15yo’s are sitting around talking about Pokeman and Unicorns all day? No, they’re fucking and talking to each other about it in graphic detail. If you think that’s inappropriate you prob don’t want to watch this show b/c, having seen the original, inappropriate is pretty much the entire premise.

    On another note, the guy who play Lip doesn’t seem cute enough to pull of the ladies man role the Lip does in later episodes. imo.Lip had such a sweet ass.

  • globo

    I love tough gay kids. The storyline seems interesting, I’m glad to see a more realistic portrayal of siblings bonding or whatever you wanna call it.

  • Sam

    “the whole point of the digestive system is one way traffic” LOL I think I am going to like this show

  • justiceontherocks

    @Michael – I find it realistic.

  • Michael

    @Riker: I just think it’s strange. His story line strikes a moral chord with me and makes me sort of uncomfortable. I don’t think most 15 year olds are sexually active. I would say by 16 half of them are. But it’s really that he’s a child having sex with much older, married men, and we’re supposed to think he’s some sort of pitiable anti-hero.

    Does the show delve into the psychological reasons from his upbringing to explain why he’s so sexually active at such a young age and why he likes much older men? Because at least then the show would be a little more…responsible.

    Don’t get me wrong, I find his story line intriguing, and I might even watch this show, but it’s still a little disturbing.

  • Michael

    @justiceontherocks: For the sake of gay teenagers, I hope his experience isn’t typical. Mine certainly was not like that.

  • nineinchnail

    The British version of the TV show is absolutely brilliant. I wont even watch this [email protected] as I already know it wont be on beyond two shows. The Americans just cannot replicate these characters to make the show believable.

  • Pip

    @Michael: No, because most gay men aren’t sanctimonious Republican prudes.
    I think this is a bit unrealistic. I mean, I don’t think most 15 year olds are that mature. But yeah.

  • Michael

    @Pip: I’m not sanctimonious, or a Republican, or a prude.

    If this were an 18 year old, I wouldn’t have anything to say about it other than that it’s an interesting story line and maybe he shouldn’t be sleeping with married men. But on this show he’s a 15 year old child.

  • hotone2me

    @Michael Sad, but true… in some states 15 is the age of consent!!

    Virginia 15
    Colorado 15Connecticut 15
    South Carolina 14/16  
    Hawaii 14
    Idaho 14 

     The show takes place in Illinois, the age of consent there is 16.  So yes behaviors by their state law do deem that to be sex with a minor and not consensual and therefore inappropriate.

     Its all depends on what state you live. Most states the age of consent is 16.  I do see the point you are driving and I would have to agree based on the law!

     I myself was quite sexually inquisitive at 15 and “wrestled” quite a bit with my friends.  Actually the teens are the appropriate time frame when sexually and experiences are talked about among peers and experimentation with expressing your sexual self is explored. 

    Just like anything else we all develope at our own rate, so where you may have experience sexual pleasure at 16 does not create a benchmark for all, and necessarily does not mean much one way or the other.

  • Hue-Man

    Age-appropriate sex-ed – especially gay sex-ed – is an issue that sends the fundie right into full screaming mode. They have a warped belief that their hormone-laden children are not even thinking about sex until they’ve said “I do.” The offspring of teen and even pre-teen mothers are living proof that their parents are delusional.

  • Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch... (John From England)


    Yo, Brit here.

    Okay, us Brits are really, really promiscuous. Remember we don’t have this religious obsession hanging over our heads? Also, the legal age is 16 but most people specifically in state schools are doing it from 14…easy..

    This area is in Manchester. I went to uni there and actually lived very near the place that the writer was brought up and that’s what it’s like.

    The thing is that these Irish families are Irish gypsies and so they live like crazy families always on benefits. It’s a funny thing in Britain.

    Anyhow,point is that I’m not sure that America should’ve copied it completely as you have a much more puritanical culture, as well as a different welfare system then we do. Also, we drink a lot, a lot here-it’s part of culture and you’re not seen as an alcoholic.

    I think if you were going to make an American word by word version, the best people from what little I know who have that ‘being living off the state for generations, will never get a job, wild etc’ are White trash southerners, because they have that hillbilly thing, which again, they got from the Irish gypsies who settled in the south centuries ago.

    It would be very off for a gay guy in England to not have been messing around at that age unless…..

  • tallskin2

    As a brit I have to say that i was most certainly sexually promiscuous from age 14!

    With anyone I could get my hands on!

    and that seems to be common for gays and straights over here.

    As John above says, over here we don’t have the evil sky pixie indoctrination making sex into a problem which constructs this disneyfied view of childhood.

  • Aaron

    @Pip: @Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch… (John From England): Ah, I see, so I’m just a dub republican puritanical teenager for not having sex at 15. No. Wait, that’s not it…. I’m just not a fucking idiot. Granted 5 isn’t that bad, 14, 13, or lower is still much worse, but most teenagers don’t realize the psychological and physical ramifications of sexual activity. That’s not religiousness- it’s scientific fact. Hence why I’m not having sex, and waiting, I don’t know…. a year or two. There’s a reason it’s illegal in many places to have sex at 14 or what not, and I for one, refuse to do it. I’m not going to do it because it’s “cool”- (hence why I don’t drink or do drugs- not to mention the fact beer tastes worse than piss to me, and pot smells like crap, bet you get the idea), or because “it’ll make me free”, cause’ that’s bull. My life expectancy is past 70, not the 35 of 1650. I don’t think I’ll be looking back kicking myself over taking charge of my adolescence and deciding to, you know, embrace it, and not try to grow up too fast. I’ve got 53 years left to fuck somebody- what’s a couple more that I don’t?

    Anyway, away from that: I’m sick and tired of straight actors playing gay or bisexual roles. It’s ridiculous and shows the western world’s homophobia (yes, not the united state alone, I’m talking to you Britian and Canada. The original Queer as Folk? Riley on Degrassi? Stop it. You can’t be too tolerant if you’re not even willing to take the time to find a non heterosexual person for a non heterosexual role).

  • thedarkchariot

    Well, When I was 15, I was worrying about what level four monsters to put in my YuGiOh deck. Anybody? Anybody?

  • tallskin2

    @Aaron -but most teenagers don’t realize the psychological and physical ramifications of sexual activity. That’s not religiousness- it’s scientific fact.”

    what pscyhological and physical ramifications are they then?

    Do tell.

    It’s fine if teens don’t want sex, either with older or teens of the same age. Each to their own. But a lot of us did and do want sex, and a lot of it.

    I don’t think I can think of any “scientific” evidence which indicates teens having sex is harmful. There’s a lot of religious bullshit that says so though.

  • scribe

    By 15 I had tried to kill myself for being gay, went to a gay park looking to hook up, and started sleeping with a dude two years older. I’m not saying any of that was a good thing. Having to keep being gay a secret can fuck a kid up and you don’t think that anyone else is gay, then you find out about a park or a internet site where you can meet people like yourself, and you put yourself in a bad situation because your parents don’t know enough about your life to keep you safe.

  • Charlie Jackpot

    I was cruising for sex in public toilets from about the age of 12 and I think its screwed my up in some way but I’m not sure what

  • David Ehrenstein

    @Michael: I was sexually active at 15.

    Of course that was back in 1962, so it would mean little to the likes of you.

  • Benjamin

    Another icky show I will gladly avoid.

  • Aaron

    @tallskin2: There are much higher risks of birth defects in teen pregnancies, many teenagers regret having sex, many (especially females) are coerced and don’t realize this until later, many don’t use condoms, many who have sex at a particularly young age are at high risk for reckless behavior later in life, many are at risk of being raped, not to mention the normal ramifications of sex at any age; pregnancy, stds, etc. of course the pregnancy part doesn’t apply to gay sex, but still. And of course their acts themselves will inspire other teenagers to do the same. Many studies have shown that while the body is (somewhat) physically ready for sex by say, 13, it is NOT psychologically ready. Just look it up. This isn’t new stuff. I’m not saying it’ll cause the collapse of civilization as we know it, but it isn’t exactly productive to society.

    It has also been my own experience that much of this is true- a friend I had started being sexually active at 13. 10 years later…. he’s addicted to drugs, can’t find a job, regrets the past ten years of his life but can’t do anything to fix it. Now being 34, he’s better, but it’s still not a pretty thing. Other people I’ve met, mostly younger than myself, who are sexually active tend to themselves be extremely immature and lack any iota of self control. Which I think is one thing that I have a problem with. I think when you’re having sex at 14 (without being forced into and whatnot)… that shows a major lack of self control. If you can’t even somewhat control your sexual drive, how can I expect you to control yourself to some degree in other areas in the future? And the fact that people say “eh, that’s just how teens are, fogettaboutit” is even worse. Not that I think abstinence until marriage is the answer or anything (though frankly, society would be a lot better off if there was just a secret “have sex/don’t have sex” switch on teenagers… and people in general), but just being passive about it contributes only to a collective drop in the world population’s IQ, especially the US’s. (Sarah Palin anybody….? And just look at her daughter and she hooked up with…. yikes… I’m rambling now, though).

    Also, to other: since when did “being proud about your sexuality” equate to being sexually active whenever and not giving a fuck? I’m proud of who I am and… gasp!… don’t need to express it by having sex. Saying that just trivializes sexuality and identity.

    But don’t listen to me, I’m just a crazy puritanical amurrican teenager…. what do I know?

  • Aaron

    And wow, that “5” instead of “15” made my first comment unintentionally hilarious.

  • gayfamilyvalues

    What people who are 15 arnt sexuale active???? what country are you guys living in? This is the first show I have seen that shows a real 15 year old and how he is dealing with being gay and his real honest relationship with his brother. Yes I know as a father of two kids I cringe at the idea of my kids being sexualy active at 15 but I wont have my blinders on.

  • Dave

    I like this clip a lot and I will tune in to see the show. But I do find it a bit unrealistic that a closeted teenager in 2011 would keep a stash of print porn mags under his bed. That may have been true in the 1980s, but not today. Why would he risk buying the mags in person and then keeping physical evidence in his room just to be able to look at some still photos when he could go online and look at HD movies with little risk?

  • Richy

    Was fiddling around with other boys and girls, some younger, some older, from about the age of 7 or 8. Not at all odd in any way statistics say. This, however, is a plane and simple capitalization on the subject of sex with minors. Tossing the gay minor in only further ads to our already poor reputation of depravity. Not watching it.

  • Andy

    @Michael: Let’s pretend 15-year-olds are prepubescent children. Let’s stick our heads in the sand as well.

  • Mack Robertson

    I was sexually active at 15, and even 13-14, but only with kids my own age. Not until I left home did I branch out–out of the closet, and out on my own. I didn’t have a brother, but my sister knew, and she was my biggest supporter. I love her more than anything other my bf.

  • merkin

    I havent seen the show yet, but so long as they portray Ian as just a character–and not some Kurt-like role model-I don’t have a problem with his depiction. I think the problem is, in the U.S., we expect every television or movie character to always do the right thing. Yes, i would be distraught if my 15 year old was banging a married thirtysomething guy. But its an interesting dramatic situation, and thats all i ask of my tv shows and movies

  • Kieran

    A gay kid who’s not lisping, crying or wearing make-up? Wow…. progress.

  • malcanoid

    Someone above said that they can’t see this series lasting long in the states. From many of the comments here I agree. The British series is absolutely in your face outrageous – all the characters, all the situations are amoral if not “immoral”. It is intended to disgust and shock conventional moralists. But moreover here it is absolutely hilarious comedy. I didn’t see much comedy coming through in the extracts above.

    For the moralists amongst you, through all the neglect, drug taking, betrayal and screwing that surrounds this disfunctional family there is an undoubted undercurrent of love and caring between them. They cope with and manage to accept each other’s inadequacies and generally muddle through in their inimitable disfunctional way. It always tends to leave me with an afterglow when I’ve managed to stop laughing.

    Our new series starts Monday which is good news for winter nights. You will either love or hate it. It doesn’t lend itself to inbetweens.

  • GetBalance


    All your “data” is true for SOME people. The ones you mention sound like out of control, stupid, sex addicts, or all three, and for them things would prove tough. I suggest you take a look at naturally sexual smart kids if you want realism in your stats and in your life. Your black and white angry, then subdued thinking gives you away as an extremist/judgmental sex Nazi. Being polarizing is he height of stupid.

    I was 4 when I had my first touch w another 4 yr old boy. I was 14 when I lost my virginity to a girl my age I loved. We fucked all through high school as did our friends. I was 18 when I had my first blow job by a hot surfer dude same age. And i turned out just fine as did all my other friends that had sex at early ages. It’s natural. So you might consider dropping the my way or the highway know-it-all BS and join the real world as you’re looking rather stupid to those in-the-know. Or go have a drunken stupor with Anita Bryant, an alcoholic misfit know-it-all who suffers from rejection depression.

    Either way you choose I will remind you of those three little words that in a lifetime, we are lucky to hear at least just once. Ready? Here ya go.

    “Wear a condom”.

  • Aaron

    @GetBalance: Before you deride my “data” with your equally biased and black and white viewpoint, perhaps you should take a look at this article and its sources: and naturally sexual smart kids? No doubt there are some, but this: and several other studies have shown that the more intelligent one is, the more likely they are not to bother to take the risks of sex in the first place…. usually because they are able to look into the emotional aspects of sex. Some issues are black and white. I don’t think this one is, actually, though. Do I think less of people for it? Yeah, does it mean they’re a bunch of evil bastards who should be banished to an island? No. It’s as simple as just not really wanting to socialize with some types of people. Like not wanting to socialize with a crack addict. And “just fine” can vary from one person to another, but since I don’t know you and can only judge your past actions I wont comment on how you turned out. You could be a saint for all I know. Or I psychotic killer. And I am in the “real world”- just not your version of it (which has been shaped by your own experiences and whatnot), same for you to me. The point is while I would not choose to hang out with that person due to their choices, were it to appear to me they really were a good person (and no; I wouldn’t base that on what age they lost their virginity, I’d base it on how they’ve treated others), I would hesitate very little to become acquainted with them.

    Also; nice job invoking godwin’s law.

  • Sean

    I hate to be the obligatory asshole who says this, but the British version was waaaayyyy better.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    A gay kid who’s not lisping, crying or wearing make-up? Wow…. progress.

    Not really. Yet another gay character is being played by a straight actor.

    Every gay character gets dressed up in some kinda drag. For this character, it’s the “tough” gay kid. No different than the guys who call themselves “straight acting, and looking”.

  • Mike


    but u cant say “most 15 year olds are that mature” because that character is gay and gay teens have a teenage experience far different from “most 15 year olds”

  • tallskin2

    I’ve just re-watched episode one, of series one, of the british series

    it is brilliant and I’d advise everyone to try and catch it.

  • Silver

    @Aaron: “…and several other studies have shown that the more intelligent one is, the more likely they are not to bother to take the risks of sex in the first place…. usually because they are able to look into the emotional aspects of sex.”

    Some demonstrably intelligent (this opens an entire can of worms as to how you define ‘intelligence’; the old-fashioned IQ test? Once you starting hitting numbers around 130 (two standard deviations out), the practical differences between numbers are almost nonexistent, because the curve is asymptotic. That isn’t very precise, but given that most people fall within two standard deviations of the mean (in the case of IQ, 100), I guess it’ll do. However, the gulf between “intelligence” and what most people term “common sense” is great, and has bearing on the question of sexual relations. Is it intelligent to abstain? Or is it merely common-sensible? Because, if it’s the latter, just because it’s commonly accepted doesn’t make it right.) people engage in sexual activity for a variety of reasons, even in their teenage years. I became sexually active at age 15, because I thought that I could change my sexuality by doing so. Had I been told there was no need to do so, I probably would not have done so. However, this event did not, and I repeat, did not, ruin my life. Be careful about making the statistics say what you want, rather than reporting the truth of the statistics.

    As Americans, we hardly have an accurate view of adolescent sexuality, and any statistical study conducted about adolescent sexuality here is going to be inherently flawed. Those flaws could range from selection bias, lack of proper sampling techniques (which I supposed selection bias could fall under), to just plain lying. Some kids lie about their sexual deeds in an attempt to gain social status or acceptance. There are myriad other considerations to take into account, as well, and the level of religiosity of the individual is going to play a part. I believe the Wikipedia article you cited said that. A suggestion: don’t use Wikipedia when you’re trying to make a serious point. I understand that it’s easy, but it never stands up, especially on a controversial issue like this one. That article’s been flagged for neutrality issues, as well, and I fully agree with that decision on the part of the mods.

    One of the biggest flaws in our understanding of adolescent sexuality in this country is also related to statistics: if it’s something we can’t talk about, it certainly isn’t something we can research with any degree of accuracy. Also, if you start throwing out suggestions to the effect of a study on adolescent sexuality to be funded by our government, the hue and cry from the right will keep any kind of neutral proposal from going forward. However, you can find studies that have been sponsored by organizations like NARTH (the National Organization for Research and Therapy for Homosexuality) and Focus on the Family which are biased from the outset and contain serious flaws in their methodology. These studies are often as not taken as true information, much to the detriment of our collective understanding.

    While I think your viewpoint isn’t intrinsically wrong, it isn’t right, or even mostly right. The issue of adolescent sexuality cannot be reduced so far as to be settled in this kind of forum.

  • TwlightoftheDogs

    I am black, gay and a high IQ. I was having sex at 14. If anything, i was smarter about it, but let’s be real, I still wanted it.

    I didn’t hook up with older guys until college. So, I guess there’s that difference from the character. When I was 19, I started hooking up with closet cases in their 40s. I thought they could teach me more as I was exploring. How wrong I was. I was stealing the Joy of Gay Sex from the book stores, etc, just so that I could find out and explore.

    My point is that I think all of this is natural. Sexuality, having sex, everyone- from the smartest to the dumbest feels the urge.

  • Alexis

    Exactly how I came out to my brother. He found a stash of porn magazines under my bed: I was 16, he was 15. Still remember the date: Wednesday, August 13, 1986. I used to steal the mags.

  • Stenar

    @nineinchnail: The British version is great. The US version exactly copies the UK version.

  • ewe

    At that age coming out is for straight kids as well as gay kids. I did not tend to and still don’t assume people are straight. As a matter of fact, everyone is pretty much gay until i find out otherwise.

  • darlingD

    I wish I was sexually active @ 15. I totally missed out!

  • drums

    sorry to steer the conversation away from arguing about teen sex (I personally think it’s supposed to be a little fucked up that he’s sleeping with a much older married man, because the show is about people who are a little bit fucked up), but does anyone else find the brothers’ relationship really sweet? As a gay teen with an older sibling, you’re always worried what they might think when you come out and you really hope that they’ll be accepting, especially if you’re close to them and want their approval. I found it completely heart-warming that Lip’s anger wasn’t even really anger at Ian, he was angry FOR him because he thought the older guy was using him.

  • Brit

    @Aaron: I think its obviously fine to wait if you think its right for you, but I don’t think the consequences are as dire as you make out. I mean I was having sex quite young and I really don’t feel there are any negative physical and psychological consequences stemming from it. For some people there might well be, but I reckon that’s probably more to do with individual personalities than age, although a younger personality is probably more vulnerable. I just think exploiting underage children is obviously wrong, but surely two intelligent 15 year olds having sex isn’t necessarily going to ruin their lives.

  • Dick

    The character on United States Of Tara is named Marshall, not Mitchell. I do hope that show returns as Keir Gilchrist does a remarkable job. Marshall had the most unspectacular coming out that you could hope for.

  • jason

    I know I’ve said this before but American TV is dreadful when it comes to giving us variety in terms of the GLBT characters portrayed.

    Almost all men who are into same-sex relationships are gay (never bisexual) and either victims who require pity or handbags for some glamorous woman. Almost all women who are into same-sex relationships look as if they’ve just stepped out of the pages of Playboy (with the requisite long flowing hair) for the purpose of experimenting with women for the sake of satisfying the girl-girl fetish of her boyfriend or some other mangy straight guys.

    I can only applaud the Shameless gay teen, a guy who appears tough and doesn’t care what others think of him.

  • meego

    @Michael: What planet are you from? Today’s 15 year olds are very sexually active!

  • Mark

    I think it’s incredibly appropriate for kids to be talking about this kind of thing. I’m a High School Teacher in the United States teaching 14-18 year olds and let me tell you I hear more filth, drugs and sexual content from the 14-15 year olds conversations than anyone else.

    Also, people in the UK are a little less uptight about this kind of subject matter, and this show is based on a show from the UK, so….yeah.

  • robert in NYC

    No. 10, Nineinchnail, I so agree. The original British version was superb. I think it will be hard to beat. I miss it greatly. Mimi was my favorite character but all of the actors were brilliant, great, convincing performances. I wonder if there will be as much uncensored salty language and explicit situations as there were in the British version? The show will probably get a lot of flack from the usual villains, the religious cults and right wing wackos. I bet that arch wacko, William Donohue of the Catholic League will have a few words to say about it.

    I only hope the American version won’t go the way of the other British import “Coupling”. It only aired for two to three weeks and was taken off the air.

  • KevinVancouver

    Hey why doesn’t showtime save their money and just air the original brilliant series from the UK… they’d save a whole lot of money and…… oh wait Americans wouldn’t get it or appreciate it if it isn’t doled out in an american context..sorry

  • Owen

    When I was 15 all I WANTED to do was have sex with an older man. And if I had had the opportunity (I never did) I sure would have!

  • Owen


    they did. Both on IFC and then the Sundance Channel…I think its still ON Sundance…

  • Jeffree

    The reason for the USA “makeover” is because shows from the UK in the original version appeal to much smaller audiences. (That prob isn ‘t necessarily the same in Canada, I’d guess)

    Three reasons, at least:
    a) accents/vocab can be difficult to understand –esp. in the US
    b) cultural references may fly over our heads
    c) humor is different across the Atlantic

    I hope the show does well here. The couple of episodes I saw on Sundance
    were very good.

  • Blake J

    Has Cameron actually said that he is straight?

    Let us just accept the fact that most actors that are gay or bisexual are not going to tell the public.

    I just wish more of them would not lie and say they are straight, but just remain quiet regarding their romantic lives.

    The main focus of the (american) entertainment industry is the american audience which has a large portion of either straight-up homophobes or delusional women whose only deal breaker for romantic leads is them being (openly) gay!

  • Bortnik

    @robert in NYC: I don’t think a fair share of the Britons in this post understand what premium cable is in the US

  • Disgusted Gay American

    at 50now, I was 15- when I was playin with other guys…..older usually….was I taken advantage of – yes, but over-all I liked it…..I knew I was gay…but in 1975 ….there was not many ways to express it. Unlike Teenagers today – who have LOads of Info…..I liked the show alot.

  • robert in NYC

    Its quite possible, Bortnik, although British cable systems have premium channels too.

    What I find interesting is that British people understand American dialects far better than Americans do with British dialects. Just an observation.

    I remember seeing a Brit movie years ago, I think the late actor Peter Postlethwaite was the lead actor who used a broad northern English accent. There were a few subtitles flashed across the bottom of the screen to benefit American audiences. Interesting to say the least.

  • Black Pegasus


    That’s exactly how my younger brother found out my secret as a teen. We had separate rooms, but my mom told my brother to enter my room to get the bed linen because she would wash all bed linen each week. I had a Black Inches Magazine hidden in one of the pillow cases (lol).

    I’m in my mid 30s now, but when I think about the shock that my little brother must have endured, I just laugh out loud. That serves ya right for going thru my shit when I’m not home!

  • David Ehrenstein

    This may indeed be promising, but the shoe gag doesn’t work. Why would they have taken their shoes off to have sex in the storage area?

  • Michael

    @Obama DID say DADT would happen on his watch… (John From England): I’m from the Northeast U.S. It is as religion-free as the U.K. I’m sure. What you’re referring to is the South. Remember, the U.S. is much larger than the U.K. and the culture varies a lot from region to region.

    I did an informal poll of my gay friends and most of them weren’t sexually active until 17-18. Many waited until college to come out and start having sex with guys. A few had some minor experiences before 16. Only 2 confessed to hooking up with married guys and they both regret it.

  • Bortnik

    @robert in NYC: Yes, but ours do not filter content or language, and do not cut series if they are not pulling in a sizable viewer base, two concerns you expressed. This series won’t disappear two episodes from now like coupling did (that was on a public station as I remember it? Correct me if wrong). Just clarifying :-) cheers

  • Sceth

    @Michael: Is it not more disturbing that they’re smoking?

  • robert in NYC

    Bortnik, I have friends in the western part of England. Apparently, after 9 p.m. weekdays, anything goes, no censoring of language or explicit scenes or content.

    Do you watch the Graham Norton show on BBC in America? Sometimes, you’ll hear an expletive beeped out but according to my friends in the UK, its not done in the UK, so its hard to say if there’s more censoring of language on cable stations there. I doubt very much. Most programing there displays warnings about offensive language or explicit sex scenes apparently, on both cable and network channels. Queer as Folk and Shameless weren’t on cable premium channels there but on network t.v. There was no censorship according to friends who watched it, but just warnings about content. I think the Brits are far less uptight about sex and language content.

  • GetBalance

    Hey Arron,

    I’d like to respond but am wondering your age and whether your bi str8 or gay? It makes a difference with the stats you listed, which were interesting.


  • GetBalance

    @Steph PS also on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being no religion, 10 being fundamental extremist, where would u place yourself, and does your decision to b abstinate have any religious basis?


  • Richie

    Meh, it might be realistic, but not at all like my teen years. I guess I must have been “unrealisitic” LOL

  • jacknastion

    I don’t think it is that shocking that a 15 year old would have sex. I lost my virginity at 15 and knew kids my age who lost their earlier than I did.

    @Michael: I don’t think this show will specifically “get into the psychology of why he is attracted to older men” But the whole family is supposed to be lower class and fairly screwed up. Their mother is dead and their father is an alcoholic who passes out in the kitchen every night.

  • afrolito

    Brits have a much easier time digesting American dialects, because they are exposed to a steady diet of American culture and entertainment their entire lives. Films, television, and music have a powerful influence. Americans by contrast are not exposed to Brit culture in the same ways.

    As far as this show goes, I watched it last night, and thought it was great. Never heard of, or saw the Brit version.

  • redball

    I found the smoking sick and sad but then they turned the tables on me with that very witty repartee at the end! Good job, writers…I guess (as I vicariously hack my lungs clear) ;-)

  • tallskin2

    To add to the having sex at age 14 or 15, or older, discussion.

    I am in the UK and have just done a brief survey of some friends of different ages.

    I am 54 and started having gay sex at age 14, but having a boyfriend was not possible.

    A lad I know is 20 and he says he stared at age 15 with his boyfriend- and both sets of parents were cool with it, the boys used to sleep together in the same bed at each other’s homes. And once both were caught fucking in a bedroom by one of the fathers – this apparently caused amusement for the family but no sanctions or criticism. Both boys were highly embarrassed.

    My ex is 48 and says he started gay sex at age 18.

    I have other gay friends of age 45 or so and one reports he was out cruising for gay sex in public toilets at age 15, and he says he had a wonderful time.

    Another man of age 47 was having sex from age 16, had a boyfriend at that age.

    These people are all NOT from big cities like London, manchester or birmingham, although they all live in London now.

    I have talked to other gay men over the years and it seems to be common to start having sex at age 14 or 15 here in the UK. Two men reported that when they were in a teenage love affairs with their teenage lovers, their families knew and were cool about it.

    I think the thing that comes over to me from the lucky ones who had lovers when teens is they describe the passion you get from been a teenager in love – two described being so in love with their boyfriends that they used to sleep with their cocks inside each other at night because they wanted to be joined as one.

    That sort of passionate love seems only to be common with younger teens in love and would seem to me to a very good reason to be love with another lad during one’s teenage years.

  • jason

    Cruising for gay sex in public toilets is not a healthy pursuit. In fact, it’s downright filthy. Toilets are for shitting and pissing in, not having sex in.

  • Chris

    Just seeing a supposed 15 year old portraited as having sexual relations with a grownup makes me sick to my stomach.

  • tallskin2

    Jason and Chris, thanks for the rather uninteresting opinions

    Anything else as boring to say?

  • Jake

    I would enjoy this more if they weren’t just doing an almost word-for-word remake of the original series. I had hoped they would have been doing new stories with the characters.

    “I havent seen the show yet, but so long as they portray Ian as just a character–and not some Kurt-like role model-I don’t have a problem with his depiction.”

    Because trying to set up your father with your crush’s mother is totally something a role model would do.

  • Blayne

    My DVR has been set up for weeks for this show and the return of Californication on Sunday. Justin Chatwin, from War of the Worlds and Invisible, and is someone whom I think is sexy, is also a guest star in Shemeless.

  • jacknastion

    Why a story on this show for having a gay kid but non for Pretty Little Liars that has had an on-going plot its entire season so far about a lesbian realizing she is gay and coming out to her parents? That show is doing a really great and positive storyline about a girl being afraid of her sexuality and coming to terms with it and telling her friends and parents. (her friends have been very accepting and supportive, her parents are having major issues with it but it is brave that it is showing her father being more accepting and understanding than her mother)

  • Chris

    @tallskin2: You’re a real piece of work. Doesn’t it make you think of how many gay boys must get into a similar situation? Especially because at 15 few boys (me neither) could go to mon and dad and have them tell you do only do it with someone you love, because they’re not out. And if something happens a boy this age regrets, who can he turn to? You may think it’s boring, it think it’s a problem. Gay kids must be taught not to throw themselves away.

  • tallskin2

    Chris what the fuck are you babbling about???

  • Chris

    @Michael: I agree wholeheartedly.

  • Ian

    All I’m going to say is that I will take the more honest in my opinion depiction of this gay teen character who actually fucks over the nauseating fairytale barely holding hands fantasy relationship going on between Kurt & Blaine on Glee.

  • Milesss

    Lol ‘Marshal’ is the name of the gay character in United States of Tara- not ‘Mitchel’.

  • Jake

    Who cares about the fucking if its offscreen?

  • bob

    Shame the UK version is a million times better. Not one part of the storyline is different, and yet these people are getting the credit?!

  • Jake


  • GetBalance

    Tallskin2—-thx for the colorful collage called our sexual reality.

    These guys in dresses here buttoning up their puritan collars are rather amusing. Don’t they know that a mans or boys sexuality is ones own experience? And that some guys and yes boys such as my younger self, just have/had it all together, totally, about their sexuality and don’t need some mother superior knock-off hawking at their balls? We really are becoming a polarized country out of ignorance. One guy may need guidance about sexuality, but many guys don’t, end of story. Who are these dorcks to judge others experience as harmful? Oh America, I’m afraid maturity is further off thatn one might think. Religion is the culprit here unfortunately, which is where all the guilt stems. I love France, maybe its time to take the leap.

  • kayla

    @GetBalance: Adieu putain!

  • GetBalance

    @Karyl. Ah dearie, hit a button did I? You’ll be fine. Take two studs and call me in the morning. ;)

  • GetBalance

    @Kayla. Didn’t mean to call you a mans name, Karyl. But if the shoe fits . . .

  • James

    Doesn’t really look tough to me. Looks like a 15 year old skinny boy.

  • GetBalance

    They make him out to look pretty fearless, which works well for the storyline.

  • Aaron Larson

    Gay young people have sex JUST LIKE STRAIGHT YOUNG PEOPLE HAVE SEX. I love how some commentators have made this out to be some gay issue, as though straight youngins are not doing the same.

    It’s like when people argue gay people are more sexually active than straight men…as if straight men aren’t? gays just have better sex.

  • Taylor Siluwé


    Your description of young lovers sleeping “joined as one” made me pop wood. ;-)>

    I remember sleeping with my lover’s arms at his moms and she was SO cool with it. Even caught us doing it once. Ahh, memories. I feel for anyone who didn’t deeply and passionately love at that age. It’s one of those once in a lifetime experiences that never comes around again. But the memories of those youthful, giddy, starry-eyed days remain, with all its bliss and even the inevitable pain. I wouldn’t change a thing.

    And I must say that most comments here have a well grounded view of the realities of sexual awakening – experiences (right or wrong) which are as diverse as we ourselves are. I know some people who began sex younger than 14 while some didn’t until they were in their 20’s.

    This entire comment thread has been a treat this afternoon – even the cheek-clutchers bemoaning teen sex & smoking, if only for the comic relief.

    Having said that, this show looks pretty awesome, though I’ve never seen the Brit version (but know their originals are ALWAYS better – Segue: Kudos to the Brits for taking an American fav, Law & Order, and doing wonderful things with it).

    I don’t have Showtime, but I’ll certainly buy the series on DVD should it last, which I pray it does. ~

  • Michael

    @afrolito: I learned to understand British accents from the Spice Girls when I was 8 years old haha. Also–James Bond, Simon Cowell, Princess Diana, Gordon Ramsey, and Angela Lansbury.

  • dahc

    No, haven’t you ever been in a boy’s high school locker room and heard all of this but worse except for them being mostly straight. And nowadays can be gay as well. Remember gay people were kids [email protected]Michael:

  • nycmattman

    It’s Showtime not HBO

  • zacht

    awww. ive got 3 brothers and we bonded about my gayness over booze. also not so healthy but you know what – whatever it takes! heartwarming. i gotta watch this show :)

  • Nate

    I’m 16 now and I have a thing for older guys and at 15, I got around.
    Never with married men ( that I knew of ) , it mostly just consisted of cab rides home that turned out to be just like a b-rated porno flick, then again I was in Germany at the time and did not speak the language.
    What I’m getting at is that this show ( from what I’ve read about it on this blog )
    Seems to be an accurate take on the gay daddy loving teens life. Is it sad that things are happening like this? Yes.
    But it is happening.

  • GetBalance


    You say u had experiences like this at 15. Why do you find the depiction “sad”? What experiences did you have to come to such a negative conclusion?

  • Nate

    I find it sad that I had to cruise for it, because being openly homosexual was not “okay” with my family, and I also find it sad that the only time I met up with a man more than once was because I ran into him by chance, and he just so happened to be horny

  • Nate

    Sorry for the late reply, I decided to make an account

  • GetBalance

    @Nate — thx, so now a yr later things have changed as you say you are 16 now?

  • Nate

    Not really haha, I moved back to the USA, I’m still some horny teenager who lives with a family who is pretty homophobic, but now I am out to my best friend, but she lives back in Germany.
    But as far as cruising for some random guy goes, no nothing has changed infect if anything it should be easier now that I live in a country that I can speak the local language.
    How old are you?
    Did you go through these same things?

  • GetBalance

    Hey Nate, Well let’s put it this way, Im old enogh to be somewhere between your dad and grand dad.

    When I was 18 I left home and hit college, that’s when life got interesting. I met this really hot guy I really liked who was a total Christian, a religion which I had already outgrown. We would make mad passionate love then he would pull out his Bible while we were still in the “afterglow” and read how we should “not be doing this.” Then I would stroke his brow, smile and say, “you’re so beautiful.” Then we would do it again. Then he’d pick up and start reading the Bible again. This would go on all Sunday afternoon. It was totally comical. I also had my more seedy times, bath houses bookstores etc, but these things I enjoyed and cherished the adventures. Being a vampire, I love being on the prowl from time to time. ;)

    I’m glad you seem to have humor about you situation. You sound like a good guy. If I have any advice for guys your age, it would be to not judge things as good or bad, but realize life is a consistant flow of experiences, and go live life to its fullest.

  • Taylor Siluwé


    Great advice for Nate and all youth in a crazy age when it should be cooler to be out but it sometimes so isn’t. The more things change and all that ….

    But your remembrance of that Christian boy who kept pulling his bible out after sex would make quite the interesting short story. Your reaction to say “You’re so cute” which got him aroused all over again is worth the analysis that fiction so often can be.

    Telling tales can be therapeutic for the writer, but especially for readers who are just stepping onto that well traveled road. ~

  • GetBalance

    @Taylor Siluwe

    You mean something like this?

    I must admit, when he was reading the Bible, my mind couldn’t help but plot how I was going to turn his gaze back to mine. I felt a bit sinister lying there thinking such thoughts.

    I dawned a devilish smirk as I painfully watched him cutting his mind, his curly blond hair tossled over his strong Nordic brow. I had concern for him as a good friend might have, but I knew there was only so much I could do with a kiss. He was going to do what he would, that was how he was.

    I wanted him to turn his face to me, as I knew again his lips would be mine. All his fears would drift up through the cieling, and he would fall down from his cross, if only for a brief penchant of time.

    What better way for God to tell him he loves him, then through a heart that gives a kiss.

  • MichaelM

    @Michael: Unfortunately, many teens today ARE having sex. I think it’s good that they’ve written this character into the show if it will help some of the younger gay teens come to terms with who and what they are (normal, just like everybody else). Do I wish that fifteen-year olds weren’t having sex? Sure! I wish they’d wait until they’re of a more appropriate age, where they are better able to deal with everything else that comes along with taking a dating relationship to that next level – but they aren’t. So, it’s important to give them a voice and an opportunity to hear something worth listening to, that they might give more than two seconds of thought to and which might help ’em form some better-informed decisions as they grow into adulthood. They’ll still make mistakes, as we are all certain to do… but in the end, if they’re having sex anyway – let’s talk openly about it.

  • Nate

    Ahhh thank you for the advice, I’m surprised your as old that you are, but that’s not a bad thing, I would like to eventually meet a guy where we could be on a first name basis, but until I get back to school I don’t see that happening, actually it wouldent happen anyways because for some reason I simply am not attracted to guys my age, I guess I’ve never been into the whole “twink” thing, but it’s not just a preference, I normally can only get “aroused” by men at least at the age of thirty, there was one time I met a very hot guy on manroulette (under age sexting is a lot more common than I thought) and he was from Canada and was only 25 years old, once we were done doing our business he stayed and we chatted for a while, then I met several canadians like him in the following days, now I want to go to Canada (:
    I try not to think of my sexuality as a bad thing but, when your raised the way I was raised it gets hard, but I’ve more just decided I was okay and that I resent my parents ( mostly my dad ) for being so openly homophobic around a son who was obviously good looking enough to be gay ;)
    Recently we have been in Florida (extended chortles break) fixing up a shitty house they bought, and I have not seen the point in all of this work because I’m not getting anything out of it, we just moved down here away from all of my friends so I am already not happy about this, but then they say “hey your going to inherit this one day” but then my siblings along with my parents start joking around about how they should put a claus in the will stating that if any child ever becomes openly gay he/she will be dis-owned and taken out of the will…..awesome right?
    On a lighter note I watched the first episode of shameless last night and it was pretty good, I might be hooked…and as far as the fifteen year old boy having sex with the (turkish?) guy, I the it’s cool in the way that they continually see each other,and seem to be having an actual relationship rather than being sex friends. Somthing every teenage closeted gay boy wants. It’s cool that the brother was okay with it after a while and the “one way” reference was pretty funny.
    But I do have a friend who moved from Germany to Virginia (where we are actually moving) that said if a ever come out and my parents freak I could live with his family until I graduate a d go to Colorado.
    Sorry for writing so much, I can’t believe I just spilled my guts out haha
    Anyways, Mr.getbalance, have you ever thought of writing story’s professionally, is that what you do?
    Oh and I may have had encounters with a few men, but I am still a virgin, as far as anal goes, which is what surprised me on that show, the 15 year old was doing more than just giving head.
    And your story made me laugh, having gay sex with a church going Christian on a Sunday :)
    D you have an account on this site? I tried clicking on your name but instead it made my iPad freeze then said error connecting to database :/

  • Nate

    I wrote a really long comment and now it’s “awaiting moderation” :(
    Until it does get published…do you write story’s for a living?
    Oh and once it finally is published let me say sorry in advance, I did t intend to write full page :p

  • Jeremy

    @Michael: I lost my virginity when I was 16 to a 23 year old guy… To be completely honest I can relate to Ian in soo many ways. I’m loving this show right now though. You should hear what kids talk about in school these days… haha you’re kind of naive.

  • MichaelM

    @Nate: What you’ve described isn’t unusual at all (younger guys going for older men). I always warn guys your age to be very careful with who they get involved with (especially online), however. It’s sad but all too true that many people are not honest with others on the Internet. At your age you’re just beginning to start along that journey of “hoping for something ‘lasting’ – somebody to give your heart to and call ‘yours'”. It irritates the hell out of me when I hear of a young person who has been misled by someone else on the Internet and as a consequence, their heart gets broken and they start to become cynical (and in truth, it happens IRL all too often, as well). People – not just guys your age but those of all ages – can be very self-serving and insensitive and while it’s never easy to cope with a betrayal, I think it’s far more difficult when you’re young and just beginning to sort through what it is that you want out of a “relationship.” I’m only telling you these things because the family situation you’ve described pretty much tells me most of what I need to know, to know that you probably do most of your interacting with others online. You’re having to trust that they are who they say they are; just be careful and don’t let yourself be drawn into a situation that you’re not 100% totally comfortable with (and be certain that you know the risks going in, as best as a young man your age can know, that is – and that isn’t intended to be a slight in any way).

    Also, be assured that age has nothing to do with being misled. I’ve been taken in; so has the much younger guy that I’ve recently resumed seeing. When Travis and I first met, he was only eighteen; I was forty-one (yeah, I’m an old fart). We weren’t seriously dating at the time and in fact, I was openly seeing two other men (older than he but younger than myself). All three of the men were aware of one another; it was/is the only way I would have it (total honesty). I’m sure you’re wondering why on earth I was seeing more than one person at the time. I’d come out of a bad relationship a few years before and simply wasn’t ready to get serious about anyone at the time. I made certain that all three were aware of this when we began dating and (with the exception of Travis), everyone was pretty much feeling the same way. (Travis eventually wanted to get more serious than I was willing. For a young guy of only 18, at the time, he was more mature than I give most his age credit for. Hell, he may have been more mature than myself in many ways. LOL)

    At any rate, I eventually broke things off with all three but Travis and I have recently began seeing one another once more. He has six more years to his credit now, making him 24 (almost 25) and many more stories to share these days but he seems to be happy with this old fart and I’m happy and content to see where our renewed friendship might lead. I will tell you this; the only reason it works for us is because we’re both totally honest with one another AND we live in the same city (Dallas). I’ve done the online thing before and while it might work for others, it didn’t work for me. I’m too much of a romantic I guess and enjoy cuddling; fortunately for me, Travis is every bit as much of a romantic (perhaps even more so) as I am. Whatever you do and whomever you “pursue” – just make certain to always stand up for yourself. Insist on honesty and if it sounds too good to be true or something just sounds amiss, assume that there’s a good chance you’re not getting the entire story.

    In closing, I’m sorry your family is homophobic around you. I could be wrong but I’m wondering if they don’t already suspect you are gay (and the ONLY REASON I say that is because of the comment about being disowned if anybody were to “ever become openly gay”). Regardless, just take comfort in the fact that the day will come when you won’t always be under their thumb. Hang in there until that day comes.


    P.S. Travis occasionally comments on my blog posts so feel free to strike up a conversation with him there if you like (or not). He does not, however, sext or even do the texting thing and I can’t really speak for him, as to how much time he has to correspond. Take care.

  • GetBalance

    @ Nate,

    Wow that back and forth with that Atheist person was quite intense and took a lot of time. But here it is, my response for you.
    Very strange that your comment here that was awaiting moderation, has a similarity with my life. I grew up in a family that did real estate, renting refurb etc, Oh if I could count the times I had to work on houses when I wanted to be out with my friends. It was the same vibe, “it’ll be yours someday” etc. The family, 2 brothers, were not homophobic. I came out at around 18 with and to open arms so that was pretty cool. Not much about gays in the limelight at all. We had our great dance clubs and all knew each other, yes and screwed each other if attracted. It was light and easy, no homophobia as it was all still under the carpet. I am amazed at how negatively I am reacting to homophobia currently, it is really harsh. I can’t stand to see this gay marriage culture war and have actually thought about moving back to Canada (Calgary) because of it, with the recession and all. Seems like America is falling apart. So Canada and Colorado are both faves of mine, and of course the skiing is great.
    It sounds like you are pretty non religious. Consider yourself quite lucky if you are. I was not so lucky as I was raised Catholic and was even an alter boy. But I loved the wine. :) In Catholic masses on Sundays, the alter boys pour wine into a chalice for the priests to drink. It symbolizes the blood of Christ, and the alter boys get to control it. Truly a side benefit to the job. I have lots of good short stories about catholic school, lurking priests and being an alter boy. Oh if those walls could talk . . . :0)
    I don’t have an account on this sight and I clicked on your name and it looks like you don’t either. And I haven’t so much thought about writing short stories as writing entire books. But short stories would be a good learning curve. Anyway Mr, Nate, I really enjoy chatting with you and find you welcome company here in inter-land. Most conversations with commenters is pretty brisk so this is refreshing.
    When are you moving to Colorado Virginia etc? You are in your sophomore year in school? I hope that conversation with Atheist wasn’t too drole. It was like talking to a tree. What are your religious beliefs etc? Ok nuf of all this chattie chat, gotta drop off to bed and get some shut eye. Thanks for the note, it was great to read and I really enjoyed it.

  • Nate

    I will reply to both of your responses and greatly enjoyed reading both of them, my responses might not be ready until tomorrow but know they are coming :)
    Thanks for the comments again, talking to you guys is very enjoyable.

  • Nate

    As far as the online thing, I have tried meeting older men online, but I have always been to scared to upload a picture of myself due to the fact that my dad works for the federal government in intelligence and I’m way too paranoid for that, I fear he may have some way to track the pictures I put up online :/
    And I can’t find a Picture of a sixteen year old who looks as good as me ;) ( I swear I’m not really that vain )
    Anyways… I did enjoy reading your reply, and I do think that was cool that you were as honest as you were with the three men.
    I hope to eventually find what you and Travis have, but I’ve not always been so much of the romantic relationship type…he’ll I don’t even know what type I am, how can I? Vie never dated a man due to legal technicalities lol.
    Who knows what will happen, but I do know as soon as I’m eighteen I’m doing EVERYTHING. :)
    I will make sure to follow your “code of conduct” when meeting men online though, you seem old enough to be smarter than me so I guess I should listen ;)
    You have a blog? I’ll make sure to check it out soon.
    I’ve never been much of a sexter, infact I’m scared to death of getting charged with possession of child porn ( did you know minors could get in trouble for having nude photos of THEMSELVES?) so I have never taken a naughty picture of myself, it was just in the days back in Germany I was no stranger to and mr.manroulette
    You take care too, thank you very much for the incite on my situation :)

  • Dan Cobbb

    I had sex with a man in his early thirties when I was 13. I was very ready for it and it was transformative. Awesome. It was a one night (daytime) stand, and it was something I had fantasized about for a couple of years. Let’s face it, males had sex drives that are just that: drives for sex. I find it perplexing that people cannot fathom that a 15 year old boy could have, and act on sexual lust… sex to get his rocks off! It’s what males are programmed to do!

  • Nate

    My reply to your post is “awaiting moderation” fml… To avoid this happening to my reply to get balances post I will put it into smaller parts…
    Okay so, yes I agree that was pretty boring. I couldn’t keep up to to lack of vocabulary and attention span ;)

  • Nate

    Canada would be a cool place to live out the rest of a life, I might consider it but first I must go to Colorado and live with my friend until she finishes college, I don’t know if I am going to go or not. I don’t know, I guess I’m not that ambitious. ;)
    I can understand you, well anyone reacting badly to homophobia, it’s bullshit…I mean wasn’t America suppose to be a place of equality? Hah, I don’t see that happening

  • Nate

    I’m not much of a skier as I am a snowboarder, but that would just be me being bad ass ;-)
    I may come across as non religious, but that’s only recently because of the discussion you and atheist were having…it has made me rethink my stance on religion.
    I’ve been raised protestant, but we never attend church anymore.

  • Nate

    You should tell me some of those story’s about lurking priests, sounds interesting :D. I made an account on this site, or I at least filled in the info about myself and made a user and pass but I don’t know, I’m confused.
    Well if you do ever write an entire book, or anything of the sort let me know so I can buy a copy, seeing how your life so far seems pretty interesting.
    Well thank you, I enjoy your company in interland too.
    I am heading to VA in two weeks where I will finish high school then move on to Colorado for who knows what.
    I am currently half way thru my junior year in high school, I will be seventeen I. 4 months.

  • Nate

    Your conversation with atheist was not too drole lol, I enjoyed watching you guys comment back and forth and pretending I had any idea what was going on :D.
    To answer you question about my religious beliefs I would have to say… I don’t know anymore haha time for some premature soul searching, I was raised protestant and attended church at an early(ER) age but no longer did when we moved to Colorado nor Germany, my mom wants to when we get to VA but If it’s too dull or seems too hateful I think I’ll go and tell the preacher that I’m actively gay, wait…no…that’s a bad idea because I’m sure he would inform my parents, any who I’m sure I’ll find a decent way to get thrown out.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Nate: Ah, moving to Virginia, where it’s illegal for two men to share a one bedroom apartment.

    I hope you’ll go on to college. Great place to learn about yourself and figure out what you want out of life.

  • Nate

    Well thank you for responding to my note :)
    Can I ask what you are referring to when you said limelight?
    I’m sorry but I have no idea what you meant XD
    I emailed queerty and asked them to stop making it to where my longer comments would always be awaiting moderation, which they don’t change anything so I don’t get it.
    It is kind of ridiculous that I have to break down the long message I was going to write to you on here into smaller parts.
    So are you married? And what states allow gay marriage completely to where it is equal to a heterosexual marriage in terms of legal rights because I looked it up and it was all shady, like they had unions but they didn’t get all the rights, is there any place where a gay couple can get married and share things like health insurance and dental benefits ect?
    Thank you for writing me back. I enjoyed reading about your coming out

  • Nate

    It’s illegal for two men to share a one bedroom apartment?
    Isn’t that considered discrimination against homosexual couples?
    The problem is I don’t know what I want to go to college for, I wanted to be a nurse In rehabilitation, but sticking my fingers in an old mans ass for anything other than a sexual reason doesn’t seem to be my thing…
    I’m thinking about photography though, what do you do?

  • justiceontherocks

    @Nate: I don’t know if it’s discrimination against gay male couples but it’s definitely discrimination against men.

    We can discuss you sticking a finger in my ass at some future time, perhaps in another forum. I definitely qualify as old from your standpoint.

    Nursing is a fine thing to do. Getting a job is never a problem. Some people burn out because of the hours (long shifts a few days a week) but the money can be very good.

    Photography is a hobby of mine. I only take black and white photos, and only through windows or of reflections. For money, I sell stuff. I written two books that I’m working with an editor in NYC on: we’re probably going to experiment with publishing them on line first. In five years the book store will be as rare as the rotary dial phone.

    You GetBalance and me have to find a better way to communicate.

  • Nate

    Hahaha your funny, but you said your only 41 right? Your not that old lol
    I heard the waiting list to get into the now four year nursing school (used to be only one year!) is five years so with waiting and school together it’s nine years…yikes. That’s like half of my entire life!
    You should upload some of your pictures, I would love to see them :)
    And yes, we must find a better way, the email I have linked to this account is an email that I only use for accounts linked to anything gay like queerty, or any gay “meeting” service.
    But yes I do agree we should brainstorm a way to get in contact without giving everybody subscribed to this post a million notifications (;
    What do you think?

  • justiceontherocks

    @Nate: Nursing school can be very competitive. I’m sure you’re up to it. With a little thought you can probably figure out my -g–m-a-i-l address.

    I loved what you wrote to atheist: an ignorant person who uses big words. Perfect – just perfect.

  • Nate

    I’m going to guess and say it’s your name here with an @?
    I sounded like a little kid when I said that, but you definitely should read the second comment I sent to him and/or her, it was alot more thought out ;-)
    I will send you a 3mail from the 3mail I actually use right now and well see if it works :D

  • justiceontherocks

    @Nate – you did not sound like a little kid – more like a VERY perceptive adult. The ability to say a lot in a few simple words is quite impressive.

  • Nate

    Well then, thank you.
    For some reason someone is saying that I’m making my “side” look like a bigot…I didn’t even know what that word meant until yesterday…it’s not a loving word
    Anyways, did I get your 3mail right?
    I sent you one, now we just need mr.balance on board

  • GetBalance

    Ah I see you guys have started the party without me. In the State of Washington, that is illegal! haha

    I am not getting notifications from this page for some reason, but a little birdie told me I should check over here. :)

    Nate, the limelight is the spotlight. In my younger days we didn’t have anything in the news anywhere about gay stuff. We slid by kinda. But we are sure feeling the burn now. I really feel for the younger generation but then you guys have the bravery to bowl through it for the coming generations, and for that I applaud you. Just be careful where you show your cards about your being gay, make sure you are in safe territory, if there is any. When you get out of high school things will surely be lighter.

    Now, about that two liner comment to Atheist, it was perfectly deadly, a dear in headlights show stopper, bravo.

    Justice, Like wow you write, awesome. What do you write and when do you think we will be seeing your work? Where do you hail from?

    So guys, It’s dindin time and I’m going to go make dinner for a friend of mine whose favorite uncle just died and he went to his funeral today. He is one sad puppy so I’m going to go be of comfort best I can.

    Would be great to hear more from you guys if you feel so drawn. And of course keep up the good work here on Queerty.
    My email is [email protected]. That’s not my last name but more on that later. If fingers and asses are going to possibly EVER be a source of conversation, this probably isn’t the best place to talk in any et-hummm, depth, about it. ;)

    Back later to fill in the blanks from your comments Nate. They are fun and interesting and I really like hearing your points of view.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Nate: Yahoo! we have a connection!!

  • Nate

    Yes yes being gay is such a joy these days ;-)
    I will start an email and make sure it’s a three way conversation so we can all talk about…errr…fingers in asses lol
    Well thank you again for the comment on my comment haha I’m sure he and/or she will eventually write a five page reply to my comment :(:(
    Me and justice have been emailing back and forth so yes, we will include you.
    I hope your friend feels better, sorry to hear about his uncle :(
    I like hearing you points of views to, so far I think you, justice, ewe & Michael are pretty interesting people

  • justiceontherocks

    @Nate: Only 17 and you’re already looking for a three-way. that’s precocious.

  • Nate

    Ahhh, justice…your sence of humor never fails to make me laugh :)
    Now I must explain why I am laughing out loud to my parents and I don’t think saying an Older gay man made a joke about me being in a three way will suffice lol
    You kids these days and your naughty minds :D

  • robert in NYC

    Having seen the first original british series (there are 8 and we’ve only seen I believe the first one), I watched the first episode of the home-grown version and wasn’t that impressed. The British version is much more raw and credible Where is the character Mimi, the mother of the wayward children? She’s arguably one of the central characters. I wonder if she’s been written out and if she has, then I don’t see this show going anywhere.

  • tim

    i wish i waited. seriously. by the time I was 17 years old i had been promiscuous with a marine who was 26 and my boss, both married, one with kids. frankly when you’re 21 and actually ready for a relationship you just feel like you were a total slut.

  • MichaelM


    You mean you found a marine willing to have gay sex??! Tell me it ain’t so…. Marines are way too manly to allow themselves to chaw’ on the knob of a fellow male friend. They all claim such, anyway! (ROFL!!) I am, of course, being facetious as many of us have seen our fair share of marines in gay porn and, like you, some of us have experienced sex with ’em firsthand. Personally, I much preferred the guy I dated who was in the Navy many years ago. (He’d have made most Marines cry “Uncle” as he took off his pants; the man was hung like a freaking horse – but gentle as a lamb. Well, there was one evening he didn’t go so gentle but different topic and I don’t care to remember back to the following morning when I was walking like somebody had just shoved a gun from atop one of the battle-ships up my backside. Tears run down my face just thinking about it.)

    That said, I do understand the point you’re trying to make. Even so I believe we’re way too overinvested and preoccupied with “virginity” and abstinence in general, here in the United States. It’s clear that many of us, as younger teens, did experiment (and a good many of those of us who didn’t, myself included, WANTED to). I just think it’s a shame that so many kids are made to feel like it’s unnatural or that they are “sluts” for doing what really does come naturally to all of us, as human beings.

    Does that mean I don’t find value in waiting, or in being more selective with regard to who a person sleeps with? Not at all; there is something to be said for “sharing yourself with that special somebody the first time around” – but the problem is that often times, that so-called “special somebody” won’t be who you’ll be settling down with for the rest of your life anyway – so why feel guilty about given up the cherry for someone you aren’t with years later anyway. It’s an experience. You find the good in it and you tuck away the memories you enjoy; the rest, you let go of so that you can have a long and healthy (both physically and mentally) life [hopefully] with whomever you DO end up settling down with. And if it makes you feel any better, I DID wait (until I was twenty-one) to have my first sexual experience with anything other than one of my hands… I ended up making up for lost time so “sluts come into season at all ages.” ;-)

    In closing, I think it’s more important to be open with the younger crowd (I’m talking post-pubescent teens here – not kids who are, in the minds of many, clearly too young to be talking about such things with) about the importance of practicing “safer sex” than it is to preach abstinence. Just my opinion though…


  • Nate

    Finally got your comment!
    Wow, things seem so muc diffrent from those days on queerty, and it was only a week ago!
    As far as losing the god awful v-card, (it truly is evil lol) as glamerous as losing it to somone we know and end up in a relationship with sounds… I’m sure alot of us end up losing it to people they don’t know at all, any story’s? :D

  • Jacob

    Oy, listen up ya?

    What I think we have got to differenciate here is between, what is the “NORM” and what is “Odd”

    This show was orginaly in a region in Manchester yes? Yes. The so to speak “norm” there was for kids, or teens around the ages of 14-17 to be sexually active, with men, kids, teens, etc.

    Now. This show has been copied to american version, and I’ve lived in america, and britain. The “norm” in America is much more different then the “norm” in Britain. In America its all about safe sex, be smart, etc…
    AND LISTEN UP. I am by no means saying England is right, and America are a buncha twats, because its not true.

    They both have different “norms” and one can call having sex at 15 normal, and one cann call it very strange.

    But the fact is, is that this show is clearly showing us how many Gay 15 year olds chose to live, regardless if its disturbing to u, ur family, ur mind, WHATVER. Its not made up in any way, because that would make for a rookie Director, and producer.

    So just because some americans and some brits find it repulsive, or gross, certainly does not mean its not real.

    It is quite odd that he’s having sex with a married man, but wouldn’t it also be odd if he were straite, and having sex with a married woman? At 15… ? Yea.

  • cancorv

    @Benjamin: Give it a go. I’m up to Series 4 and i find it fantastically audacious.

  • cancorv

    @Michael: When you do watch it, you and other commenters here will realise that Ian is one of six kids, and the only gay one. It is not a series about a gay teenager.

  • cancorv

    @Jacob: “this show is clearly showing us how many Gay 15 year olds chose to live” – I beg to differ. It is showing us the shenanigans of one tough gay boy from a large family in which all 6 kids have got extraordinary traits. Even from the comments here, it is clear that there is a very wide range of needs and experiences of 15 year old gay people. Ian is just one.

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