WATCH: Meet Shameless‘ Ian Gallagher, The Bad Ass Gay Kid With a Thing For Older Dudes

I can tell you without a doubt that Shameless, the new Showtime HBO series where William H. Macy plays the drunk father of a brood of lovable misfits just trying to get by, is about to become your new weekly source of gay teen angst. With the United States of Tara‘s Mitchell off the air and the entirety of In Treatment‘s Jesse character taking place on the couch, it’s Shameless‘ Ian Gallagher, the still-closeted-but-sexually-active teen played by (straight) 17-year-old Cameron Monaghan, that’s the freshest take on a homo kid in America. The show premieres tonight at 10pm EST, but we’ve gathered up Ian’s story from the first episode (that’s his brother Phillip, or “Lip,” who appears in the first scene). And we can say this much: Having your brother discover your gay porn stash isn’t exactly the way I would’ve wanted to come out to a sibling.

Watch the whole thing, because it’s the last scene where Ian and Lip lovingly discuss the, ahem, “digestive system” that’s part of any gay man’s sex life.

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Looks like even Glee‘s Kurt has nothing on Ian. As Monaghan says, his character is “tough, he’s street smart, and he’s pretty much unlike any gay teenager on television right now.”