WATCH: Men Involved in Kansas City Hospital Arrest Discuss Incident

Earlier this week Queerty reported that Roger Gorley had been arrested and forcibly removed from the hospital room of his partner, Allen Mansell, following an altercation with Mansell’s brother Lee. The incident was widely reported as a gay rights issue, but now Lee says he is not homophobic and only wanted the best treatment for his brother, who suffers from severe depression.

Kansas City’s KSHB interviewed both Lee Mansell and Gorley about the incident, which began when Lee, unable to reach his brother, phoned 911 and had transported to Research Medical Center.

The two men began to argue over who had the rights to make medical decisions for Allen. Roger insists he wasn’t being disruptive, but objected to Lee having had Allen admitted to the hospital.”That would be like me going over to his house and taking his wife and hauling her off to the hospital without talking to him,” he says.

Gorley also says that during his heated discussion with Mansell, hospital security became violent.

“Hospital security came, and it started to hit me on my wrist” while he was holding onto Allen’s bed, Gorley says. “(They) hit me … because I was holding on, and they kept hitting and kept hitting and kept hitting.”

Lee Mansell says he’s not homophobic and loves Gorley as his own brother. He also reveals he’s received death threats since news of the incident went viral. “I’ve been called everything from a homophobe to things you can’t even say on TV,” he says. “I’ve had physical threats since someone was nice enough to post my email address online.”