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WATCH: Michael Henry gets serious about body image, poolside

The usually outrageous Michael Henry has released a new video, and for once, he has eschewed the laughter.

“How Do I Look?” features no dialogue. Rather, the video follows Henry as he navigates summer life among his gay friends. The camera lingers over his friends’ seemingly perfect smiles and perfect bodies, intercut with footage of Henry binge eating and struggling with his own body image. Things take an even more serious turn with scenes of Henry kneeling over the toilet, presumably purging his snacks.

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We also can’t help but notice the timing of release. Mask and social distancing mandates have begun to relax in most states (including Henry’s California) amid rising rates of COVID vaccination and dropping rates of infection. After sitting inside for a year, and on summer’s eve, who wouldn’t feel a bit insecure about their looks?

Have a look. Henry is making a powerful statement, without any words at all.