Watch Michele Bachmann Getting Spanked On National TV For Calling LGBTs “Satan’s Slaves”

Meet The Press host David Gregory threw the worst of Michele Bachmann’s anti-gay statements back in her face like a bucket of mop water to watch her melt. She can do nothing but stick to her caa-caa talking points, but in the end she basically concedes that all queers are Satan’s fuppets and that a married gay couple with kids will never be a family in her eyes. She says these questions aren’t issues that Americans are concerned about, but we got Mrs. Bachmann’s America right here.

By the way, did we mention she also wants to re-instate Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Yeah, the military’s gonna love that.

Via Joe.My.God.

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  • christopher di spirito

    What a vicious cunt. And to think? Crazy Eyes is married to old, circuit queen?

  • Abirdwillingtobeitself

    After what Michele said about submission, I thought that she was the slave. I guess I was mistaken.

  • Derek Wain

    And people are laughing at gay Gregory, who cannot touch the teflon candidate.

    Indeed, she made Gregory look a bit out of touch with how people of faith operate.
    It’s not going to be easy to paint her as some religious wacko. In these exchanges she winds up sounding more grounded than her inquisitor. Even questions on her controversial comments on gays were swatted away.”

  • Derek's right

    Don’t think this is some Sarah Palin (the female George W) who will backpaddle of her gaffs left and right. No, this bitch is unapologetic–and she’ll win a following for it. Don’t underestimate her; annihilate her.

  • Thomas

    She needs a makeover and by makeover I mean a slapping with a big dick.

  • Pete n SFO

    More “Gotcha” media! How very dare they; using a candidate’s direct quotes & video & expecting them to ‘own’ it?!! How, very, dare, they!!!

    It really is loooong overdue for this sideshow to be over. I think Gregory decided to go for it, since Gov Perry joined the race, which means Bachman’s campaign is over.

    Bachman’s appearances will now be restricted to FOX; probably all the other wacko-early-race-conservative-courting GOP’s.

  • Cam

    Isn’t it funny that the Tea Party claims to not want big govt. and to have the govt. get out of people’s lives….

    And yet she supports amending the constitution and imposing new laws on the military.

    Why won’t the news directly call them out on these lies? The ONLY time they want the govt. out of peoples lives is when it has to do with regulating taxes and regulations for wealthy people and corporations.

  • Fitz

    Juxtapose these comments with pictures of men being dragged around by dog leashes at Pride events.

  • Cam

    @Derek Wain: said…

    “And people are laughing at gay Gregory, who cannot touch the teflon candidate.

    Indeed, she made Gregory look a bit out of touch with how people of faith operate.
    It’s not going to be easy to paint her as some religious wacko. In these exchanges she winds up sounding more grounded than her inquisitor. Even questions on her controversial comments on gays were swatted away.””

    Sorry that isn’t the case. If none of these questions mattered to her, then she wouldn’t be claiming that she is more moderate on the issue than she is. She would be trupeting her views, not trying to soft peddal them.

    She knows that the majority of American’s won’t elect crazy. Her comments will only reinforce the base of people that already like her. But they will just push all the independents and moderates she needs to actually win away.

  • Boarderthom

    It would be great if hundreds of committed gay couples from her state would send her a picture of themselves and invite her over for dinner.

  • Elloreigh

    @Derek Wain: Teflon? Sorry, but refusing to answer a question, repeating the stock phrases “I’m running for president of the United States”, “My views are clear”, “I have my criteria – upholding the Constitution” – this doesn’t make her “teflon” – it makes her look like a typical politician who won’t take responsibility for her own statements and who is trying to dodge relevant questions.

    Yes, she is running for President. That being so, she should give us clear answers: What are her views? Are they in line with her earlier statements? Apparently so. She can say “I’m not judging” all she likes, but it seems obvious that her religious viewpoint on homosexuality will inform her policy decisions and appointments. Some people want that, but a lot of us do not. It marks her as unfit for office in my judgment.

    What are her ‘criteria’? “Upholding the Constitution”? Whose interpretation of it, then?

    This kind of avoidance might win over the sheeple, but it’s the nail in the coffin for those of us won’t accept such complete non-answers.

  • oli

    I can’t stand to watch these sort of videos. you can see in her face and the way she talks when called out that she knows she talking absolute BS, and is simply spreading hate. she knows that if she doesn’t wrap it up as some sort of crusade in the name of decency, then everyone will know that she is really just a bigot. it makes me cringe so hard to watch.

  • Robert in NYC

    Queerty, the majority of the GOP want to reinstate DADT, not just Bachmann if you look at how many of them voted against repeal. GOProud as late as February 2011 opposed repeal too.

  • randy

    That was a great interview — he really showed that she wants to dodge the issue but that she still things gays are scum. no, it won’t change any view of religious fundies — nothing will. But it will open the eyes of reasonable people.

  • Roman

    Her virulent Anti-gay comments are anything but respectful and do nothing to honor Gay Americans and our families. Her words and actions sounds exactly like satan to me. She’s a dangerous and religious extremist that threatens this country.

  • Ian

    Bravo to David Gregory for taking her to task on it.

  • Michael in Toronto

    David Gregory, thanks so much. You made her look like what she is: absolute idiot.

    It’s hilarious how she thinks that the fact that she’s “running for president” somehow absolves her of her views!

  • QJ201

    So the next time Bachmann say’s anything anti-gay, we play this clip and ask her “didn’t you say in an earlier interview that America has bigger things to worry about”

    I bet we get the chance in
    one, two, three, ….

  • Disney Princess From Hell

    Her and Sarah Palin love to play the victim. The most recent issue of The Atlantic (which was discussed here on Queerty) pointed out that evangelical Christians are starting to employ this tactic on a broad scale. She is trying to make it look like Gregory is being mean to her by asking her profoundly simple questions about statements she made in the past. It isn’t the media that brought up this issue. It’s Michelle Bachmann. And incidentally, I don’t think she was very effective in playing the victim card here.

  • The Bony Man

    She says “I am running for the President of the United States” to avoid way to many issues. It’s a bullshit response that doesn’t mean anything. She is saying less than nothing, because she contradicts herself on many occasions. How can people not see her as the babbling idiot she is? I had trouble stringing together any form of coherent idea from what she said. It hurts my brain…

  • VaJeena

    Ok, so when is anyone going to call out this cunt for never answering a single goddamn question?

  • Henry

    @Elloreigh: Michele is unfit for a lot of things – unfit to have children, unfit to stand trial…

  • ewe

    Fuck David Gregory. He was completely LAME. Where is the openly gay person who will take this vile bitch on? That’s what i want to know. If Bachman says over and over again that “i am running for president, i don’t judge gay people and i will appoint anyone who meets three criteria, one of which is you must have the SAME VIEWS as me” that means she must answer the questions posed. Does she interpret openly gay people as having the same views as her? I don’t fucking think so. She is a cunt and David Gregory is a passive Andy Warhol lookalike that has proved himself worthless for not being able to put that evil bitch in her place and exposing her for the Nazi she is. Bachman is a bible thumping dangerous religious fanatic and must be stopped.

  • ewe

    One cannot be permitted to just rattle endlessly on about “i am running for president, i am running for president” and avoid answering questions about homophobic statements that were made by the person saying ” i am running for president.” She should be posed these questions relentlessly until someone flat out tells this evil wench that she is avoiding everyone regarding questions that need to be answered on behalf of the American voter, some of which are gay constituents. Fuck David Gregory. He SUCKED. Do not give him brownie points for letting her slide with the same ol verbal dribble.

  • ewe

    I want to know one very important thing. Has the Bummer evolved yet?

  • ewe

    There is no such thing as Satan. Michelle Bachman is psychotic and she needs to be told it is her own evil thinking she is labeling as Satan. TART

  • o

    @ewe: Yes, sweetie, he stopped smoking a while ago.

  • Henry

    @Boarderthom: Why? This interview was the best slow roast she could ever attend.

  • ewe

    @o: cute but i meant whether or not the Bummer thinks gay people are as equal as he is? He can smoke for all i care. It is still legal.

  • TomMc

    She’s trying to change the definition of “President”! For centuries only men have been presidents. It’s been the tradition and, therefore, must continue.

  • Matthew

    she’s a idiot with pretty gnarly old lady neck and a totally gay husband who never fucks her. i’m not losing sleep over it. not yet, anyway. she’s still a punchline.

  • Jack E. Jett

    She is a fucking cunt and so is her husband. Our nation is shitfaced fucked up that Anita Bryant’s clone is still functional in 2011.

  • JKB

    I’m just happy to know that she married a closet case.

  • Jonathan

    Can you say stuuuuuupid.

  • ashton cruz

    I bet she has a really hairy asshole.

  • iDavid

    What I hear her saying ad nauseum is “I am running for president and therefore need not be direct honest or accountable to you or anyone else for my thought word or deed.” Interesting platform.

    If I were interviewing her I would inform her to answer questions directly or the interview would halt abruptly due to her inept ability to converse within rational context.

  • iDavid

    She’s a power rabid werewolf who would attack and destroy America w/o batting one evil canine eyelash.

  • B

    No. 23 · ewe wrote, “Fuck David Gregory. He was completely LAME.”

    Actually, Gregory did just the right thing – if he had been rude to her (even though she deserved it), the conservatives would take that out of context and use it as proof of a “liberal bias”.

    The interview should make it obvious to nearly everyone that Michele Bachmann is not qualified to be president. In fact, it made it pretty clear that she is not qualified to be in Congress either (she obviously lacks the skill to give a non-answer that doesn’t sound like a non-answer). The highest post she should hold is “social chair” in a fundamentalist church.

  • xander

    Whoever is coaching Ms Bachmann is doing a shoddy job. I’d have more respect for her if she’d have just answered the questions truthfully (e.g. “I will not knowingly appoint a homosexual to any post”) than incessantly unpacking the cagey line :”I’m running for President”
    WTH does that answer even mean?

    She’d never get my vote, of course, but she would at least flash her true colours.

  • DR

    I know no one in the educated world who thinks that Michele Bachmann made David Gregory look “out of touch” with Bachmann’s disastrous appearance on Meet the Press.

    I know Bachmann has hired lots of people (most of whom seem illiterate, judging by their ability to construct a sentence or spell) to spin on various websites for her, but no amount of spinning can straighten out the smeared mascara and botched lipstick job on this pig.

    By the way, the only jobs that Bachmann has EVER had are jobs in which her salary was paid by tax money and government, even as she hypocritically complains about government, she takes hundreds of thousands in subsidies for her supposed fake “farm” and her closet-case Liberace-like husband takes government welfare for his Frankenstein clinics.

  • DeGuyz in Mississippi

    All this discrimination is coming to a boil. Possible the largest breach of equal/civil rights is forcing it’s way into the courts after 6 years of being suppressed. They better hold on to their hat’s because their own hate will bring them down. Stay tuned for breaking news. If you know anything about law and/or history, you may be pleasantly surprised with this. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Equal-Rights-No-vote-required/255957691095392?v=app_170513299636882

  • Ganondorf

    Bwahahaha! She hasn’t a chance. Anyone who wins the ames straw poll is fucked, going by history. However, if she does capture the nomination (she won’t), I think that the moderate republican in chief Barack Obama (who is more of a republican than hallowed REAGAN [angel fugue]!) is gonna trounce. I personally wouldn’t care if Bachmann were voted in as POTUS, because I believe that only that (or perry) would provide impetus to create a legitimate left wing in the united states that truly serves “the people” and safeguards the middle class. However, that, understandably, isn’t a popular view…apparently there aren’t many true believers out there like me (a true socialist!).

    Love the suit, though.

  • Ganondorf

    I’m being banned because I’m controversial by this shitty’s site’s standards! LMAO! Telling it like it is will run afoul with the message managers, each as tediously incompetent as their superior.

  • italianking94

    please no. just no… someone as byast should not be a canadate.

  • xander

    @Ganondorf : Nyet, you’re probably not banned, but rather some random word set off the ‘filter’— which happens even to ‘obese, low IQ’, socially rejected, Aspergerseque members such as myself.

  • Steve

    Ordinarily, I would find the ad-hominem attacks objectionable. But in this case, I quite agree with most of them — Michele Bachmann is a despicable, hateful person. Her actual views are bad enough, but then she won’t even own up to having them.

  • Shazzer

    @Ian: Pity he isn’t that tenacious with ALL of his right-wing guests.

  • Shannon


    That statement is offensive to therianthropes everywhere. Pack unity is important!

  • Damon

    I watched the vid and, now this is just guesswork, but I THINK she might be running for presidency…

  • Ian

    @Shazzer: True that. I’ve heard some criticism of Gregory on the CounterSpin podcast. At least he did the right thing in this instance.

  • Elloreigh

    I have to agree that Gregory struck the right tone in questioning her. What I do wish is that he would have asked her to spell out her “criteria”, and what “views” would be relevant in her selection of a cabinet or political appointments.

    There’s a fine line between being firm as an interviewer versus creating sympathy for someone undeserving of it. Gregory managed to press her without turning her into a martyr. I will grant you that her most rabid supporters will attack this interview anyway. They frankly don’t matter – what matters is how this comes across to people who aren’t really familiar with Bachmann and the controversial statements she has made.

  • Marauder

    I don’t agree with Michele Bachmann, I don’t like Michele Bachmann, and I hope she never becomes president of ANYTHING, much less the United States. Having said that, the violent and sexist imagery in some of these comments is appalling. It is never, NEVER okay to call a woman a cunt or say that she should be sexually assaulted. I don’t care whether that woman is Michele Bachmann, Shirley Phelps-Roper, or your loving mom in PFLAG. Sexually demeaning insults should not have any place in what purports to be a discourse between intelligent and reasonable people.

  • MrsGMitchell

    Is she serious? I swear she didn’t answer one single question with a direct answer – is that how she would take on situations as the head of this country? Avoid and skirt around the topic at hand? Well if this bitch’s balls are as big as she wants future voters to believe, she should say what the hell she means – not that it would change anything because everything that falls out of her face is a bunch of hateful garbage. It’s because of political figures like her that the citizens of this country have not trust and faith in our government, I mean how can we? She and those like her want to lead our country, dictate the meaning of family, tell us who to love, and force us to be seen as second class citizens that should be felt sorry for. Her criteria and her views are going to be her undoing and truth be told it wouldn’t be that much of a loss. Her and people like her need to be shipped of to an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean so they can live and govern themselves in their own little homophobic ignorant sickening and unjust way… til the tidal wave hits anyway.

  • dollyknockers

    If she is successful in becoming president I hope that we, Britain, end our “special friendship” because with friends like that……….

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