Can You Hear Me Now?

WATCH: Michele Bachmann Speechless After 8-Year-Old Boy Tells Her His Gay Mom Doesn’t Need Fixin’

There is only one thing in the world that can make Michele Bachmann this horrified: a well-adjusted son of a lesbian.

Michele Bachmann, who has recently sworn to try to overturn same-sex marriage in Iowa and declared that gay people have the right to marry members of the opposite sex, got an earful of her own this past weekend.

During a meet and greet rally, 8-year-old Elijah approached the GOP presidential hopeful and whispered that even though his mom was gay, she didn’t need any fixin’.

Are your ears too far away still, Michele?

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  • bagooka

    I guess dog face doesn’t have dog ears, does she?

  • chink change

    We didn’t get to see Michele’s answer. Does she think Elijah’s mother needs fixing?

  • randy

    That is so precious!

  • Chad

    @chink change: Sadly MB didn’t answer the boy, she just waved bye to him.

  • Bill S.

    This is disturbing. Clearly Elijah did not want to say this but his mother coerced him into doing it.

  • Tom

    I agree with Bill. Have the debate as an adult, talk about the impact on your family, but don’t drag your kids in as props.

  • chink change

    @Chad: Uh…. yeah. That’s my point.

  • dvlaries

    It might have been worth it if a politician were capable of being shamed, but when’s the last one that was?

  • Malwyn

    @bagooka: No, she just has devil horns.

  • Joetx

    I didn’t like the fact that the mother used her son in that manner. Using children as props is something the right wing does. We should be above that.

    It would be one thing if he were much older. But here, he’s only 8 & it looks like his mom put him up to it.

  • ewe

    @Bill S.: How do you possibly fucking know that? The mother of this child stated the exact opposite. You are essentially calling her a liar.

  • ewe

    @Joetx: Wrong. We had better all prepare our children to stand up to the face of hate and defend our love. At every age.

  • ewe

    The only mistake made here is that they left without waiting for that vile bigot to answer.

  • Henry

    They should have asked her if she’s an anti-Semite like Charles Rozier. A politician can’t ignore a question like that.

  • Uncle Entity

    Obviously the mother does need fixing if she forced her son to do that.

  • Joetx

    @ewe: Listen to yourself. It appears to me that in your mind, the ends justifies the means. That’s sad.

    It would’ve been one thing if Elijah, by his own volition, approached the monster that is Michele Bachmann & told her what he did.

    Here, in contrast, his mom brought him to a Bachmann event, & despite him seemingly not wanting to go through with it, pushed him into saying something that was barely audible.

    Let’s leave this fight up to the adults. I don’t know about you, but I’m more than capable of handling these vile bigots.

  • ewe

    @Joetx: You have not read the full details on other sources regarding this story. Do not assume he did not want to go through with it. It is apparent that the boy is shy but that does not mean he did not want to stand up for his mother. The mother has explained that if you care to research this story.

  • ewe

    @Joetx: secondly, you saying we should leave this fight to the adults is about as effective as adults handling the issue of bullying. If we do not hold children accountable then they continue to get away with bullying. This child should be applauded and the mother has great strength to tell her son about how the real world effects the people who care about him the most.

  • Ian

    So I’ll be devil’s advocate: Isn’t it possible that an 8 year-old boy overhears on t.v. all the crap Bachmann spews? That he hears it over and over. Wonders why people would say those things about his mommies? His mothers talk with him about why people say crazy shit like that…. they engage him about a tough subject to help him understand it… Maybe he’s aware enough that he loves his mommies and understands Bachmann’s opinions are not true. Maybe, just maybe, an 8 year-old wants to stand up for his mothers? It’s possible. The point is we don’t know any of the context and to jump all over the mother as some nut who “forced” her child there to say it is jumping to conclusion. OK, devil out.

  • ewe

    @Joetx: Your rationalizing reminds me of the times i see little 4 year old Indian children operating the cash register at their family bodega fully cognizant of how to count money precisely. Meanwhile you want to coddle to Johnny American behaving like an infant till he is thirty. Tell me how that is helping anyone.

  • CJ

    This is definitely NOT being received well by the mainstream public. I heard of this video first via Yahoo news and all of the comments were essentially that this mom did wrong. I agree. For starters, there is a video camera there. It seems like this was intentionally planned in an attempt to further draw Bachmann’s anti-LGBT stance into the media hysteria that we now live in. They were trying to trap her, get it on video and make a big story out of it. Terrible. If they wanted to do that as all adults, go for it. But, to bring a very young child into it, shameless.

  • ibarra

    i’m going to repeat my comment about this video i made on facebook:

    i’m going to preface this by saying that i’m a hardcore proponent of marriage equality and giving equal rights to EVERYONE. i’m sorry but i really found this to be tacky. i don’t think children have enough volition to be able to participate in political discussion unless he’s been directed to do so. children know when their parents are “being trashed” and they may very well say the darnedest things but this kid just happened to direct this comment to michele bachmann and the camera was there ready to film it. it was planned and the kid was coached. it’s unfair of us to put our kids to the forefront of our battles. ultimately, we are doing this for them and not the other way around.

  • CJ

    Why do I keep getting internal error messages whenever I submit a post on this site? Does anyone else get that error message? Hmm.

  • ewe

    What do all you doormats think Bachman is going to say and feel about gay 8 year old children. I say this is fair game EVEN IF his mother coaxed him. So there motherfuckers, i for one don’t agree with you and your trite moral values.

  • ewe

    So many people want to belittle this parent while Michele Bachman is notoriously known for persecuting gay people that she is not even related to.

  • ewe

    What exactly is the problem with this young boy knowing that Michele Bachman is discriminating against his mother? And what exactly is the problem with him talking about it directly to the culprit? HUH?

  • CJ

    It’s not “trite moral values” to treat children as children and not push them into a news story in an ATTEMPT at making a political statement. (Which is backfiring amongst the general population if you’re reading other sites). That’s one thing that is wrong with our society it seems – parents behaving badly.

    There’s a lot more than can be done to see progress than this type of thing.

  • John Q. Public

    Can Queerty do something about the spam comments? I don’t want to see the same person post 4 to 6 times in a row. Thank you.

  • ewe

    @John Q. Public: Commenting more than once is not considered spam.

  • ewe

    @CJ: CJ, Bailing out Wall Street is a political statement not addressing a topic about Equal Rights.

  • Wendy's silky cum

    I’m against using this boy as a prop. His mother should know better. Maybe she DOES need fixing.

  • ibarra

    it was a low-blow. the mom might as well have punched michele bachmann in the face and used her son as a human shield. i’m sorry to say but MB did what any rational adult would have done and left it alone. what should we have her do, engage in a political meeting of the minds with an 8-year-old or worse, berate and ridicule him? so kudos to our side for letting MB win a tiny battle. really, david is in a position to be giving goliath more weapons with which to pummel him.

  • Joetx


    What do all you doormats think Bachman is going to say and feel about gay 8 year old children. I say this is fair game EVEN IF his mother coaxed him. So there motherfuckers, i for one don’t agree with you and your trite moral values.

    You don’t know when to stop digging the hole you’ve gotten yourself into.

    No one here is advocating ignoring Bachmann & her ilk and letting them getting away with their actions.

    What we “doormats” and/or “motherfuckers” do have a problem with is using an 8-year old child to do the work adults are more than capable of doing ourselves. If that falls into the realm of “trite moral values,” then I would question your lack of any moral values.

  • Joetx

    @CJ: I get them the majority of the time I post too.

  • ewe

    @Joetx: I say the more the merrier Joe and i am not interested in any of your self descriptive holes.

  • CJ

    @ibarra: I agree with you. MB actually came off as the adult here. The person with the video camera and the mom… ugh.

  • ewe

    @Joetx: But do you happen to be an authentic texas cowboy by chance? I might be interested in your lasso. Woof. Hi. Wave. Wink. Flirt.

  • ewe

    @CJ: oh yeah right. The adult who wants you to get fixed because you do not share her sexual orientation. The same adult whose only defense is her wierd gODD.

  • tookietookie

    I think it’s horrible the mother pushed her kid up to the table to say that. She should have chucked him like a football at that woman’s head.

  • Derek

    People should use their children as pawns and put words in their mouths like this. The chances of him deciding to say this to her are next to none. That is horrible : /

  • Derek Wain

    It is shameful for gay activists to exploit and manipulate a 8-year-old to advance their radical homosexual agenda. “Gay marriage” is an oxymoron, since marriage means “a permanent union between one woman and man.”
    For 5000 years, “marriage” has meant “a contract between one man and one woman”, not some other random combination of humans because it feels good. That definition of marriage is the bedrock of human society. MB’s response meant that society should not endorse gay marriage by giving it the high status of “marriage”. Ignore the perverted and false “interpretations” of her comments by gay media bloggers. She remains the most principled Constitutional Conservative on the American political stage.
    This was a particularly moronic screed on MB’s commonsense response and instruction to clueless gay activist students. The radical left, gay media no longer even pretends to report political news but instead feeds us radical left gay propaganda.
    The argument for “gay marriage” is equally valid (and equally invalid) for 1 man-2 women and for 2 women-1 man; etc. The logical extension of allowing “gay marriage” is legalizing polygamy.

  • soakman

    Here’s the thing. With the way that boy approaches her, and the fact that he is obviously a shy kid, I don’t think it’s fair to brand the parent as coercing her child.

    In all likelihood, she may have told him that Ms. Bachman didn’t want her mommy to be his mommy. Any little kid thinking about someone he loves not being there would react in a sensitive manner. He’s probably just too sad or scared to talk to her.

    He could also have been coerced. But here’s the thing: if the child actually wanted stand up for his mom, his mom did the right thing by showing him how to do it. Sometimes you have to do things that you don’t want to or feel uncomfortable doing if it means getting your opinion on the table or being heard. It’s a lesson I wish I had had growing up. Keeping your opinions locked up because they’re painful to think about or express is a terrible terrible and easy bad habit to adopt for kids.

  • Ian

    @Derek Wain: Derek, you wrote 9 sentences — not a single one of which is factual. Your screed is nothing more than the opinions of a bigot. Be gone small mind. Be gone.

  • ewe

    @Derek Wain: I changed your channel before i even got done reading your full list of bullshit. TIE RED!!!

  • ewe

    @Ian: thank you. You are a scholar and a gentleman.

  • michael

    Wow, Its not a good thing when ur just about as flabbergasted as Bachhman is. Using the kid like that was wrong, the poor boy was terrified.

  • tinker bell

    @Derek Wain:

    For 5000 years, “marriage” has meant “a contract between one man and one woman”, not some other random combination of humans because it feels good. That definition of marriage is the bedrock of human society. MB’s response meant that society should not endorse gay marriage by giving it the high status of “marriage”. Ignore the perverted and false “interpretations” of her comments by gay media bloggers…

    That’s BS, and I read no further…for 5000 years, “marriage” in the “Biblical” sense has meant one MAN owning many wives…see Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob of the Old Testament, as well as man of the other patriarchs of the the Old Testament of the Bible and recent years of the new religion of Mormonism. That was, at best, 4000 years ago, and that was given the biblical timeline in a traditional timeline. Up until about 100 years ago, “traditional marriage” has meant one man owning a woman, paying a dowry to her father, coveying favor to a crown, etc with an arranged marriage. Is that what you want?

    Do you REALLY want “TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE???” If so, you are a sexist, hateful toad, who thinks women should be property of a man. If you want TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE, as in the Bible, you want POLYGAMY, as in Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob of the Old Testament. This is not to mention the “TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE” of the Mormon Church. This is Christian “TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE…” one man owning many wives, historically.

  • selena

    Michele Bachmann Vs the 8-Year-Old Elijah

  • scott ny'er

    PR wise… it did not make the LGBT community look good. IMHO. I immediately thought the mom coaxed her child into doing this until reading some of the comments here. So, even if the mom DID NOT coax her child, it still LOOKS like she did and makes Lesbian parents look bad (and thus the whole LGBT community because we are grouped together).

  • Yttrium

    @scott ny’er: I completely disagree with your infantile comment. The story made it into the mainstream news and it gave Bachmann an embarrassing day with no cost to anyone. Besides, life isn’t a popularity contest, no matter how brainwashed Americans might be into thinking it is. The LGBT community has nothing whatsoever to gain or lose from this one person’s actions.

  • ewe

    @Yttrium: come on now Scott. One lesbian woman does not represent anyone but herself. You and i both know that and whether or not the bigots do has nothing to do with nothing. Michele Bachman is the issue.

  • Henry

    @ewe: that’s right, ewe. One gook only represents himself. No matter how angry and hateful that one gook is, he’s still just a single gook.

  • Ian

    So MB and the likes of MB spew hatred and constant inane generalizations about LGBT folks. Yet we pile on and attack this woman for making the LGBT community “look bad?” Maybe she exercised poor judgment and maybe the far-right-christofascists will use it in their screeds. But our energies and anger should be directed at the SOURCE — Bachmann and her demented cohorts. Without them, no one would be pushed into reacting — even if poorly — to their hatred.

  • Jack

    @Derek Wain:

    re: not some other random combination of humans because it feels good

    Which is why it’s so disconcerting that Republicans are seriously considering serial cheater Newt Gingrich for president, on the heels of their pure joy over philanderer Herman Cain. Republicans have zero credibility when they mouth any opinions to do with family values.

  • Henry

    @Ian: I don’t see anything “poor” about the woman’s reaction. Dog face is lucky the mother didn’t bash her head into the table for seeking to deny her her legal rights. That makes dog face a criminal, after all.

  • scott ny'er

    @ewe: Oh… and I really don’t think anyone is going to research the story. They’ll see it and draw a conclusion. The lesbian made her young child do this and USED her kid for political reasons. If we want to win over people who are not for our cause, I don’t think this will be the way to do it. Having college/hs students question republican candidates in open forums… that makes sense. This doesn’t look correct, no matter what the original intent was.

    @Yttrium: It’s your right to disagree with it… even if it’s true. Calling it infantile doesn’t make it any less so. It does make you less so tho.

  • Alex

    I would like to adopt a kid, and NOT exploit them for political purposes. If the kid said this out of his own free will, then great, but it looks to me like he was put up to this. I wouldn’t be surprised if this incident was mentioned on some right-wing talk show the next morning.

  • PretenderNX01

    How come we don’t all condemn people who bring their kids to anti-gay rallies?

    We’re getting duped into siding with Bachman and that’s all the GOP will here.

    I’ve seen countless anti-Obama rallies with kids there and not one word against it has been spoken.

    Every member of the black community I have heard who brought their kids to Civil Rights rallies was proud to have their kids there, and their kids grew up proud to have parents actively fighting for them.

    This kid’s right as a child of a gay person are at stake and here we have gay people saying he was treated badly? Gee, I wonder how the GOP will slant that?

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