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WATCH: Mika Blames Everything on the Opposite Sex

Last time we saw the just-out-as-bisexual singer Mika, he was jumping around his bedroom. This time, he’s hanging around with half-lads, half-ladies in the video for “Blame It On The Girls.”

And we’re loving it. Blossoming with color and choreography, Mika’s new video is what we like to see from burgeoning (but still mildly under the radar) pop stars. Play with gender all you want, buddy.

(via PE)

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  • Bertie

    he is fuckable in this.

  • ChristopherJ

    great video! good song!

  • Santi

    love it!

  • alejandro

    OMG i love MIKA! and this song is probly one of my fave’s of the new album, this and rain of course :P

  • Richard

    To me this albumn has completly tarnished Mika for me.

    Do people even listen to the lyrics any more?

    This song is about a good looking guy who has everything but is unhappy because girls don’t do it for him and its ok to blame everyone else instead of coming out of the closet.

    Combine that message with some of his other songs and the way Mika came out and you can see clearly that all he is really promoting is “its ok to sleep with a guy as long as when your away from the bedroom you only date girls.”

    I hate, hate, HATE people who send the message that gay sex is ok but the gay lifestyle isn’t.

    Mika is almost becoming the male equivilent of Kety Perry

    Mika’s message of you like boys but you don’t want to be gay seems a little too close to katy Perrys lyrics “your so gay and you don’t even like boys” for my taste.

  • Jeebs


    I love Rain as well :)

    and Richard,
    I don’t think the lyrics are saying that… this boy he is singing about hates life, and he blames it on everyone around him (boys, girls, parents) instead of looking at what’s the real problem, which is himself.

  • alan brickman


  • blackjack44

    i love this song!

  • Jeebs


    thanks for that!

  • Julia

    Man on man people, the song is about how a guy as a really good life, (you got children and a wife a perfect little life) and how he is ruining it by being hooked on alochol.(but you blow it on a bottle of wine) And how he complicates his life (life could be simple but you never fail, to complicate it every single time)and takes what he has for granted and doesn’t appicate it.
    Listen to the lyrics, its not that hard to understand this song :P

  • lou123ify

    Mika is just awesome.

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