WATCH: Mike Ruiz Really Wants To Compete In Season 5 Of RuPaul’s Drag Race

The preview of contestants for season four of RuPaul‘s Drag Race must have revved the engine of photographer bear daddy Mike Ruiz because he just made an audition tape to join the show’s fifth season of racing queens. We’d feel more inclined to support Ruiz if he’d just take off that t-shirt.

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  • me

    I can’t believe what a transphobe he is. I feel he is more due for a glitter bombing. Cis men are the worst!

  • ke

    He needs to go away.

  • Stephen

    @me Huh? Gay “cis” men dress up in drag all the time. It’s camp. The bears do it, too! With the beard! And, you know what? It’s for laughs! (Comedy and drag go had in hand). No disrespect to our transgender brothers and sisters, but you need to lose your cisphobia and let us have our fun with transvestism and gender stereotypes. Because we’re gay, and it’s part of our identity, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s also really cathartic.

    Mike Ruiz a transphobe? Have you ever actually seen the drag race? Please.

  • me

    I’m sick of all of this cis-normative BS. If you can’t see how this is transphobic then you sdeserve a glitter bombing too! You cis-lgb’s are just as bad as the Taliban!

  • Stephen

    Lighten up, @me. And if you wanna glitter bomb me, bring it on…

  • Stephen

    @me And you do realize that drag is an act in which cis men (some of whom are straight) perform as a female character, and is in no way related to feeling that they are in the wrong body? That they’re still “men” but they choose to put on an act as an over the top, imaginary, stereotypical female character? Do you realize that they aren’t trying to live their lives as women, and that it’s just an act? Are you seriously saying that all male identified drag performers are transphobic? Really? Really?!?

    It’s simply not the case. Like I said, lighten up and enjoy the show. It’s hella funny, and he isn’t making fun of actual trans people. He’s just being a clown in a dress, and he looks like he’s having a ball.

    And for your info, sweetie, I’m not cis.

  • kyle

    what the hell is “cis”?

    still can’t stand this mike ruiz douche bag though with or without “cis”.

  • Fitz

    He will forever be the midget douche from A-list.
    You can’t buy, rent, or rob “cool” after being on that show.

  • Brandon

    This guy is a fame whore and desperate for attention. Has anyone else noticed that Mike is continually using charities to sell his shitty expensive t-shirts and now book?? He’s profiting from this NOT the organizations! This guy is not a saint, he’s greedy, selfish and must go away!

  • Riker

    @christopher di spirito: “cis” is short for cisgendered,i.e. someone for whom gender and sex are identical. It is the opposite of “trans”.

    @me: You’re a nutcase. Transphobic? More like a parody of drag. Drag isn’t inherently transphobic, either. It is an act, a performance art where (mostly) gay men portray a caricature of femininity. Seriously, how many transpeople do you know who wear miniskirts, six inch hooker heels, and three foot tall wigs?

    It has nothing at all to do with trans people. Grow up and stop being so damn paranoid.

  • jarvisbearcub

    Mike Ruiz is NOT a daddy bear. Sorry.

  • Dieter

    He’s becoming a bit tiresome – almost seems full of himself in this clip. The performers that appear on Rupaul dream of acceptance, to be seen as perhaps special yet not objects of mockery-style humor. I’m surprised that Mr. Ruiz doesn’t see that in even a small way he is picking on / bullying a part of our community.

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