WATCH: Miley Cyrus Gets To Twerk In “We Can’t Stop”

White Rihanna, aka Miley Cyrus, is really going for the title of Song of the Summer and while we’re not quite on board with “We Can’t Stop,” we’ve yet to drunkenly hear it remixed beyond comprehension in a gay bar at 2 a.m. That, of course, being the true test.

Miley’s taken more than a note or two from the Bajan sensation’s playbook with her new video: it makes absolutely no sense, has random scenes of youthful debauchery and the overt but ultimately innocent sexualization of its auto-tuned vixen. But also like RiRi, none of it matters in the end because she looks super pretty.

And here she is looking like super pretty Justin Bieber if he wore a bold red lip and a veil:


And here she is twerking, because that’s what’s keeping the lights on: