WATCH: “Misfits” Extols The Virtues Of “Penis Touching” In The Boy Scouts

Brit/Hulu series Misfits, about a group of wayward teens with super powers working off their crimes against society in a community center, is back and gayer than ever for its final season. In the above clip, main character Rudy (Joseph Gilgun) talks about his time in the Scouts and his first same-sex experiences, which happened to be directly related. It’s probably safe to say that Rudy was a fan of the American Boy Scouts’s recent decision to allow gay youth in its hallowed ranks. They too can openly enjoy the fruits of Scouting — just look how well it turned out for Rudy.

Just an FYI, his character’s powers is that he can duplicate himself, which begs the question”did he or didn’t he?”