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WATCH: Miss Xander Is Not Having Simon Cowell on The X Factor

Xander Alexander is a contestant on the first season of The X Factor, which debuts September 21. He is also, by his own account, “one of those New York gays that does not like to be disrespected, even when there is a reported five-million-dollar contract on the line.”

We generally don’t go for shenanigans in our reality-show contestants—and whenever we hear someone say they served it to Simon Cowell we always roll our eyes. But this queen, who’s performance at the Dallas auditions is truly priceless, might have actually silenced the great bare-chested one.

As Alexander Xander tells us:

“I auditioned for The X Factor for the first U.S. season and decided to do so with ‘personality’ a.k.a., give Simon a taste of his own medicine. As soon as he started getting lippy with me, I got lippy right back.

Most of the contestants like to kiss his ass because they want so desperately to be on the show but I didn’t care…  I wanted Simon to know that, “you don’t mess with the gays’.  Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherziner were fierce as usual and loved me so that was all that mattered.

In any case, with The X Factor‘s premiere right around the corner  I figured it would be good to try to drum up some support for the show among the gay community… or at the very least give them one reason to tune in to the Dallas audition just to see one hilarious audition from me where I let Simon have it.
Don’t get my wrong, I have no ill will towards him, it was just fun to take him on…on such a grand stage and the very show HE [conceived]. The look of shock on his face was priceless.

It must’ve been a hell of a shock to break through all that Botox!

Xander, baby, we don’t know how far you’ll go on the show but you’ve definitely got that X Factor in our book.

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  • Patrick (but call me "Trick")

    Wow, what a total idiot. Way to misrepresent the LGBT community. Simon was actually very polite to Alexander’s rude ass. Really, such an absolute jerk. And excuse me, when was the part where he owned Simon? I think Simon’s politeness did a pretty good job of showing America what an asshole this guy is.

  • ArtNYC

    This guy is an idiot. He came across as a rude fool. I am not a fan of Simon Cowell but must say he is a class act. He’s so “above” that most people in America does not get him and think he’s too much. This “Xander” thing should know he is the contestant and does not get to ask the judges questions especially inappropriate ones. He should be ashamed of himself and his upbringing. Shame on you too Qweety for cheering him on.

  • Jon

    I have to totally agree with Trick. This guy was an asshole and a bitch. He was totally disrespectful and rude. I saw nothing that Simon did or said that was, “coming after the gays.” This idiot totally made a fool of himself and I don’t believe the gay community put him in charge, I believe, to represent us…if I recall.
    Again, another perfect example of another gay man filled with drama, issues and in serious need of therapy and anger management.

  • mike128

    yes. totally idiot from what i can see.

  • Jon

    Yea, not such a good idea in giving this guy any pats on the back. I see too many Drag Queens who act just like this and gays and their favorite word is, “bitches.” Really? Really? There is a difference in being confident and fierce and being a bitch because you are insecure. The only thing these people know how to do is bring others down and criticize.

  • christopher di spirito

    Sing, you dumb fucker. This thing is for $5 million dollars. I mean, seriously? You can’t check your attitude for the chance at $5 million dollars?

  • Shawn

    Agreed that Xander’s a huge embarrassment, and typical of the bad attitude too often found in the gay community. He’s belligerent, rude, and surprisingly makes Simon Cowell look like a class act. Self-defense is only justified when one is attacked first. Shame on you, Queerty.

  • Mark

    This “Miss Thing” is a poster child for Michelle Bachmann’s campaign against gays. As a gay person myself, I know I shouldn’t be because I am my own person but I am ashamed by him. His job is to compete with other contestants but with the judges. Dumb. You too Qweety.

  • Joe

    He’s a moron. Nine “no” votes so far. Is it unanimous, then?

  • randy

    @Joe: Yup

  • EdWoody

    I hate these diva cunts who go around squawking about “respect” all the time and yet show none to anybody else. Do something worthy of respect before you go demanding it from everyone, you talentless whore.

  • the crustybastard

    “I auditioned for The X Factor…and decided to do so with ‘personality.’” – Xander

    Ah, then your personality is “insufferable little prick.”

    And please don’t claim to represent me. Ever.

  • Chris

    What a prick. Simon asked very basic questions and his response was to… ask them back? All you fierce and bitchy queens can join the Jersey Shore tools. Why should the gay community support this?

  • JKB

    I have to agree with everyone else. Had Simon said or done something to Xander, other than call him Alexander, it might have been “fierce”. Instead he just appeared to be off his meds.

  • JR

    I didn’t hear or see for that matter where Simon was rude (and I am NOT a Simon Cowell fan)However, Xander, copmes across a prissy, pretensious, rude, beligerrant little bitch. He definatley does not speak for me, nor do I want him representingme in any way shape or form. I certainly hiope he has the talen to back up his prissy attitude. I sincerly doubt it though.

  • RJ

    And all this, Alexander, for the reality that you’re still flipping burgers to pay your part of the rent. YOU are simply a pretentious, rude, and obnoxious burger-flipping twat.

  • Allen D.

    Fuck that kid.

  • Kieran

    You’re taunting the gay contestant as “Miss Xander”? Really? What, he’s too girly for queerty? Isn’t this the kind of anti-gay bullying we’d all be denouncing if it came from some homophobic gym coach in Palooka, Alabama?

  • QJ201

    The kid was a jerk, but Mr. Cowell deserves some of his own medicine.

  • Kris

    WTF. This guys is so stupid. Why attack Simon in the name of gays. That is so dumb, the only thing it does is make him look bad, and drags the rest of the gay community in his little circle.

  • Joe

    Wow, we get it you guys, none of you are “That kind of gay” congratulations, feel better? I’m not like him either, I don’t always have a clever comeback, I can’t claim to be that fierce or confrontational. Yes, the behavior of “THOSE gays” comes across as rude and bitchy on an even playing field, but maybe “THOSE gays” learned how to be fierce for a reason. Maybe its actually a sane way to grow up in this society, I’d rather see more kids feel strong and be rude, than feel weak and become depressed. Maybe it was “THOSE gays” that first had the guts to stand up for our rights. It was a lesbian and drag queens who began stonewall and yet women, drag queens, and trans folk seem to be the groups gay men today hate the most. I don’t honestly give a shit about this Xander kid or know anything about him, but the level of hate for someone who we saw all of 30 edited seconds of goes far beyond this simple video. Perhaps this rant is misplaced, but as a gay man who can blend in and not stir the pond and isn’t naturally confrontational, I am grateful people like him exist. They remind me how to be unapologetic about who I am and uncompromising in my right to happiness. With that attitude, you are bound to make a jackass out of yourself sometimes, maybe even often, but you’ll have fewer regrets and a better life for it.

  • Zen

    What a moron. Fine, it’s funny to throw some jabs at Simon after all the ones he throws out there, but what the hell does this have to do with the gay community and “representing” them? Go awayyyyy.

  • John

    I hope he’s proud of his catty, stereotypical behavior. It’s already hard enough to explain to my friends that you can be gay without acting like a total queen, when there are people like him embarrassing our community.
    If Simon Cowell had deserved it, I would applaud. If he had gotten the community any closer to convincing the world we’re normal people just like them, I would applaud. But when members of our own community are rebuilding the walls of stereotypes and generalizations that we worked so hard to break down, nobody wins. I love Queerty, you really do some good things, but no, don’t support him just because he’s gay. Justify an LGBT persons actions because they’re right, not because they’re gay.

  • George412

    At 27 he isn’t “young”. He is more than old enough to know how to handle himself and treat people with respect.

  • ChattyKathy

    @Joe, if you think the gay community got to where it is today because of people with piss poor attitudes like this kid, you must not know any LGBT leaders. There’s nothing “fierce” about making yourself look immature or rude. There’s a whole world of difference between confronting bigotry and prejudice, and looking like an arrogant fool for 15 secs of fame. Being a complete prick isn’t something to be proud of, or at least that’s what my parents led me to believe.

  • Little Kiwi

    John it’s not the fault of, uh, “Queens”, that your friends are ignorant anti-gay pieces of shit.

    get over your cowardly fear of “stereotypes” – you’re not noble because you think you can “pass for white” you’re a wimp because you think it makes you better.

    equality means equality for all of us, even your LGBT brothers and sisters that your asshole friends would deem “stereotypical”

    know what another gay stereotype is? the insecure wimp who can’t stop talking about how “not a stereotype” he is.
    but cha AH, Blanche! ya AH a big stereotype! a cowardly one, at that.

  • Joe

    @ChattyKathy I’m not saying this exact behavior is good, I’m saying there is value to the underlying attitude that many associate with drag queens and feminine guys. That fierceness and pride are very rational reactions to a world out to get you. If there is so much hate and fear and general emotion over who you are as a person, then that makes you powerful. Harnessing that power for survival is entirely reasonable. If you don’t think that the power and strength of our more feminine brothers and all of our sisters wasn’t invaluable to the struggles for equality then you don’t know much about history.

    @John Not everyone thinks assimilation into straight culture is the ideal future for gays or the world. Self-hate for your own community to appease the majority isn’t going to win any rights.

    @Little Kiwi “get over your cowardly fear of “stereotypes” – you’re not noble because you think you can “pass for white” you’re a wimp because you think it makes you better.” very well put!

  • John

    @Little Kiwi: You can attack my argument all you want, that doesn’t mean you have to attack my character. I’m not insecure, and I don’t think i’m better than anyone else. Just because you call me cowardly doesn’t make you right. But don’t sit there and pretend like stereotypes don’t hurt our community. Whether its illogical or not our enemies will cling to them and use them against us, and proving them right in cases like this where he irrationally becomes a catty bitch only hurt us.
    More then that I don’t think I’m better because I don’t fit the stereotype, and in no way shape or form did I assert that, but nice way to start name-calling. I was just saying that specific stereotype does no good for our community IMO. Also, i’m not an “insecure wimp”, and I never have to proclaim “how not a stereotype” I am, and I don’t. The idea that i’m insecure in my sexuality is laughable at best, and completely irrelevant at least.

    Awful funny how you took my post, and started throwing out accusations and assumptions as if you knew me.

    @Joe: What are we going to do, start our own country? The rest of the straight world is going to have to accept living in a society with us. I don’t hate our own community, I think that there are better ways to conduct are selves. Also, what I was saying was nothing about assimilation, it was about straight people accepting the fact that many Gay and Lesbian people share the same hopes, dreams, aspirations, and fears that the straight community have. That we’re just people too.

  • Little Kiwi

    John, you can’t attack the “character” of others who you and your lame-as friends deem “stereotypical” and then complain that it’s being done to you. Thats’ like the grade-school brat who screams to the teacher “it all started when he hit me back!”

    “Stereotypes” dont hurt our community. The knee-jerk assumption that certain stereotypes are perceived to be “negatives” DOES.

    there’s not “the stereotype” – there are dozens. perhaps hundreds. “stereotypes” are not inherent negatives. and insecure wimps like you who can’t understand that are the reason Equality comes so slowly. quite simply, you don’t have the orbs to fight the right fights for the right reasons.

    a bigot “using a stereotype” against us doesn’t mean the bigot is correct. what next? saying “blacks who listen to rap make other blacks look bad” just because some bigoted old white fool has chosen, for no intellectually valid reason, to have a problem with rap, or blacks that listen to rap?

    WISE UP, kid. the “stereotypes” aren’t the problem. the knee-jerk assumption that “stereotype = negative” does.

  • Michael

    I respect the way he stood up for himself.BUT not the way in which he did it.Ive never been a Simon supporter but Simon did not even say anything mean or even remotely homophobic to him. In the end ultimately Xander was the one who looked bad and quite frankly I am sick and tired of people CLAIMING they speak for us and represent us.We represent OURSELVES as individuals period.

  • Little Kiwi

    what’s irritating about the responses to the video is this – y’all wouldn’t have a problem with “attitude” if it was done in some bogus macho-postured neanderthal way.

    you’re not objecting to an attitude problem you’re objecting to a “demeanor” which makes no intellectual sense whatsoever.

    it’s as if you’re saying that this would have been fine “had he appeared more straight will doing it”

    you don’t mind gay guys being disrespectful and rude, you just mind if they act “camp” while doing it?


  • Little Kiwi

    heaven help you sad fools who think that Equality means “passing for normal”

    we’ll never be “the norm” – and that’s fine. we should have full respect, equality, treatment under law and freedom to live how we choose, even if it offended the nonsense sensibilities of “those who fit ‘the norm'”

    i don’t want to be seen “as normal” – i want to live in a world where not being “the norm” doesn’t mean your discriminated against because of it.

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    Speaking solely for myself I have fem and masculine friends they are wonderful people .

    I would have had a problem with his attitude either way masculine or feminine.It has NOTHING to do with how his voice sounds or whether he is gay or not.If you are gonna be rude for no reason at all then that just proves you have a major attitude problem.He acted as if in that video that they should be glad that he was there he acted as if HE was above them and they were beneath them.Ive said it before and Ill say it again the egos in this community and this arrogant attitude is NOT a positive aspect of this community and will never be either.

    People need to grow and people seriously need to gain some humility in this community.This bullshit about the macho gays hating or against the fem gays is fucking pathetic also period.Why the hell is it called LGBT? Im beginning to think it only counts for a chosen few within this community and the rest are treated like shit and get the shaft.Pathetic and petty.

  • John

    @Little Kiwi: You’re over complicating things. I had a problem with him fitting the stereotype that gay people are catty bitches (which is why i referred to it in the singular form instead of all stereotypes. I was not talking about ALL stereotypes. Understand now?)
    More then that my issue is he was just plain rude, not that he acted in one way or another, it was uncalled for.
    Also, if someone stereotypes gay people as all bitchy queens that does = a negative because it is NOT true. The same as they call us all whores, some stereotypes are not good.

    Also please, keep calling me names, it sure makes you look educated.

  • Little Kiwi

    then you’re one of the few, Michael. take a look at these comments. these aren’t people upset about him being “rude”, but about him being….what, exactly? “too gay” while being rude? meaning it’d be ok if he was “stereotypically-straight” while doing it?

    you don’t hear straight people saying “oh, this is making us look bad” when a straight person does stupid shit. (ie, a lot)

    the straight male community has an unacknowledged (yet factually backed-up) propensity toward violence. we don’t have that stereotype. and yet….gays on here are freaking out about this?


    there are assholes in all communities. if you want to be represented, grow some orbs and represent yourself, don’t complain that someone else is misrepresenting you.

  • Little Kiwi

    so if he was rude in a ‘Non-catty bitch” way you’d have been fine with it? exactly. thanks for proving me right, yet again.

    do you honestly think being a “bitchy queen” is worse than being an ignorant misogynistic redneck? millions of Americans would agree with you. doesn’t make your asses correct. at all.

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    Agreed especially the assholes in all communities part.

    My point though was no one should say they represent anyone from this community because… well we represent ourselves we dont need any help in that area.

    We are each individuals responsible for our OWN actions just as the bigots are responsible for THEIRS.

    I for one do not care how someone sounds or looks whatever all thats just superficial bs to me and so petty as well.

    We do however need to stop talking down to one another in this community and try to find some common ground.We have something in common with one another Im sure we’ve all faced discrimination or ignorance at some point in our lives.

  • Little Kiwi

    if your problem was that he was rude then you’d have stated that your problem was that he was rude.

    that was not, however, your problem. no. your problem was that he acted rude in a way that your lame-ass friends this is a “gay stereotype”, which they then jump an assumption that decides that it’s “worse” than, let’s say, a rude straight person.

    do you wanna keep proving me right or are you gonna let my words sink in?

  • Little Kiwi

    unless you guys wanna say that his rudeness would have been “better” had he acted like a stereotypical “bro-dude” while doing it then you’re only proving me right.

    you’re not upset because he was ‘rude’ – you’re upset because his rudeness was done in a manner that your lame friends and families consider “too gay”

    lame lame lame.

  • Ogre Magi

    Xander is cute and Simon is an ugly old man, nuff said!

  • Joe

    @Everyone since my last post

    Lets separate the two issues here.

    1. Xander and his specific and individual behavior. Sure, the clip shows him to be rude and if you take the clip at face value that is a logical conclusion. However it is less than 30 seconds of him and heavily edited at that- so what we watch is actually a portrayal of him by editors and producers to draw our attention. It may be an accurate portrayal or an unfair edit- we just don’t know.

    2. There is an underlying attitude or trend that I believe is prevalent in the gay community. One of self-hate, which so many of us are taught in our youth. Some gay men take self-hate and become staunch conservatives who campaign and speak out against gays. Some men come out and and live as gay men but still have self-hate and it almost exclusively gets directed towards drag-queens, fem-guys, and trans folk. The first 20 comments as a whole show evidence of this self-hate.
    It’s like this, someone could disagree with Obama and not be a racist, bias is shown in the nature and shape of that disagreement. For a heavily edited, short clip of a gay man being bitchy towards someone who has made a career out of being mean to receive such forceful and impassioned disapproval indicates there is more than a concern over etiquette going on here.

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    Are you referring to me?

  • Little Kiwi

    Michael, No.

    i’m referring to the pathetic posts on here from lazy thinkers who are upset that the guy was an ignorant straight person’s idea of “stereotypically gay” rather than (you know) “rude.”

    it’s like when someone says “i can’t stand those guys who flaunt their sexuality and throw it in everyone’s faces” and then when you press them for a specific example of what the heck they actually mean they say things like “when gay guys are loud and obnoxious and try to get attention”….which therefore suggests that they have a problem with the guys being “gay” – not with them being (you know) loud and obnoxious.

    it’s something too many gay men are too insecure to discern. they don’t have a problem with rudeness. they have a problem with rudeness that “looks gay”

    totally lame.

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    Agreed again btw this is AvalonJoyous666 from Youtube :)

    Ive seen plenty of hate on Yt from masculine gays hell ive had plenty of runins with guys like that and they DO bully people from their own community.

    Its pathetic if you look up the word hypocrite in the dictionary you will see those individuals picture right beside the word.

  • Little Kiwi

    i’ve acutally never experienced any anti-gay or anti-femme hate from “masculine gays.”

    only from insecure gays who “think” they’re masculine but utterly aren’t.

    really truly masculine guys are too comfortable with themselves and their lives to worry about how “masculine” others think they are, or how “masculine” other guys are/aren’t.

    let me say that again – i’ve never experienced, encountered or witnessed prejudice from masculine gay guys. but i’ve experienced, encountered and witnessed prejudice from insecure guys who are self-professed “masculine guys”.

    there is indeed a difference ;-)

    really truly masculine men are comfortable enough in their own skin that they don’t behave the way those legions of “self-professed masc” guys do, which is hilariously inept.

  • Shannon1981

    I like Simon, who is very gay friendly,btw. Also, this kid was really rude.

    However, gotta agree that if he had been some macho man, acting out against Simon, many people would not bat an eye.

  • darkskin bttms R survivors

    Yes Ms.Xander, “dig into” that bitch

  • Chris

    @Little Kiwi: “heaven help you sad fools who think that Equality means “passing for normal”
    we’ll never be “the norm” – and that’s fine. we should have full respect, equality, treatment under law and freedom to live how we choose, even if it offended the nonsense sensibilities of “those who fit ‘the norm’”
    i don’t want to be seen “as normal” – i want to live in a world where not being “the norm” doesn’t mean your discriminated against because of it.”

    @Joe: “Not everyone thinks assimilation into straight culture is the ideal future for gays or the world. Self-hate for your own community to appease the majority isn’t going to win any rights.”

    I honestly laugh when people claim that by being monogamous or polite I am being “assimilated into heternormativity” and the like. As I referenced earlier, the Jersey Shore is full of breeders who act just like this. Xander was the one who started by trying to claim the gay community for himself. If he hadn’t, then maybe there would be more to the people saying they don’t want him representing them.

    I don’t think the old battle between camp and straight-acting is really playing out here. The problem is that this guy wanted the gays to rally around his right to be a jerk.

    And as has been mentioned, a lot of minorities also have a problem with their in-group acting in a cliched manner. It is interesting, but I don’t think one needs to go to either extreme. I just don’t see how my desire to marry the man I love entails that I need to support someone acting like a loon.

    Oh, and are true masculine people also true Scotsmen?

  • Joe

    @Chris I understand your assumption of ridiculousness about assimilation, I don’t mean to sound like a conspiracy theorist believing we’ll all get robotic implants to become Stepford Gays. But there are two issues,
    1. Though my heart can only engage in monogamous relationship, there is nothing to suggest that there is more to that than personal preference and cultural molding. There is no logical reason someone can’t have a healthy relationship that is different than the heterosexual ideal. So when we idealize the traditional heterosexual relationship as THE right way, we are assimilating despite that the model is itself failing more than half the time. It doesn’t mean preference for monogamy is wrong, merely the assumption that is the right way to be.
    2.There is a difference between honor and politeness, I define it this way. Honor is doing the moral thing, following one’s ethics and pursuing what is right. Polite is doing right by society, what society says is correct. Helping an old lady cross the street is both honorable and polite, having a same sex relationship and being truthful is honorable but not polite. So when someone is “rude” we are examining their place in society more than their ethics. Did he bring dishonor on himself? Perhaps, if the clip isn’t unfairly edited. Was he polite? No, not in the least. Which is more important, if you are worried about honor than wait for the whole story and then pass judgement if its that important to you to defend Simon. But if you are concerned with politeness then you are concerned with what straight people think about gays, not about truth and honor. I think you referred to honor and hope this distinction helps you understand what I mean about assimilation better.

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    I suggest you try to get over your ego.You are exactly the kind of person I was referring to.You seem to think as if you are above everyone here and talk down to them.Thats pathetic behavior and childish and petty at that. You are not better then anyone despite whether your I.Q. is high or your social stature is high.Enough is enough with the egotistical attitudes in this community that behavior DOES put this community in a negative light as does the haughtiness pettiness and the either you are for or against attitudes as well.

    Its funny how we claim we are fighting for OUR rights in this community yet half the time we fight AGAINST each other either fems against masc or masc against fems or gays against transgenders or transexuals .It’s ridiculous stupid behavior and it is NOT helping in the least. Amazing how we expect equality and to be treated equally yet most of the time we are not even capable of showing each OTHER equal respect within this community.Pathetic.

  • xander

    I feel obliged to say that not every gay man named ‘xander’ is a pompous, fame-seeking arse!

    He needs to focus more on showing his talent than his attitude. He may get media attention for his quotes, but the real test isn’t the press, but how he performs versus his competitors.

    And I think it’s poor form to claim to ‘represent’ people who’ve not given their consent.

    Cowell took the high road here, and ‘Miss X’ is taking the underpass if not the exit ramp.

  • scott ny'er

    @Shawn: Self-defense is only justified when one is attacked first.

    I agree. Seriously, what a ‘tude. Simon can be an ass but I didn’t see that here. Only give him sass when Simon starts to attack. Otherwise, YOU are the one who looks like an ass.

  • Little Kiwi

    michael, i’ve not attacked any “masc” guys. i’ve attacked the misogyny and self-hating homophobia on this thread. learn to discern.

    i don’t think i’m above anyone, it only looks that way to those crawling on their bellies in the mud.

    learn to discern. look at the number of posts that are angry about “how stereotypically gay” the guy is, not how “rude” he is.

    learn. to. discern.

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    Yes and you think I don’t know your comment about people crawling on their bellies in the mud is referring to ME as well?

    Please do not tell me what to do much less what to learn either.That is exactly the kind of attitude I am referring to. You are talking down to me and the saddest thing is you do not even realize it.You actually think that is the right and acceptable way to treat others.

    Yes you are an elitist I have run into plenty exactly like yourself I’m afraid.

    I speak from personal experience.

    I have run into plenty of macho gay guys who act as if their proverbial shit does not stink and that I should feel honored to even be in their presence.Its pitiful behavior I am not saying that is how you act but in all honesty it is how your comments come across after a while.To me anyways.

  • Little Kiwi

    calling me an elitist is your own projection of feeling inferior to me. that aint my problem.

    what attitude are you referring to? i’m calling out the pathetic homophobia and misogyny on this thread. what are you doing, again?

    i can’t fucking tell.

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    Uhh no you just proved my point do you actually think that highly of yourself that you think everyone else is inferior to you? Much less thinks you are better then they are? Do not flatter yourself seriously and please do not attempt to psychoanalyze me either because I have no reason to feel inferior.I also do not talk down to others but you do and you get a high off of it apparently.

    i’m calling out the pathetic homophobia and misogyny on this thread. what are you doing, again?

    i can’t fucking tell.

    Thats all fine and dandy and I respect the way you stand up for yourself.But that doesnt excuse the egotistical way you go about doing it.

  • Tony

    Sorry…he was just plain rude. IF Simon had been rude first, then his response would have been fine. But, and this a big but, Simon WASN’T rude.

    Who is this guy’s role model: Chris Brown?

  • Little Kiwi

    i don’t think highly of myself. i think im terribly average, which is why i say what i say – my stances aren’t “lofty” their logical and thus should be the bare minimum.

    the only person putting me on a pedestal is you. what are you arguing about again? i was calling out the misogyny and insecure self-loathing homophobia in many of these comments.

    your point was what?

    if you think my points are “egotistical” its’ because you’re too stupid to understand them. i’m speaking the plainest simplest logic. like i said, it doesn’t make me an elitist. it makes you a plebe.

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    Wow you’re pathetic that ego of yours is pitiful dude you really need to get over yourself already.You call me stupid because I point out that you ARE egotistical when it is the TRUTH?

    Well sorry little boy but when the shoe fits wear it as they say.You are an elitist snob you are not even capable of being intelligent enough to even read what you have written here.

    Thank god people like you dont represent much less speak for this ENTIRE community thats for damn sure.

    Ty for insulting my intelligence though that WAS my point the entire fucking time you idiot. DUH. Now off with you little boy so you can have more time to sit up on your pedestal and act as if people are beneath you due to your so called high I.Q. Pleaseee. :D

    Maybe one day you will have humility until then you will just be a pompous ass who thinks hes the shit no matter what. Yeah good luck with that dude.

  • Little Kiwi

    it’s the absence of ego. i don’t think i’m “the shit” – you think i am, clearly. i’m not on a pedestal to anyone other than those who insist on looking up at me from the ground. plus, i’m short so it aint that high. ;-)

    i made my point. the misogyny and self-hating insecure homophobia in far too many of these rebuttals.

    what point were YOU trying to make? all i can glean is that you think i’m better than people. i don’t.

    i do, however, have no doubt at all that i’m worlds smarter than you as you are utterly incapable of saying anything that resembles intellectual honesty or clarity.


    it’s not “egotistical” of me to point out the insecure self-loathing and misogyny masquerading as anger toward this dude’s outburst. it’s also not egotistical of me to point our that you’re a complete moron for continuing to argue with me, for no apparent reason.

    anyway, feel free to post some more rants about me. it’s kinda flattering. i’m off to have sex and smoke pot. Yay Canada!

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    Ding ding ding we have a winner you called me a plebe dude.The definition of that word means INFERIOR therefore you implied that I was inferior to you.

    I rest my case you once again proved my point without even realizing you were.

  • Little Kiwi

    oh, make no mistake. i do officially think you’re an inferior thinker to me. i didn’t at first, but your last few posts make it too hard to deny. the others? no judgments on them. you? clearly a dunce.

    but that’s not me thinking i’m better than anyone. i think i’m terribly average, as i said. it’s just that i now believe you to be woefully BELOW average. subpar. inferior. i’m not better, you’re just worse. :D clarity, sugartits ;)

    i love how i came on here to make a point about the post and the comments, and you came on to…let me know that you spend a lot of time imagining me thinking im so great. keep it up! always nice to have a fan club.

    feel free to search for me on dudesnude, you can see what it is that makes me so damned ‘cocky’ ;-)

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    The only moron is you dude you are not even capable of seeing that you DO have an ego.Certainly not me.But whatever Im not here to stroke your pathetic ego you have friends to do that for you. :) Later fucktard. :)

    Hilarious btw that you once again attempt to talk down to me as if I am simple.I have more class and self respect in one finger then you have in any part of yourself dude.

    But thanks for talking to little ole me gee I feel honored you spoke to a commoner for once in your life lol

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    Umm what exactly was your point insolent swine? You just continue to prove you think you are above everyone I dont care about your looks or any of that shit either.If you arent capable of treating people with respect then fuck you basically dude . :)

    Aww thanks for the title I happen to have actual intelligence and humility the humility part you most definitely lack.

    My apologies for speaking the truth about you ive had enough dealings with people like you within this community to know whats the truth and what isnt.Ditto also I look at you as inferior and beneath me basically I look at you as useful as dogshit dude :) Please though do continue god knows your ego is bad enough dont let me stop you from waiting for others to stroke it… as USUAL lmao. :)

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    How exactly do I think you are the shit retarded one? Considering I have a boyfriend in real life whos very humble smart talented doesnt call people stupid for simply pointing out when someone is going too far and also does not look down on others.All the things you are not capable of doing or being period. :) Care to tell another lie little boy? :)

    So let me get this straight because I said you were egotistical and you were the kind of person I was referring to that makes me stupid automatically?

    Hmm lets go back then moron.

    You were already talking down to people from the very beginning even when you joined this site sorry to burst that bubble of yours . :)

    You even act as if you have a superior air about you and an intellectually superior one at that.

    My dear boy it doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that .Nor does it mean I am insecure as you stupidly claimed nor do I feel inferior to you.I just spoke the truth .If theres one thing I cant stand more then anything its a liar.

    If you talk down to people here then I would hate to see how you treat people in real life.

    I actually liked your videos surprisingly but even they had that superiority vibe coming off of them. Like I said thankfully you do not speak for this community nor represent anyone here only yourself thank god.

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    One last thing little boy you DO make the community look bad and that was exactly what I was referring to from the very start here DUH once again.

    Looks like you are the one too slow to understand it calling people plebes claiming people are inferior to you or stupid just because they call out a character flaw YOU have.Oh yeah that kind of behavior sure does represent the LGBT community in a POSITIVE light uh huh sureeee it does.

    You want to make the community look good and represent it in a positive manner then one get over yourself gain some humility and quit trying to weigh your opinions over other people as well as your transparent superiority attitude also. Grow up period.

  • MJ

    @Michael: Is that Kiwi goof still around? My favorite is his fixation on others being worried about their fathers not loving them and telling them to go hang themselves. A rich kid who hasn’t worked a day in his life sitting at home, waiting to inherit his parents’ house, and that’s how he spends his time. The internet has allowed anyone to pretend he’s a “star.”

  • Michael


    Absolutely agreed with that statement.My dad died a month ago and he was a wonderful man just goes to show that assholes come in every shape and sizes including in this community sadly.

    I always find it priceless also when I call certain people out in this community for their arrogant behavior and they ALWAYS respond the way Kiwi did.Its so predictable even the inferior part he referred to me as. Honestly if someone thinks that way regardless of the reasons behind it they have a serious attitude problem as well as no humility or respect for others whatsoever.

    Your comment about him telling people to go hang themselves is right on target also.You have to ask yourself what kind of person would say sick shit like that? Someone like HIM thats who ;)

  • MJ

    @Michael: Yup. I hear you.

  • thexanderalexander


    Thanks for somewhat standing up for me there. I have to say, I am quite shocked at the unrelenting hate I’ve been receiving about this video, especially since it is only and EDITED 30s clip. The order of events in the video aren’t even correct….surprise surprise, Reality TV is FAKE. I fell really bad, because people should know I am actually a really nice guy with a nice personality (originally from Michigan). I use my midwestern manners all the time, opening doors, saying please and thank you, etc. What people should also know is that I am an aspiring entertainer and when you go on these kinds of shows, you go into entertainment mode. The producers of the show wanted me to give simon a taste of his own medicine, so I did, plain and simple. When you see the full audition, you’
    you’ll see that he prodded me first and that even Paula had to get on his case.

    It’s crazy how many people jumped to such hateful conclusions without knowing me or seeing the whole story.

  • Michael


    Nice to hear from the real person.My problem was the representing the gay community.The main thing I dont like about that is that all of us including yourself represent yourself not everyone else.I dont mean that offensively against you but the way they made it look it SEEMED as if you were giving attitude for no reason .But thats the problem with television and Ive noticed it on other shows they only show you what you either want to see or think you should see. I have no doubt in my mind either that Simon said something apparently this was NBCS way of trying to make you look bad and Simon look good.With Simon as American Idol already proved… theres never a way to make HIM look good lol My apologies though if I was incorrect I just went by what the video showed me.I didnt see the whole picture and it is important for all of us to get that whole picture… otherwise misunderstandings like these will certainly occur if not.Good luck on AMGT and I will be sure to tune in to see the whole picture finally when it airs. It is so easy for things to get misconstrued in this community lol

  • jeff4justice

    Good for Alexander. Simon’s a glorified a-hole and nice to see someone take him to task.

  • MikeE

    @jeff4justice: Looks to me like “Xander” is the “a-hole” here. Of course, the editing doesn’t help, but from the brief fragment, it doesn’t sound like Simon has actually SAID anything before Xander starts into him. The proof, of course, will be in the pudding… will Xander actually have the talent to back up the ‘tude.

    I’d MUCH rather see a gay guy come on, be super friendly, and sing well… and THEN get in Simon’s face IF and WHEN Simon turns into his a-hole, homophobic self. But for now, Xander ain’t no hero.

  • scott ny'er

    @thexanderalexander: I guess I fell for edited clip. So, maybe Simon deserved your sass. Now, I need to see the whole thing.

  • thexanderalexander


    I feel happy to at least partially exonerate myself. And for the record, I NEVER mentioned anything about ‘representing the gays’ or ‘representing us’. I think it’s very hard to ANYONE to claim to represent “us”….unless of course they are a lawyer fighting against DOMA. A highly edited 30s clip can do a lot of things for the show, like draw up this much interest from people watching it. You think it wasn’t at least partially staged? Then people have been watching a different brand of reality television. Furthermore, it is exactly that, REALITY TELEVISION…it’s not the presidential debate, it’s not the NOH8 campaign rally. I was just auditioning for a reality show and having some fun with Simon who is KNOWN for being a prick. I love that everyone stands up for him and says I made him look like a “class act” when he has built his reputation on his ‘attitude’. So someone finally decides to give him a little attitude back, so what, it’s not like the world is coming to an end or anything. And by Queerty posting this, it merely means they thought it was funny, as is the case with many of the videos they post. They post those “Davey-Wavey’ videos all the time and he does all sorts of things that could be considered stereotypical of the gays and demeaning, etc. So All I’m trying to say is that if you actually knew me, and the context of the entire audition (not the 30s version) then things wouldn’t be so bad. Don’t just a book by its cover(girl). Ok had to sneak that joke in there, lol. =)

  • JKB

    @thexanderalexander: I am glad to see you here to clear things up. I am one of the posters who took issue with what I saw/heard (if my opinion means anything). And though it being edited makes a significant difference in what happened, to “invite him outside” comment was a bit over-the-top. Nevertheless, you seem to indicate that Simon and the producers wanted this kind of “drama”. If that’s the case, then well done! :)

  • thexanderalexander

    @JKB: Yea, it remains to be seen how they will fully edit it, but this 30s clip isn’t even in chronological order, they mixed and matched from all over the audition. Simone was “messing” up my name in the beginning, which is Xander Alexander…he couldn’t grasp the whole “two first name concepts” so Paula was a dear and helped him out. He turned his lack of understanding of the names into a rude place where he just sort of called me which ever of the two names he wanted to, which was Alexander, and I asked him not to call me by that name because I hated that name, and he continued to do it, so then I started calling him cowell. That was just an example of how we were going back and forth. I don’t know how they managed to make me look so evil in the 30s clip. Thats brilliant film editing. It’s also brilliant reality television because it’s getting people to talk, good, bad, or otherwise, about the show. You think they would air the clip if they thought it was grotequely offensive? Probably not. but oh well, had fun with it. Oh, and the ‘invite him outside’ as clearly a joke…did you see what I was wearing? lol, I was not about to go outside with anyone, not to mention it was Dallas in the middle of the summer. =)

  • thexanderalexander

    @Michael: Quick FYI, it was FOX and the show is X-Factor. =) [not NBC and AMGT]

  • the crustybastard

    @thexanderalexander: “I use my midwestern manners all the time…The producers of the show wanted me to give simon a taste of his own medicine, so I did.”

    Does not compute.

    A gentleman who prides himself on his perfect manners would politely decline the offer to appear on television being publicly rude to an entertainer who uses rudeness as a schtick.

    Yes indeed, Simon is famous for being a prick. He does it because lots of people find it entertaining. And from a similar desire to entertain, you decided to also behave like a prick. Now that’s what you’ll be known for, too.

    I hope this helps you get over being “shocked” by people calling you a prick.

    Good luck.

  • Michael


    oh lol Im not used to Xfactor thats probably why I said americas got talent lol Thanks for the clarification and best of luck :)

    Not to mention the video did not show Simon calling you MISS Xander and I agree that that is definitely insulting thats as if hes mocking you being gay.I cant believe someone here actually said he was gay friendly here Ive never seen that lol

  • evixoxx

    I know Xander Alexander (or Xander Johnson) personally – he recently found out he’s poz, and started using crystal meth. He was even HOMELESS for a while. He became completely delusional / crazy for a few months from all the meth use, and went to the audition tweaked on meth(fact). That explains the “attitude”. Drug addict, not Diva.

  • JKB

    @evixoxx: It sounds like you are the one who might be on meth. Just sayin’.

  • Michael


    Sounds more like slander and character assassination but thats just my perspective on what you wrote.

    Not to mention if you know him personally and if ANY of this was remotely true.Then why would you do that to someone you know personally to begin with?

    That’s pretty heartless and low .

  • thexanderalexander


    Ok, let’s get the record straight. I DO NOT know who this person is. They have been following me around through all the blogs and websites and even on my own facebook posting this exact same message. It is completely FALSE. I have NEVER even considered doing meth, in fact I wouldn’t even know what it looked like. I also practice safe sex and get routinely tested every 6 months.

    Again, I’m not sure who this is, but it would be nice if you would kindly stop posting such slanderous material about me. It’s nice that you spend the time to follow me around online, but it’s not so nice what you’ve been saying…and it’s been the same exact message everytime, it’s weird.

  • thexanderalexander

    @the crustybastard:

    I don’t have perfect manners, but I do pride myself in my manners in my PERSONAL life. However, during the X-Factor, I was using my “stage persona”, which is an act. It is not a real depiction of who I am, just like Simon Cowell’s stage persona is VERY different from his real one. He’s actually a really nice guy. Furthermore, people constantly talk about how Paula “acts like a ditz”, but she is actually quite smart and intelligent. TV Life, especially TV Reality life, is usually far from real. After all, real life usually isn’t very entertaining. So I’m not “shocked” that people are calling me “pricks”, its more the intensity with which people are stating this and also some of the select language. but as you said, I should expect it given my ‘performance’.

  • Little Kiwi

    keep talking about me michael, and keep posting on my youtube page :D

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    Umm no thank you egoboy I have nothing else to say to you I said my peace.

    Funny you even say that to begin with considering I wrote 1 comment on your page and have not been back there again. *yawns* As usual you are full of yourself am I supposed to feel some kind of honor to even grace your page to begin with? Didn’t think so but good luck with those delusions of grandeur you suffer from 24/7.Hope you find help for that soon sincerely :)

  • evixoxx

    @thexanderalexander: So you’re denying being homeless, and using meth? OH PUHLEASE GIRL. Obviously you would deny this, but only YOU and those who know you know the truth.

  • CookieMonsturz

    @Little Kiwi: I’m sorry, but every time someone calls you out, your favorite theme is along the lines of “I don’t think i’m better than you, I just think you’re below me” It has got to stop. I don’t know you, I don’t know where you grew up, your life situation, or even the full scope of your character and personality. What I know from how you react in your posts in this topic, is that you have an apparent need to secretly boost your own ego; Although it’s not cleverly hidden. But this is how you appear to me, and that’s all i can speak for.

    As a response to the topic:

    The sad fact, is that the people who edited this clip might be scrolling through this very page, laughing at how they could once again turn us against ourselves. Although, Mister Xander, from a community that is trying to gain equal rights in society, we unfortunately have to play a little bit more civilly nowadays. I realized that “reality tv lives” and “personal lives” are different. But when you are going out to portray yourself on such a wide scale, us gay people have to be weary of how the general public will react to it. Many people don’t separate the two. I’m not saying that you have to compromise who you are, but the fact of the matter is that at the end of the day people will take what they want from the things they see, especially things that reinforce what they already know, and you have to plan for that. Always think of this: When media asks you to do something for them. It’s almost ALWAYS to make money, and make the show/station/network look good. It almost never benefits real people; WE, the people.

    As for stereotypes, I prefer to say that all stereotypes are bad; on the grounds that stereotypes make an assumption about the whole. (Which is statistically impossible as a fact). In truth, stereotypes are more of a gray area. There are good things and bad things about each of them. The “Out & Proud” attitude is helpful in enforcing one’s self image and the “I approve myself, I don’t need your approval” deal was great when people denied we existed, or tried to “rinse the stain.” However, in any other situation, more specifically where you aren’t being judged for who you love, I would say that the utmost respect has the upper-ground. And that’s for anyone, not just gays. It is far more memorable, because it’s far less portrayed. The “masculine”/”just like you” attitude, or stereotype, I think is having it’s day. We are at the point in our movement, where we can, and need to, sit down and say “We aren’t so different after all, and for that reason, We deserve the same treatment as you.”

    But the in-grouping, and the factionalism, is, in my opinion, what hurts us the most. For the most part, the rest of society has accepted that there are certain “in-groups” that don’t exactly “Fit the Mold.” But what we are doing is proclaiming to the world, that “Among us, we are different, and we don’t like that. We must all be the same.” Who wants to invite 10 guys to a party, when they know that 5 of them don’t like the other 5. Maybe just to watch them fight. Maybe.

    We live on a little blue planet, and all of us live here, regardless of if we fight each other, or accept one another. So instead of making it more miserable, why don’t we accept our differences within the community as a whole. Then we can work on settling our differences with society as a whole.

    Thank you for your time to read this.

  • Michael


    We live on a little blue planet, and all of us live here, regardless of if we fight each other, or accept one another. So instead of making it more miserable, why don’t we accept our differences within the community as a whole. Then we can work on settling our differences with society as a whole.

    Wow your response was beautiful eloquent insightful and profound all at the same time.

    I agree in so many ways with what you wrote. I am sure you are correct also they have probably had a field day watching half of us here at each others throats.That was their purpose all along to incite issues and hate between our community.

  • thexanderalexander

    @evixoxx: Yes, I am most definitely denying being homeless and doing meth. I’m not sure who you are but when you say “those you know you”…you are definitely not included in that bunch…because if you think any of the slanderous things you have said about me are true, then you are sorely mistaken. And I don’t get why you have continued to try to propagate this message. What good does it do for you? does it make you feel better about yourself to follow me around all the blogs and on facebook to try to slander my name? do you think any of my friends or any of the people in my life who matter are going to care what you say? If this is all you have time for on your hands, maybe you should consider seeking help. Even if someone wronged another person, the type of backlash you are attempting to create is just plain wrong.

  • Kevin O.

    Pffft…typical deluded entitled “new fag”. These are the new queens who believe if a sequin lands on their face during a celebration that they are ENTITLED to an apology. Little fags like this earn a quick kick to the face, literally and I don’t mind kicking a shiny new princess, learn your place.

    Xander you’re nothing more than a stain on our proud society. Buh bye now ^^

  • helen

    good voice, bad personality.

  • Jim

    Folks, I’m a completely “straight arrow” male and I neither especially hate gays nor especially like them. Live and let live. Life is complicated enough.

    But FWIW, here’s my reaction to Xander –
    Believe it or not, clueless, naive person that I am, at the beginning of his bantering, I didn’t realize he was gay. I just saw him as an insufferable, obnoxious, little twerp who had an inflated opinion of himself. It was only two thirds into the dialogue, that I “thought’ that he might be gay.

    IOW, gay or not, he was an insufferable, obnoxious little twerp. And the clincher (which BTW, made him look like a complete loser) was that in his blog somewhere he vowed that he wasn’t going to kiss Simon’s ass like everyone else did because they were desperate to get on the show. But not HIM. Oh no, not HIM. So why was he slobbering like a girly little girl (gay or not) when he was dismissed?

  • scott ny'er

    Now that I’ve seen the clip, i liked the voice. but, whether it was an act or not, seriously, Xander came off like an Ass. If he really didn’t like being called Alexander, he could easily have handled that a different way. Even the crying seemed fake and didn’t move me, which it usually does. Plus Alexander is the last name, so Simon was still using the correct name in a way, it’s not like he made it up.

  • Christine

    I don’t care if your gay or not. I saw a nervous young man who wanted to make an impression. Had Simon responded in a positive way the interaction may not have fallen so flat. I thought you were tring to be silly and create a rapport. I actually felt really badly for Xander. I have children and I have seen that nervous craziness. So you decided to approach it and it came off wrong. I felt terrible and hope that for Xander life moves forward in a positive direction. I don’t know if “diva” is the wordd; again gay or not it doesn’t matter. I felt really badly.

  • Felixxx



  • YO

    I really liked Xander, he has the X factor right from the start wen he was asked his age. All I did was lol throughout. Really sad he left, such a personality is needed

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