Ready to Rumble

WATCH: Miss Xander Is Not Having Simon Cowell on The X Factor

Xander Alexander is a contestant on the first season of The X Factor, which debuts September 21. He is also, by his own account, “one of those New York gays that does not like to be disrespected, even when there is a reported five-million-dollar contract on the line.”

We generally don’t go for shenanigans in our reality-show contestants—and whenever we hear someone say they served it to Simon Cowell we always roll our eyes. But this queen, who’s performance at the Dallas auditions is truly priceless, might have actually silenced the great bare-chested one.

As Alexander Xander tells us:

“I auditioned for The X Factor for the first U.S. season and decided to do so with ‘personality’ a.k.a., give Simon a taste of his own medicine. As soon as he started getting lippy with me, I got lippy right back.

Most of the contestants like to kiss his ass because they want so desperately to be on the show but I didn’t care…  I wanted Simon to know that, “you don’t mess with the gays’.  Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherziner were fierce as usual and loved me so that was all that mattered.

In any case, with The X Factor‘s premiere right around the corner  I figured it would be good to try to drum up some support for the show among the gay community… or at the very least give them one reason to tune in to the Dallas audition just to see one hilarious audition from me where I let Simon have it.
Don’t get my wrong, I have no ill will towards him, it was just fun to take him on…on such a grand stage and the very show HE [conceived]. The look of shock on his face was priceless.

It must’ve been a hell of a shock to break through all that Botox!

Xander, baby, we don’t know how far you’ll go on the show but you’ve definitely got that X Factor in our book.