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WATCH: Mista Majah P’s Reggae Track Preaching Against Gay Bashing

Is Chris Salvatore’s “It Gets Better” track just not doing it for you? Then perhaps this anti-gay violence number from Jamacian reggae artist Mista Majah P will be more your style. “Rights” even has a nod to Buju Banton, oh snap! Put this on the playlist next to “No Homo.”

Says Mista Majah P’s manager Tony T: “What my artist hope to accomplish is to start a conversation between the gay community, the reggae artists and the world. The reason is my artist is tired of having door slam in his face and the face of all reggae artist and fellow Jamaican who get blame for what a few do or what they think or believe in. You have to remember that not all reggae artist or Jamaican hate or discriminate against gays. My artist biggest problem is he believes he is being stereotype by certain people or certain organization saying that you got dread and you come from Jamaica, right away they single you out saying there is another Jamaican who is using his music to spread hate and death and that has to stop.”

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  • SFPol

    Love it!

  • Mark

    Wow – good for him.
    Usually any gay news story from Jamaica involves savage homophobia.
    I hope this is released in Jamaica.

  • scott ny'er

    yay. good for him.

    now, is this dude as popular as Buju? Because while I appreciate this from Mista, it makes a bigger impact if it’s from a major Jamaican music star.

  • adman

    This vid kinda highlights the tragedy of the homophobic hysteria in the Caribbean and Jamaica in particular, since Jamaican people make such undeniably great music, no question. I hope he gets his due. I hate having to reject an entire culture infected with homophobia, but as I said, it is a hysteria, or more bluntly a type of “useful panic” to create social status for straight people who don’t deserve it. More power to him. If only that were the outcome of his worthy gesture….

  • Ryan

    Well that was shocking…in a good way.

  • drums

    I’m really impressed by how he obviously felt called to act with social responsibility because of what he saw around him. Lots of people know there’s somethign wrong with the world, but few people speak out unless it directly affects them. From his manager’s statement, this guy understands that ALL INJUSTICE directly affects all people in some way, and all injustices are interrelated.

  • Lamar

    Good for him, takes balls to do what he did so this is great. Now maybe certain people will start accusing all Jamaicans as being homophobic and murderous.

  • tony t

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  • tony t

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