WATCH: Mitt Romney Would Want His Gay Grandkids To Be Happily Unmarried

Mitt Romney speculated that if his grandkids turned out to be gay, he’d want them to be happy, just not able to marry.

During Univision’s “Meet the Candidates” forum in Coral Gables, FL, Romney attempted to reverse some of the damage he’s done with the Latino community. Said damage might have something to do with this little joke he made during that secretly taped fundraiser from May that’s come back to haunt the Republican candidate like a three-bean burrito with a laxative chaser:

“My dad was born in Mexico, and had he been born of Mexican parents, I’d have a better shot at winning this.”

And everyone laughed and laughed…and died inside.  But the conservative Coral Gables crowd didn’t seem to hold any grudges. When the moderator asked what advice he would give if one of his children, grandchildren or relatives were gay and wanted to get married, Romney brought out the jokes again:

“Well, my kids are all married so I’d be surprised.”

And everyone laughed and cheered…and Romney got heartfelt for a moment:

“But I have grandchildren. I love my children and I love my grandchildren and of course I would want them to be happy.”

Before reaffirming his feeling that marriage should “be associated with the relationship between one man and one woman.” And everyone cheered and applauded…and Mitt Romney’s gay grandson put on one of Beyoncé’s Obama onesies.