WATCH: MO Teen Asked To Leave Boy Scouts For Being Gay

It took guts for Jenn Tyrrell and Zach Wahls to go to the Boy Scouts with petitions requesting the organization lift its ban against homosexuals. But it took balls of steel for 19-year-old Eric Jones of Missouri to walk away from ten years of hard work and dedication by revealing to Scout administrators he was gay.

On Sunday, Jones, a sophomore at Missouri State University, sat down with the director of Camp Geiger in St. Joseph, Missouri, and disclosed his orientation. The campmaster was empathetic, says Jones, but told him the Scouts were firm about their policy. “I was told to leave. Pack your things and go,” recalls Jones.

Jones seems to have a good head on his shoulders, but he knows the problem is bigger than just him: “This is having an effect on our youth,” he says. “You are seeing it. If anything, have some kind of compassion for them. Imagine if this was your child or a neighbor, a close friend that was going through this.”

Seems like Jones has something to teach the Scouts, rather than the other way around.