WATCH: Mormon Parents Record “It Gets Better” Video

Parents of gay Mormon kids have recorded their own version of an It Gets Better video, challenging the Church’s stern disapproval of homosexuality. The clip was released yesterday at a national conference for gay Mormons in Washington, DC. It features parents and family members discussing their path toward loving and accepting their same-sex-attracted kids.  Says one dad, “There was once upon a time that I told a co-worker of mine that if a gay ever came on to me I would punch him. Now, you know what I would probably do? I would hug him.”

A group of LGBT students at Brigham Young University made news recently with their own IGB video—which, like this new clip, was produced by former BYU staffer Kendall Wilcox. Wilcox told the AP he wanted to underscore how many Mormons weren’t buying the hardline ban against homosexuality the Church preached:  “It’s sort of an invitation to Mormons everywhere to come out and say, we can’t be quiet about this anymore. We have to show support,” Wilcox said. “All of these parents are saying nothing anti-Mormon,” Wilcox said. “It’s just, you know: In the end, when I was working through all of this, the message I got from God is that you love your child.”

For young LDS members who might think the entire world is against them, we can see how these videos offer something of a lifeline. But at what point do you say enough is enough and walk away from a doctrine that tells you you’re unworthy of God’s love?