WATCH: MTV News Interviews The Outs Creator Adam Goldman

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We’ve been loving the Outs, the gay Web series created by writer-director-actor Adam Goldman. The show, which has been called the gay version of HBO’s Girls, has been skyrocketing in popularity since it debuted some months back. Here Goldman chats with MTV News about the series and the emergence of “TV show[s] that happens to be online.” Pay attention America, you’re looking at the next big voice in television.

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  • Daez

    Nice dig on QAF as a “show about 4 guys and their time at the gay bar.” I think the director of a pointless show online should know better than to insult the fans of a relatively popular show (amongst its target audience) on one his few chances to talk about his show on a relatively irrelevant cable “news” program.

  • RLS

    @Daez: Prance, pony, PRANCE!

    QAF sucked and everyone knows it.

  • Daez

    @RLS: Yes, it sucked so bad that it has spawned legions of fans that are still loyal fans 8 years after the show ended. You are so correct. QAF was quite easily the best gay show of all time. You only have a problem with it because you feel the need to have a problem with it.

    It is just not good business sense to try to get people to watch your web show by insulting everything that came before you. Sure, people are turning to the web more than ever now to watch “television,” but they are watching mainstream shows that are coming to the internet not internet start up crap that is not unique or original created by asshats that think they are god’s gift to the gays, and that is how this guy came across in the interview.

  • darkorient

    QAF sucked, but I can say that because I’m not a director of some show.

  • Jamison

    so far the difference between these two shows is that this one has less characters and doesn’t take place in a bar.

    All the alcohol and sex is still there.

  • Robert-in-Seattle

    After THE OUTS is complete, it should be expanded into a feature-length movie. I’d watch, and noting the number of hits this show has had, so would others. It’s smart, sexy and sassy. It isn’t about hopelessly lost gay men in search of “the one” or “the one who got away”‘ it’s about people living their lives…for better or worse. AND it’s amazing. Thank you, Adam Goldman, your brilliant cast and production team, however large (always looking at the glass as half full..!).

  • Pip

    all i want to know about is the gay sex that you have. take your “character development” and dialogue” and shove it up yer ass, literally!

  • RLS

    @Daez: Jesus Christ, girl get a life.

  • James M. Martin

    Of course QAF sucked. Among other things. Wasn’t that the point?

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