WATCH: Murder She Wrote Plus Golden Girls Plus Humpy Bears? Oh God Yes Please

Get ready for your new Web obsessions now that Two Jasperjohns seems to be done. It’s called Where the Bears Are, and it’s a murder-mystery-comedy that likes to take its pants off and growl.

The show premieres August 1, but the trailer debuted on the bearblogs this week and has elicited “hairballs of laughter.” (Bears: is this actually a saying? Because, you know, ew.)

It’s got a charming screwball quality that feels like a bit of a loving throwback to old-fashioned Hollywood romps. And it also features sexy furry nearly-naked men, which is a different kind of romp altogether.

The show’s written by Rick Copp (The Brady Bunch MovieThe Golden Girls, Dream On) and spans 26 four-minute episodes. Oh, and did we mention an appearance by Jackie Beat? Thank you, Gay Jesus, for answering our prayers.