WATCH: Musical-Theater Hottie Sings Broadway Lament To His Lost Love, Katy Perry

YouTube-lebrity WatchBenSing has put together a tribute lament to Katy Perry, sung to her heartbreak song “The One That Got Away.”

His voice is very good, though a bit Broadway for a pop song… and it doesn’t hurt that the hunky dude bears a certain resemblance to Ben Stiller in Zoolander (the Photoshopped model version with big biceps, if you know what we mean).

Ben sings: “At your California Dreams tour, when we first met, you seemed to really like me, or so you said. You even touched my nipple, I knew I was in love.”

Here’s to hoping Katy Perry sees this, and that Benny Boy gets another moment in the limelight on stage with his favorite California Girl.

(Many thanks to superstar Queerty reader Chev Elt, who tipped us off to this. If you’ve got a tip for the Queerty team, whether it’s a scandalous pic, a breaking news story, and/or hot meme, send it here straightaway!)