WATCH: Muslim Student At UK University Filmed Saying She’d Kill Gay Men

A secret camera at a meeting of Manchester University’s Global Aspirations of Women Society caught one member declaring she had no problem executing homosexuals in the name of Islam.

In the clip (above), a member of the society is asked whether, “in the Islamic society in which you strive for,” she would “feel comfortable, personally and morally, to kill a gay man.”

The woman responds, “Absolutely,” and described homosexuality as an “atrocity.”

The unnamed student was also asked if she would feel comfortable killing a man if he “[kissed] another man outside the Students’ Union.”  Her reply: “Yeah, abso­lutely. But… you can’t just see it as it is: People have this issue that the punishment—the penal code, everything—is so completely inhumane. But who even says that these things are inhumane?”

Excerpts from the video were printed soon in the student newspaper, the Mancunion, but school officials angered some by condemning the clandestine recording more than the message of hate and murder it contained. “We are deeply concerned with the covert filming of a student event within the Union,” said the school’s well-being officer, Cat Gray in a statement. “We are also deeply concerned by the suggestion that comments of a homophobic nature have been made.”

The society released a statement aimed at the person responsible for the video:

…Having approached the society and asked whether we would be willing to do an interview which we approved of, you still slyly chose to record the workshop we were holding without our permission or the permission of anyone else that was present.

Secondly, you failed to put our discussion into perspective for the aims of global aspirations of women’s society endeavours to discuss the plight of women here at home and globally and looks to political alternatives to end oppression, subjugation and the dishonour of women and hence includes Islam as in the debate along with secular/ liberal systems as an alternative.

When we look at the discontent in which people are living in this society as well as the widespread chaos all we seek to do is to simply raise discussions as to the nature of these problems and how Islam as an ideology (in its true form and not what is currently available in the Muslim world as they defiantly [sic] do not represent Islam and its tenants) as an alternative.

Yeah, we’re not really buying it. There’s really no context that would make saying “I would kill gay people” acceptable. But that’s not on Islam, that’s on the society—which has disbanded since the clip surfaced.

According to HuffPo, the Greater Manchester Police are investigating the incident.


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  • Kieran

    You don’t really expect me to listen to this bitch for 24 minutes do you?

  • brent

    The liberal media reporting on hate speech by a muslim. I guess hell froze over.

  • Jonathonz

    I think whoever wrote the statement should be stoned for writing such a thing. I mean, how can anybody that can write such a stellar example of a run-on sentence even be in college. She should be run off campus just for that.

  • stadacona

    Queer leftists won’t comment on this. Islamists are their heroes.

  • Daniel

    It’s just killing you that gay news sites such as this one, and its commenters, are condemning this act of hate speech, isn’t it? Almost like the whole conservative meme that “liberals love muslims” really is a lie.

  • Billysees

    @brent: 3

    I guess it did too and it should continue to freeze over when this stuff happens.

    Hate must be thoroughly “exposed” anywhere it occurs and anytime it happens.

    Let others learn what hate sounds like.

    Good work liberal media.

    Keep up the good work.

    Overcome evil (hate speech) with good (exposing hate speech)……..Romans 12:21

  • 2eo

    Unsurprising. islam is not compatible with the civilised world. A religion solely based on violence and absolute hatred. There is no reason for these violent nutcases to not be deported and barred from entry to the UK with immediate effect.

  • Lefty

    Someone, some in the world, said something bigoted and hateful???

  • marc sfe

    @brent: No, it has not. Hate speech from muslims is reported on all the time. Grow up.

  • marc sfe

    @stadacona: Bullshit! I have friends who are muslim and they’re wonderful, loving and caring people. Then there are those who are hateful just as there are hateful xtians. Grow up.

  • marc sfe

    @2eo: You really should study Islam before making such patently false statements. Did you know Jesus, Abraham, et al are all acknowledged in Islam and respected.

    Before casting stones at ALL muslims, take a look at the xtians in this country and their hatred toward others.

  • 2eo

    @marc sfe: None of those people even existed. I have no respect for systems that want me dead, and advocate it vociferously, and here in the UK where it is put into practice frighteningly often.

    I have no respect for such a hateful system, like christian paedophilia, the lack of action and speaking out ABSOLUTELY MEANS the moderates secretly agree, and with islam the moderates are doing very little to combat the extremism.

    It’s sad you’ve pulled the race card so quickly, I thought you were smarter, obviously I was mistaken.

  • jwrappaport

    @stadacona: You should look up generally what it means to be “left.” I’ll tell you: it generally refers to a rejection of hierarchy. They are usually not democrats (center right), and are certainly not those who have any love for organized religion.

    I’m a good ol’ democrat, and I hate these clerical bullies and think they should be deported.

    @2eo: Ditto. The moderates are the ones holding the gates open for the tyrants.

  • Chad Hunt

    @brent: Unlike republicans or FOX news, the liberal media reports on all wrongs and seeks to end injustices wherever they are, even within those whom we would also defend on other [email protected]2eo: Thank goodness we are back to disagreeing. I thought for sure the world was going to end when i found myself agreeing with you on the rainbow t-shirt thread. @stadacona: That has to be one of the most idiotic ad hominem things you’ve said on here and you have said a lot of idiotic ad hominem things before.

  • Daggerman

    …who does she think she IS?? God’s gift to womanhood? Dreadful, despicable C**T, but there again she’s probably protesting to such an extent due to her extreme ugliness, and unfortunately men (all men) wouldn’t fancy her!! So really the poor lass must feel awfully lonely and outrageously jealous!!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    ugly spirit

  • BigWoody


  • queerty1958

    @stadacona: You are irreverent pond scum. Now, go back to your pond and float away!

    Buh Bye!

  • queerty1958

    There is no bigotry, hatred, and ignorance, like religious bigotry, hatred, and ignorance. She has no logical basis for her beliefs. It’s all because she chooses to believe what a book says. That’s the definition of insanity.

  • Stache1

    @2eo: Yeah, then they can live under sharia law where talking with permission from your husband earns you a good lashing.

  • Joel J

    Isn’t the problem really with fundamentalists of any religion, be it Christian, Muslim or Jew?

  • Curty

    Was this supposed to shock us? I mean religious people have already proven to be some of the most ignorant and hateful people on earth. So when I read this headline I said to myself “of course she feels that way” because she’s a religious nut, brainwashed!

  • DarthKitsune

    I don’t like women on a good day, and this isn’t helping to endear them to me at all.

  • Stache1

    @marc sfe: How about his.. Christian/muslim…. religions solely based on violence and absolute hatred. @jwrappaport: Wow. That’s a beautiful way of putting it. Just so incredibly true.

  • Stache1

    @DarthKitsune: Oh yeah, that’s gonna help allot. What a misogynist pig you are.

  • Ruhlmann

    A Muslim calls for our death and it gets everyone in a dither. It’s religion people, the savagery comes with the superstition. Look it up….it’s in the bible, koran, torah and all like that.

  • Kini

    Is there anyway we can send her back to where she came from?

  • Larry

    What is even more troubling about this is that the school is more concerned that someone had a camera running when she said it. Cameras are running in public places and streets all the time. Oh wait I forgot, this is Kentucky. Look who they elect.

  • hotshot70

    How long before someone stones her to death? I’ll provide the big boulders!

  • Larry

    Sorry THE UK not University of KY. Even worse tho.

  • Merv

    Congratulations to the student journalist for exposing the ugly reality of Islam. Like the other major Middle Eastern sects, Christianity and Judaism, it is based on fear, hatred, and violence. The sooner we are rid of all of them, the better.

  • maxdadmark

    @stadacona: Are you really that ignorant?

  • maxdadmark

    What would her opportunity be to kill gay people if she was sent to the Taliban and be identified as a western-educated woman? She can answer after the first dozen or so rocks hit her on her ignorant brain case.

  • stfallon1028

    Bring it on bitch. To all who want to hurt, abuse, and oppress anyone, especially in the name of hate, remember when you come for me I’ll be ready.

  • Joel J

    This woman enjoys all the freedom of living or studying in a liberal, democratic country and yet she has no appreciation for basic human rights. Yes, she should go back to her native land where others share her views. When her husband beats her in the Muslim cultural tradition, will she run to the government and the courts for protection?

  • Pix

    I don’t know if it was just me but I could only make out about 1 of every 3 words she was saying. Too bad, I was morbidly curious what someone who thinks executing men for being gay thought of as “barbaric” (as if she and her beliefs were somehow above barbarism when obviously they’re not) as I’m just a sucker for irony. I’d also be curious what she thought of honor killings (hey, she may support those, too).

  • isafakir

    @queerty1958: the book she believes in supposedly actually says the opposite of what she believes and condemns absolutely what she says. as for honor killings, all muslim countries have made them ‘illegal. it is against islam absolutely. iran executes those who commit it. one man threw acid and blinded a girl, and the islamic court required him to blinded by acid. and he was. honor killings occur in christian countries and hindu countries. eastern orthodox christians in iran irag pakistan india commit honor killings throughout most of islamic history gay men were not executed for being gay. and most muslim societies like turkey bosnia kosovo muslim states in russia the caucuses bangladesh india singapore indonesia china central asia south asia southeast asia jordan syria north africa gay people aren’t executed but christian african states like uganda and the cardinal in africa who wants to be the next pope do preach teach death to gay people. he wrote an article defending death laws in uganda for gay people.

  • Ogre Magi

    I hate muslims

  • isafakir

    @queerty1958: she doesn’t believe what that book says. she is totally wrong. and for 1300 years no muslim judge ever executed anyone for being gay. it isn’t in quran/ it isn’t part of islam. it came to the middle east under british and french law.

  • Michaelmouse1

    I see the KKK have changed the colour and style of their hoods. Geez lets hope she doesn’t ever give birth to any gay babies.

  • Joel J

    @Pix: I wonder if she supports female circumcision.

  • Teleny

    Glad to see all of the right wing haters have pounced on this story. It’s always very obvious when they are trolling.

    This one group of goofballs doesn’t represent all Muslims anymore than Westboro Baptist represents all Christians. Nevertheless this example is cause for concern.

  • Merv

    @Teleny: Oh yeah, WBC are the only Christians preaching hate against gay people. Except for the Catholics. And the Southern Baptists, And the Methodists. And the American Family Association. And the National Organization for Marriage. And the Family Research Council. And the Knights of Columbus. And the Salvation Army. And Focus on the Family. And the Chalcedon Foundation. And the Liberty Council. And …

  • maxdadmark

    @Merv: Great response! Although I am an atheist, I believe there are many good people who do good things, despite their faith in fantasy. Unfortunately, they get little attention, from the media (including Queerty). This woman has mental health issues, and this is a red flag. She should be suspended from the university, be given a psychological evaluation, and dealt with accordingly.

  • isafakir

    @Merv: that is pure hate speech. you are really looking in the mirror and seeing yourself.

    certainly nobody can honestly believe that Martin Luther King, jimmy carter, mother theresa of calcutta, albert schweizer, dag hammerskjold, abraham lincoln, sojournor truth, eleanor roosevelt, bishop tutu, bishop eugene robinson, ralph abernathy, jessie jackson, angelo roncalli pope john XXIII, francis of assisi, cs lewis, karl barth, thomas merton, reinhold niehbur, leo tolstoy, johnny cash, mahalia jackson, the blind boys, rosie parks, padre pio, mychal judge of nyc, bishop oscar romero, william blake, dietricht bonhoeffer, etc. all hate filled murderers and tyrants. nothing like the good hearted warm loving kind atheists like pol pot, mao tse tung, stalin, lenin. causescu, castro [who arrested and killed gay people just for being gay, catholics for being catholic, and comrades in arms for not killing innocent people], the succession of Kims il-sung, jong-il etc. and atheism, places engaged in the suppression of any religion killed hundreds of millions of innocent people right up to today, purely out of hatred for people of faith.

  • isafakir

    @isafakir: left out the “are” between “bonhoeffer” and äll”

  • Tommysole

    Never trust a muslim.
    Or any religious zealot.

  • maxdadmark

    @Tommysole: Please don’t be as ignorant as the subject. Not all Muslims are zealots any more than all gay men are vapid queens with ill-informed opinions.


    Let them all come to the USA, so we can kill Muslim! just like republican.

  • Merv

    @isafakir: Mao, Stalin, et al, committed the atrocities that they did because of their Communist religion. Any good done by Jimmy Carter, Tutu, and MLK was in spite of their religion. If they were actually following their religion then they would support slavery, genocide, and the execution of gay people. It’s a good thing quite a few so-called Christians do now ignore their religion, but quite unfortunate that gay people (and others) have had to suffer persecution for the last 2000 years before things started to change.

  • Chad Hunt

    UGGG … It is so gross to see the childish behavior of so many people on here. People are entitled to their own opinions. Everyone has the right “To” hate us just as we have the right to “Return” the hate in a vicious circle that never accomplishes anything but continuing to “Pass” the hate on through the generations. “Actions” is where we must focus our attention. We must “act” upon our voting rights, our use of the judicial system, and our ability to EDUCATE those with low information thresholds.

  • jwrappaport

    Gentlemen (and ladies),

    What say we drop the infighting and direct our rage where it belongs? [email protected]

  • Charli Girl

    I can understand ANYTHING this broad is babbling in tongue …All I hear is babopbabopbababop…WHAT?
    Translation??????? I can understand the male but the female is babbling…

  • Quinney

    I live in manchester we are a very openly gay city supported by the city council. Sadly these kind of people are mixed into society and do normal jobs as professionals. I hope she was not studying to be a dr she might end my life based on my sexuality.

    She needs too think herself blessed she is living in the uk when in other parts of the world being a Muslim woman and studying would not be aloud. Remember the poor girl who is having her face rebuilt and girls killed for going to school. Why did he not bother to ask here if this was the correct form of Islam her argument would have fallen flat on its face. On top of that is she not meant to be covered from head to toe with a tiny mesh to see the world.

  • Billysees

    @queerty1958: 20

    You’ve got a point here.

    Being too gung-ho about the well known holy books is not good.

    They all are worthy to be much scrutinized and reasoned out.

  • Billysees

    @Joel J: 22


  • Daggerman

    ..no-one can take this silly ignorant C***T seriously–she can’t even tell who is Gay (in the closet) and who isn’t, if she actually knew who was definitely Gay she’d be very shocked, far more than she is now! But I have to point out I do feel sorry for her in a way because she’s probably just jealous because she’s too ugly for any man to fancy her, and she doesn’t know whether she might enjoy homosexual contact! Another example of how people become aggressive because they’re only confused about their sexuality and are threatened by different lifestyles.

  • Joel J

    The communists like Stalin and Mao suppressed religion because the Church was a competing power center. The Fascists supported the Church because the Church supported their regimes. The Ayatollahs ARE the regime. It’s about power over people’s lives through ideology, not belief.

  • LadyL

    @DarthKitsune: Wow. Thanks for putting us all in one neat little box, friend.

  • Faggot

    @marc sfe: You might want to read the Koran which does not speak favorably of the Judeo-Christians. One such passage: “And abasement and poverty were pitched upon them, and they were laden with the burden of God’s anger; that, because they had disbelieved the signs of God and slain the Prophets unrightfully; that, because they disobeyed, and were transgressors.”

  • DarkZephyr

    @marc sfe: I also have wonderful caring Muslim friends, but my wonderful Muslim friends are very forthcoming about Islam’s hateful position on homosexuality. They are gay and bisexual men who are forced to live publicly as straight men and they DO fear for their lives living in Muslim countries.

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