WATCH: Nasty Pig’s Spring/Summer 2013 Video Lookbook Goes To The Dogs

Mambo the pit bull has a dog day afternoon after running away from his owner, played by Matthew Camp, in Nasty Pig‘s spring/summer 2013 video lookbook, “iamNastyPig.”

Directed by rising star @lilinternet, known for his work with Diplo and Azealia Banks, and filmed on the streets of New York, the video features clothing designed by Nasty Pig creative director Frederick Kearney and styled by Frankie Sharp on a number of models and downtown personalities.

“Anything can happen on a hot New York summer day, and we wanted to capture the energy that buzzes through the streets and inspires us to create,” said Nasty Pig CEO David Lauterstein. “Our collection for Spring/Summer 2013 is bold, colorful and adventurous – just like all the crazy New Yorkers we worked with on this lookbook, and our amazing customers.”

Lauterstein and DJ Chad Jack also created the song thumping through Mambo’s mad run, “iamNastyPig,” currently streaming on Soundcloud and coming soon to iTunes.

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  • sfbeast

    best outfit was on the dog

  • balehead

    So much jealous against all the attractive models on this site…

  • dragonhoney

    the music is great and so is the clothing.All of the models are beautiful .I love the dog pit (mambo)and matthew is wonderful.

  • Sweet Boy

    Awful clothes…crappy song…some hot models…too bad they have so much ink and piercings…the ex-convict look is not my thing.

    And yes, I am free not to like some of the models

  • MikeE

    @Sweet Boy: +1… “the ex convict look” thank-you, I was looking for exactly what it was that bothered me about the guys. Sure, they all have great bodies (that’s what steroids and spending all your free time in a gym will do, but hey, to each his own), and a few are actually quite handsome.

    but there was something off-putting about their overall look. And you hit the nail on the head: they all look like thugs, like ex-convicts. I don’t find that particularly appealing.

    And in general, “Nasty Pig” (a brand name I find off-putting as well) has this “street gang” look to it, which again, I don’t find appealing.

  • Spike

    A pit bull running around pretty much off leash. Yea, that’s going to end well.

  • Dogboy

    hey Spike you ignorant faggot – if you don’t want gays being stereotyped, then don’t stereotype other creatures either. I rescue Pits and they are generally very loving dogs. If my Pits escaped they would just run around kissing everyone.
    dumb ass!

  • Stache1

    @Dogboy: Hey Dogboy. Way to overreact. It’s NYC with lots of cars. Maybe Spike was thinking of the Dog..Dumb ass troll.

  • viveutvivas

    They are not unhandsome but they look unwashed. I can just smell the dirty laundry and the street garbage.

  • Spike

    @Dogboy: Wow, really intelligent comment, ‘ignorant faggot’, hope you feel better now. Funny how everyone with a Pitt claims their dogs would never attack anyone, yet you never hear of dachshunds mauling people, always the Pitts. I guess there are two types of Pitts, the ones that escape they just run around kissing everyone, and the ones who maul people.

    oh, as for ‘dumb ass’, seriously, are you 12 years old?

  • realangst

    there was nothing in this video that i liked. i prefer cats, i prefer clean-shaven nerdy types, i guess i prefer different kinds of bling and clothing. and, yeah, the song and the video editing were less than stellar but this Nasty Pig group just raised 28K for homeless LGBTIQ youth. so kudos for that!

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