WATCH: NC Bigot Films Himself Shooting “No On Amendment One” Sign

In the great state of North Carolina, they don’t like things they can’t shoot, eat or fuck. So redneck bigot Alex here decided the best way to wrap his head around a neighbor’s “Vote Against Amendment One” sign was by pumping some lead through it with a shotgun. He also had the brilliant idea to get a buddy to film him doing it and post it on YouTube under the heading “A discussion on North Carolina Amendment One .” We can only hope Alex has some unfortunate accident soon while cleaning his gun. (What, too much?)

Amendment One, which specifies marriage as between one man and one woman, goes to the ballot box on May 8.

Source: Joe My God

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  • andy_d

    I hope he shot his gun within the city/town limits. In most places in the U.S. it is illegal to do so. Need to call in the cops.

  • Schlukitz

    Even if he did not shoot his gun within the city/town limits, when did it become legal to shoot at anything on another person’s property?

    I certainly hope that the person who is the owner of the sign, presses legal charges against this a**hole.

    The next video I would very much enjoy, is the shot-gun owner being hauled off to jail with his hands cuffed behind his back.

  • CBRad

    NC ! Again. Such a strange relationship Queerty has with that state. If this guy was shooting at Irish-American boys from New York and Boston the Queerties would be dancing and prancing in support.

  • Gorbeh

    LOL. It’s so funny that this guy feels THAT threatened by us he has to shoot a sign. Take the gun away and he’s nothing more than a scaredy-cat sissy.

  • jabaroo

    Yeeeeee haaaaawww!

  • B

    No. 2 · Schlukitz wrote, “Even if he did not shoot his gun within the city/town limits, when did it become legal to shoot at anything on another person’s property?”

    He said the sign was put up near his house, not that it was put up on someone else’s property.

    Unless he’s really stupid, he probably got someone to give him the sign, and put it up on his own property, so shooting it would be legal – otherwise the video could be used as evidence against him. That is, if he actually did use a gun.

    They actually don’t show him shooting the gun – there’s a sound effect, the sign
    swings back and forth, but there are lots of ways of staging that without actually shooting a gun. The sign also seems to be by a compost pile, so there was something to absorb the bullets if a gun was used, and there was not a nearby road in sight, making it an odd place to put a sign. Whatever happened, I’m not buying his story.

  • MKisNE

    I love that he identified the person behind the camera even though he didn’t have to.. Yup there’s gonna be some controversy.

  • James Jones

    Just because hes against gay marriage doesnt mean hes against gay people…

  • ChrisC

    @James Jones: Yes it does.

  • Aric

    @James Jones: Ah, but it does.

  • mike

    Typical fat ass rednecks, shooting guns, chewing tobacco, drinking whisky from the bottle and beating their wives. Ah, north carolina, don’t you just love the ignorance.

  • Auntie Mame

    @James Jones: Amen.

  • Auntie Mame

    @mike: I beat my husband…at cards. He’s a terrible card player.

  • DouggSeven

    It’s North Carolina, you were expecting different?

  • Hyhybt

    “We can only hope Alex has some unfortunate accident soon while cleaning his gun. (What, too much?)”

    Too much would be the “unfortunate accident” being his wife shooting him after walking in on him “cleaning” someone else’s “gun.”

    (But no, I don’t want anybody hurt. Educated, yes.)

  • hi2u2

    The sign is in front of a backstop. Its fairly obvious that its been placed there to be shot at. You see a car go by in the start of the video making it more likely their shooting at the rear of the property so most likely the sign was stolen. The laws vary greatly depending on where you live if you can or can’t shoot. Where I live you are allowed to use a firearm in city limits as long as an adequate backstop is present and its not in the direction of any population (which is kinda hard to do). Looks like woods behind him so they might be ok in that. Is he an intolerant redneck? Appears so. But what else is new. Not sure why this is news worthy.

  • Spike

    What would these poor southern bigots do without their guns. As if shooting a sign is going to effect the outcome of anything. No doubt if anything he reflects what generations of inbreeding leads to.

  • Charli

    I dated someone there for awhile.Also my ex wife was from there.
    You have NO idea just how backward thinking these people really are!
    I kid you not, I was literally chased by rednecks in pickup trucks bc my ex wife’s
    family couldn’t grasp that she was with a woman!
    They had shot guns and a boatload of rednecks in the bed of the truck
    searching for me! Omg I could write a (hilarious now) book on that day!
    I can’t imagine chasing someone down with a gun just bc of someone they love.
    They literally kidnapped her and the kids and I had to out smart them
    (which wasn’t hard) and it was in their own back yards within their own communitiy to retrieve
    my wife and kids and get them back home to Austin,Tx
    Ha! Dumbbasses!
    So seeing paw paw shooting a sign isn’t surprising!
    I have a lot of sympathy for my sisters and brothers living in that state!


    @CBRad: Where do you get your information?
    @Auntie Mame: Your comic material suck. Charlie Sheen had better jokes.

  • david

    actually there are plenty of ignorant people all over the place north carolina doesn’t hold exclusive rights on that one. you just ran into the shitty part of nc, but every state has their [email protected]Charli:

  • Charli

    I know: although Austin is very diverse:just up the road in
    Weir,Tx (google it) there’s a place called “The Bunkhouse Bar and Grill”
    Lesbians beaten last week for you got it, for being gay!
    I just heard about it yesterday on Sirius radio.
    Ughhh so bored of bigots!!

  • Auntie Mame

    @SEXXYJAMAICAN: i love it when you talk dirty to me. It’s very sexy.

  • Charli

    Yeah but who’s ya daddy? Yup u know it!

  • Larry

    this dude is too dumb to realize the more men that get together then there will be more single women and with a lot of luck one might be desperate enough to marry him

  • Hyhybt

    @Larry: Most of the straight women would probably prefer each other to him.

  • Jozef

    Wow. I’m REALLY sick of all the digs against NC that commenters put up. I am from the town where this guy is, and we aren’t all that crazy. I go to rural parts of the state without a problem all the time. Also, the majority of North Carolinians live in the big cities, 6 out of 7 of which are majority minority. We have a good chance of defeating Amendment 1. Did your states defeat it? Hm. None yet.

  • Charli

    You are right! My apology! Trust there are some really ignorant people in a lot of small Southern states!
    I think the majority of the comments are just people exhausted from it always being the case, ya know?

  • Hyhybt

    North Carolina does have a lot going for it, and, I believe, a better chance of defeating this than most of its neighbors would today if they didn’t already have such amendments. One day, too far but not very far in the future, gay marriage will be legal nationwide, and y’all have a chance to ensure that, when it’s ceased to be controversial, your state can brag that it’s the only one in the region *never* to have had one.

    But it’s gone the other way too often and too consistently to work up full, exuberant optimism. And as for the video… it’s a sad reminder, especially for those of us IN the South, of what some of of our neighbors are like, and also yet another frustrating example of that being the face our region shows the world when it’s not really representative at all.

  • LaTeesha

    Um, yeah. A real tough guy. Once the video was noticed, he pulls it. What a wuss.

  • CBRad

    @Jozef: You still haven’t apologized for your Mike Nifong. And that’s just a start.

  • CBRad

    @Hyhybt: Your John Edwards is much more embarrassing than this guy.

  • reality

    I bet that little troll, Joe Jervis, is just kicking up his heels with delight. PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT ME! ME! I’M SPECIAL! I’M NOT JUST THE EDITOR OF A GAY PENNYSAVER! I’M A BLOGGER, DAMN IT. THAT’S REALLY SOMETHING.


  • Hyhybt

    @CBRad: Oh, there are plenty of people to be embarrassed by. Though please don’t saddle me with John Edwards; I’m from Newt Gingrich’s state. :)

  • MKisNE

    @James Jones: yeah when it involves a shotgun i think it does.

  • CBRad

    @Hyhybt: I believe Newt Gingrich has lived in a few states, so I’m not sure…. But anyway, I apologize that I assumed you were from, or are living in, NC, when you were just defending the state. My mistake.

  • Hyhybt

    @CBRad: My home is Georgia, though one branch of the family is from North Carolina. That state has done better than mine on this issue, at least: even if this passes, they put it off eight years longer than we did.

  • Patsy Stoned

    This guy is a just a Darwin award waiting to happen. If someone put the sign behind his head…well, I think we can all figure out how that one would have ended.

  • CBRad

    @Hyhybt: Well…I’m going by so much more than just this issue. Historically Georgia has produced some great things and people. NC is really just….came up with nothing good…

  • Hyhybt

    Their summers are noticeably cooler than ours, and they have their own distinctive style of barbecue… but I’m short on ideas at the moment too.

    Still, everywhere has its problems, and they don’t seem to be worse than most places.

  • CBRad

    @Hyhybt: LOL. (And the gays in NC are the worst of all. Quinn Matney…ugh. Alan Gurganus…)

  • Schlukitz


    Cabarus County Sheriff’s Deputies thought differently.

  • david

    yeah just airplanes and one of the best medical areas in the nation, michael jordan, and idk don’t forget jesse helmes andprob about the same amount of shit as anywhere. also, there are plenty of bigoted people around the world not just the south. for being gay you folks sure are judgmental…guess it doesn’t matter what your poison is there are still desperate people the world over

  • CBRad

    @david: The Wright Brothers were from Ohio.

  • B

    . 42 · Schlukitz wrote, “@B: Cabarus County Sheriff’s Deputies thought differently.”

    The article at states that they thought the “culprit”, a 17 year old kid, stole the sign, and cited him for “injury to property”. They’ll have to prove it. Unless there is some physical evidence (e.g., dirt on the sign that can be chemically shown to be from a location where a sign was stolen), they’ll have a hell of a time proving it – people give out campaign signs so the signs will be posted around town. Once they give it to you, it is yours. If you want to tear it up, you have a legal right to do that. This kid simply decided to make a silly video with it. It’s not like he promised to return it.

    If they try to use the you-tube video as evidence of the sign being stolen, a competent defense lawyer will claim that the defendant was given the sign and simply used it to make what (at the age of 17) he thought would be a funny video, and the narration was simply made up to sound outrageous. I.e., a failed attempt at a 2 minute screen play at the tender age of 17 is not a crime. Also, the lawyer will point out that while signs are stolen on occasion, signs are also given out on occasion. Just because a sign was stolen doesn’t mean the state can pick some random person who did something weird with a sign he obtained legally and frame that person.

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