Batting Eilishes

WATCH: We need to talk about Billie Eilish’s maybe probably gay new video

Billie Eilish has just released the new video for her song “Lost Cause,” and we are so here for it.

The video finds Eilish partying and writhing with a group of other women in what could be interpreted as a lesbian fantasy slumber party. The group dance around in loose-fitting shirts and short shorts, spraying each other with silly string, taking shots and forming a human amoeba on a bed.

Oh, and they play some Twister.

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The video also features Eilish and her ladies donning more than a few signature lesbian fashions: ball caps, flannel button-down shirts, and the aforementioned oversized jackets. At one point, Billie and her gang also seem to compare posteriors in a twerking contest. We also noticed some longing looks at plunging necklines.

We’re not exactly sure what Eilish is trying to say here…though the lyrics to the song about waiting on a lost cause of a lover raise all kinds of questions.

Regardless, it’s definitely a girls’ night.

Have a look: