WATCH: New Blue Lagoon Comes To Lifetime With Fresh Nubile Bodies

At a screening of Prometheus on Saturday, we caught the extended trailer for Lifetime’s reboot of the Chris Atkins/Brooke Shields classic, Blue Lagoon. Premiering Saturday, June 16, Blue Lagoon: The Awakening is a more softcore update of the lovers-in-paradise flick, with Brenton Thwaites and Indiana Jones as the genetically blessed teens whose hormones start racing on a deserted island. Tabloid fixture Denise Richards co-stars as Jones’ mom, desperately looking for her daughter. (Well, it is Lifetime—they’re required to have a desperate mom in every movie.)

Check Thwaites, 23, out in the trailer above, and scope him out in some sweet screen shots below. If you like what you seen, you’ll be happy to know the Australian actor is slated to play the young prince in the upcoming live-action adaptation of the Sleeping Beauty story, Maleficent.  


Source: Square Hippies