WATCH: New PSA Reminds LGBT Kids Of Their Rights In NYC Schools


The New York Civil Liberties Union’s Teen Activist Project (TAP) just unveiled a new public service announcement reminding LGBT students in the Big Apple of their civil rights.

As the clip above recounts, kids in New York’s school system can:

* be out at school

* take a same-sex date to the prom

* dress in gender-nonconforming clothing

* use locker rooms and bathrooms befitting their gender presentation

* Access LGBT information on school computers

Given how many young people in this country don’t have these basic civil liberties, that’s actually a pretty big deal. But that doesn’t mean its all rosy for Big Apple students: Teens in the TAP program also created a photo essay, “Criminalizing the Classroom,” exploring the heavy-handed policing and zero-tolerance policies implemented in NYC schools, on view at Variety Cafe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn ( 368 Graham Ave) through the end of July. The exhibit runs through July 1.