WATCH: No, Madonna Did Not Forget “Born This Way” Sounds Like “Express Yourself”

Someone recorded Madonna’s tour rehearsal for her Tel Aviv show and it looks like the Girl Gone Wild is updating her’ 90s paean to female empowerment, “Express Yourself” with a mash-up of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.”

Whether the Queen is just being cheeky or legit trying to put Mother Monster in her place, it’s a brilliant move.


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  • QJ201

    I love Madonna, but this is a total c*nt stunt.

  • rf

    Madonna is a true original–She invented voguing.

  • Stephen

    HA! Love you, madge!

  • Seth

    Love. She might be a bitch but she’s real and I respect that more than being fake

  • Caleb

    I find it more than ironic that Madonna made her career ripping off other artists and is now acting like a spoiled diva be-yotch. She is an icon, but she is so over.

  • MJ

    woooooow. really?

    turning this into a Kim/Nicki thing and that was annoying

  • KJM1968

    Love it; especially at the end when she sings a bit of “She’s Not Me”. Without Madge, there would be no little monsters.

  • Princess Peach

    @rf: No, Madonna stole voguing from the underground gay club scene in NYC in the 80’s. Your homo homework: watch the doco ‘Paris is Burning’.

  • !what the F**K!!!!

    The irrelevant prune is just stretching-a truly monstrous old bitch. She refers to herself as M,in third person-and I quote”How dare you-but I always get what I want-I’m M! And believe- I couldn’t give two F**ks for Gaga but the old crone needs to find another bandwagon to hitch a ride on .

  • tj

    I don’t care. Its neither 1988 nor 2008 so sashay away to the both of them. I would like a Kim versus Nicki thread though. That would be interesting.

  • Jamie

    Well, the Queen still had to get permission from Lady Gaga to use her song. Seems to me that all is well between the two, as it should be. It’s Gaga’s FANS who make such a big deal about the rivalry. Gaga has stated numerous times that she is the biggest Madonna fan there is. Let’s put this to rest.

  • jerald

    Dear Madonna, Grow up. You behaving like a 22 ear old snatch is well….33 years late. While you’re at it, say thank you to people who give you hydrangeas and all the people you ripped off on your way to success. Playing like your songs aren’t derivative or ‘reductive’ of something else hilarious. You’re no more an innovator than Lady Gaga or any other pop star for that matter.

  • Belize

    @rf: “Madonna is a true original–She invented voguing.”

    Excuse me while I slam my head against the wall to make me forget about that completely unoriginal, and absolutely WRONG statement.

  • Belize

    @tj: Allow me to start it, darling.

    Nicki < Kim < Azealia Banks.

  • !what the F**K!!!!

    @Jamie: The permission thing your touting is BULLS**T!If that were so Madonna and Stephen Bray would be credited on Born this way-THEY ARE NOT!

  • Belize

    @jerald: “Playing like your songs aren’t derivative or ‘reductive’ of something else hilarious.”

    I swear to god, I laughed when I heard that “reductive” comment. Assuming the great depth in the phrase, “express your self?” How smart of the old queen.

  • !what the F**K!!!!

    @Belize: For her mixtapes alone- Nicki all the way!

  • !what the F**K!!!!

    @Jamie: Oops, APOLOGIES- read your post wrongly- however an artist does not have to gain permission to cover someones song live-they just have to pay them.

  • !what the F**K!!!!

    @!what the F**K!!!!:@!what the F**K!!!!: Which has just made me think-maybe -as it was just a rehearsal -that she slipped in the mashup to garner press -coz if she’s as intelligent as she thinks she is -why would she want to fork over tens of thousands to an artist she considers ripped her off.Maybe dementia mixed with desperation has clouded her judgement.

  • Red Meat

    The last cry for attention for the desperate pop star that has flop in a decade

  • Gigi

    @rf: She INVENTED voguing? Sure she did. She stole it from the street years after it was tired. She brought it back.

  • Dave

    Madge hag please go away………….

  • tookietookie

    What an insecure hag.

  • rf

    @Princess Peach: Um, Princess Peach, that was a joke. Your homo homework: Learn how to spot sarcasm.

  • rf

    @Belize: Please slam away.

    @Gigi: Pretty sure I’m aware that 99 percent of everything Madonna did was taken from somewhere else. That was my point, genius.

  • Delius

    @Seth: Real? Hagdonna is a fraud and a fake. Look at the way she treats her family. She has a brother on welfare for goodness sakes.
    What kind of lowlife an defend such a rich woman who can’t even help out members of her own damn family.

  • John

    @Princess Peach: I took as it she was kinda responsible for making vogue mainstream even if she did get inspired by the gays(after all, who doesn’t?!?):)

  • SuperAmanda

    Madonna may be past her peak, but it took 10 years before she displayed any cracks. Lady Gaga is already on the downslide after only 3 years.

  • Daez

    @Delius: It is not her responsibility to support her brother. Perhaps her brother should go get a job and a life instead?

    On a side note, this “rivalry” helps the careers of both Madonna and Gaga because it gives them lots of free press, and it also gives magazines a story to cover, so its good for everyone involved.

  • Polyboy

    Using a disco chord progression is not copying. Not the same song by a long shot, but keep peddling that tin ear meme.

    Of course then Madonna is the queen of appropriation.

  • Bryan

    Desperate move to drum up more publicity, nothing more. To the people saying she probably has Gaga’s permission, she could just not include this part in the show, but “leak” this rehearsal video on purpose. The drama that would generate would be enough.

    @Jamie: Except that Gaga fans wouldn’t have to constantly defend her and shade Madonna in the process if pressed Madonna fans and the media didn’t have to keep on making it seem like Gaga taking inspiration from Madonna is a bad thing…

    @SuperAmanda: Only if your measure of success is the charts. Google her tour and see how it’s doing.

  • Good Guy

    @rf: Madonna did not invent voguing, nor did she first introduce it to mainstream, Malcom McLaren did

  • Marc

    Umm Good Guy, Malcolm McLaren was never mainstream outside of the UK if you really think about it.

  • mike fourth

    Madge, bitch you are too old for this kinda shit.


    @Belize: Ummmm Kim doesn’t write her own rhymes sooooo NO

  • no one

    who is madonna?

  • Reece

    I’m just happy to continue to support artists with kind hearts who think of others and don’t have to put others down to make them feel better about themselves. After all, haven’t all of us who are LGBT gone through enough of those kind of things already? We should know all too well what it feels like to have someone say unkind things about us. My definition of “professionalism” is an artist who doesn’t publicly make fun of others on live tv.

  • James

    @Caleb: Over? Is that why she’s about to have one of the most successful tours in history and has sold out across the globe? Bitter Little Monsters need to sit down.

  • James

    @Delius: She actually paid for both her brothers to go to rehab multiple times you idiot. Taking care of siblings isn’t ones financial responsibilty, we’re all adults. Besides the rest of the family doesn’t have anything to do with the homeless brother either. When does it become personal responsibility?

  • Spike

    Sad, MDMA so very desperate to stay relevant.

  • Delius

    @James: we are our brothers keeper.
    maybe he has mental illness.

    she is rich as fuck…come on…its our responsibility to help others.

  • !what the F**K!!!!

    @James: @John: vogueing never went mainstream coz none of the breeders and very few queens could actually pull it off without looking like they were trying swat flies-just as well really-breeders vogueing is an oxymoron- even old gnarly just managed a few poses.

  • !what the F**K!!!!

    @Marc: not for want of trying!

  • Jesse

    its MDNA…learn it, live it, love it.

  • !what the F**K!!!!

    @Jesse: Sorry Dear ,learnt, lived and loved mdna 25 years ago-are you straight?

  • Crixus

    I love it!!!! I am a huge fan of GAGA AND MADONNA. I think this is great for both of them. Some in the media are hyping it as a feud. No bueno. It’s all about fun!

  • Michael

    Whinge, whinge, complain, bitch, curse!! You should hear yourselves pumping up some stupid feud you’re not even sure exists and accusing Madonna of stealing and copying others. Don’t you know all art (no matter the level) is somehow inspired by what’s gone before? Show me a completely original recording artist! The only one I can think of who is still going (and has been recording for longer than “The Queen”) is Kate Bush (who by the way inspired Bjork, Tori Amos, Goldfrapp, Florence, Marina, Fever Ray, Coco Rosie and many more).
    There are some eras of Madonna’s career I could have done without (MDNA is pretty patchy) but at the end of the day, she’s still the most famous and talked about performer in the world. Extraordinary discipline, hard work, and certainly a fine sense of intuition have kept her where she is. Rising above bitter (and very jealous) comments like the ones posted here are how she’s survived. Good luck to her I say!!!! xo

  • Rod Black

    @Caleb: in her defense Lady Gaga is making her career based off of Madonna’s. Its not like Gaga is so original.

  • Urethra Franklin

    I still don’t hear anything similar between these 2 songs.

  • Ty

    @Rod Black:

    So true. Gaga is to Madonna what Oasis was to The Beatles.

    Madonna’s last two albums have been duds and I wish she’d stop trying to leech onto the latest fads because she’s way too established for it, but a couple weak albums can’t undo the 25 great years.

    Gaga is hotter than Madonna at the present time, but can she sustain a career where to the point when she is 53 she is actually doing something beyond playing Pride tours like Taylor Dayne or Jody Watley? Every great musical icon has had to evolve with time…. can Gaga do a 180 with her next album as successfully as Madonna did with True Blue and again with Like A Prayer? If she sticks with the schtick she’s been doing, she’s going to go the route of Boy George. Gaga has talent, but she’s allowed her image to become bigger than she is, and the way to make a lasting career is if she follows her idols Madonna and Bowie and know when to kill one image and completely reinvent herself from the ground up come next album, or else she’ll be following the footsteps of a dozen other 80s and 90s divas who pretty much only rely on “Pride” now because that’s the only way people will care to come out in droves to see you.

  • Who are you B!tch, New lunch?

    @!what the F**K!!!!: yeah, all the way to the trash can, Azeaila Banks trumps her.
    @Belize: Replace Kim and Nicki with Lauryn Hill and Fox Brown and there you have it.


  • What the f**k

    Azealia’s flow is good but the actual music,more often than not,Sucks!!And idredging up Foxy ….is that the best you can do…..well at least you ain’t,pushing I’ll krim !

  • What the f**k

    Dredging…f**king I pad !

  • What the f**k

    Anyone interested in hip hop should actually be supporting House of la Dosha,cakes da Killa,zebra Katz,big momma,sissy nobby,big freedia, vockah redu-where the f**k is the support for these “ahead of the rest “out gay artists.You wait forever for gay artists who can represent within hip hop -and what do you get…….Ignored! And instead you get coverage of a bunch of dead bitches. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE AHEAD OF THE GAME PEOPLE!

  • mrn.

    @rf: or possibly maybe that were trans-youth from NYC in 80’s?

  • Seth

    So tired of GaGa’s fans thinking she’s even close to being in the same realm as Madonna. Madge could have retired in 98 after Ray of Light and would still be the most important female in music history. GaGa has made her entire career on the path Madge paver for her. I can totally see Madonna’s frustrated with being constantly with someone who came around in 2008 when Madge was already the Queen before GaGa was even born. I think her tongue in cheek mash-up is ironic and typical Madonna…she’s a pr master and the student will never top the teacher

  • Anthony

    Either she truly is bitter and upset over Gaga and “Born This Way”, or this is her way of not only getting the publicity she so desperately, but saying that she likes Gaga enough to put her song in her tour. I would like to think of it as the latter, but knowing the amount of bitterness Madonna has showcased in the past, I’m not too sure. Whatever she’s doing, it seems to backfiring seeing as the only people not seeing how transparent this whole thing is are her fans, and even some of them do not like what she’s doing.

    Either way, Gaga’s getting the attention she wants and needs, so win-win for her.

  • Astro

    i think this is what they call “too clever by half”

  • Princess Peach

    @rf: pfft and you don’t find the phrase ‘homo homework’ sarcastic? take a chill pill

    @John: yeah Madge did make it mainstream in a big way. but she’s not associated with its origins at all.

  • jose

    no its not a brilliant move
    she looks petty and immature for someone who is a “legend” – if madonna is such a legend why is she giving gaga the time of day
    if madonna fans think gaga is nowhere near as good as madonna is then why do they insist on bringing up gaga’s name every chance they get – it is because they are threatened
    every time madonna and her fans bring up lady gaga’s name – they are just keeping lady gaga’s name relevant

    lady gaga and madonna both preach acceptance but only gaga puts into practice what she

    i dont know why this website hates gaga so much – she is probably one of the most vocal allies of the LGBT community and she goes out of her way to try and help the community every chance she gets

  • jose

    @Rod Black:

    buahah and you think madonna is fucking original she copied so many people in her day and her fans seem to forget that when bashing gaga

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