WATCH: Norwegian Lads Film Naked Videos To Promote Tourism

A trip to Trondheim, Norway, wasn’t exactly on our bucket list, but after watch a series of viral videos from Onkel Saft and his frisky friends, we might have to reconsider.

At first, the clips appear to be of pastoral scenes—like Gamle Bybro bridge (above), the “Portal of Luck” that crosses the Nidelva river. But about 20 seconds or so in, the industrial music starts and a cadre of unclothed cuties appear and start humping every available surface.

It’s like a porn version of planking.

In the clip below, the boys make sweet, sweet love to Lerkendal Stadium, home to the Rosenborg BK. Says Onkel Saft, “The idea behind this is to create renewed awareness of the beautiful sights in Trondheim. We are very fond of the city of Trondheim, as you can probably tell.”

And now we are too.

Source: Banana Guide via Fleshbot

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  • Continuum

    This is more WTF than an enticement for tourism. I just don’t find the video of 10 naked men, dry humping a bridge or a stadium gate, to be very interesting.

  • Gus

    *it’s like a porn version of planking* LOLROFWMP

  • D P


    Wonder where all the townfolk are, though? Who’s behind the camera? ..maybe the townfolk?

  • dsp

    @D P: Was thinking the same thing. Not one passerby, be it by walking, biking or car? Does any one live in those buildings? And this was more WTF than oh i want to go there for my next vaycay…..NOT!

  • Tom

    Rather than we go to Norway, we should start an online donation drive to purchase all these bored – but plainly ambitious – boys a one way ticket to New York City.

  • kawneekwa

    All that is is crazy. I no dat!

  • stevoj

    @dsp: VAYCAY!?! let’s all go!!

  • Steve

    The Atlantis cruise should go to Norway.

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    And the point is? Boring….

  • Ok, ok

    That was pretty disturbing.

  • a-ah

    Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, from its quaint villages to its thousand-year-old churches to its picturesque seaports to its stunning fjords. They invented skiing. They pioneered raping and pillaging. They got most of that out of their system, as they’re one of the most secure and independent and generous economies in the world. Hiking, whitewater rafting, cruises through the fjords, dining on the freshest fish and those who didn’t make Santa’s cut to lead his sleigh. Modern art and architecture alongside history that includes the first Europeans to set foot in the Americas. Unlike neighboring Sweden, they fought the invading Nazis every step of the way, and prevented them from obtaining nuclear technology before the U.S. Energy technology and ecological protections unsurpassed anywhere in the world. First-rate health care for all. And gorgeous blue-eyed Norwegians (or their darker Lapp cousins for all those gays always gotta be hatin’ on the blonds) who are among the fittest, healthiest, and longest-living in all of Europe. There’s a million reasons to spend a few days in Norway on your next swing through Europe—or move there.

    But these two videos apparently filmed just after dawn on a bleak winter’s day (which is why there’s nobody else in them)—but sans snow—and the couple dozen lunatics in them are not among them. It doesn’t even make sense—who would take a vacation based on a shot of the entrance to what appears to be your run-of-the-mill sports stadium? Like we’re going to take in a game of soccer on vacation? Those scenes were not selected for their beauty—aside from the colorful houses along the river, the rest of it could just as well be Detroit.

  • Houston Bill

    This is just strange.

  • Pete

    That’s just lame. I’m sure they think this is very cool and edgy but it’s just sad.

  • Frederick

    It was strange, although getting to see a bunch of hot naked guys (strange or not) is always fun!

  • James

    unfortunately i am not impressed. they could have done so much more with so much less.

  • Kirby

    just wanted to point out that this is a continuous loop of 5 second footage… they weren’t actually doing this for a minute


    We should do this in Detroit!

  • D P

    @Kirby: – I’m *SO* glad you pointed that out. I hadn’t watched either video very carefully, and thought that it really was close to a full minute of these guys going to town on inanimate objects. I think that that was what really disturbed me, that these guys might’ve really gotten into it and would _want_ to continue on for so long, just to make a point.

    You know, its kinda like that expression, when you’re peeing at a urinal and the guy next to you tells you, “Tap it three times, and you’re done. Any more than that, and you’re masturbating.”

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