WATCH: Norwegian Lads Film Naked Videos To Promote Tourism

A trip to Trondheim, Norway, wasn’t exactly on our bucket list, but after watch a series of viral videos from Onkel Saft and his frisky friends, we might have to reconsider.

At first, the clips appear to be of pastoral scenes—like Gamle Bybro bridge (above), the “Portal of Luck” that crosses the Nidelva river. But about 20 seconds or so in, the industrial music starts and a cadre of unclothed cuties appear and start humping every available surface.

It’s like a porn version of planking.

In the clip below, the boys make sweet, sweet love to Lerkendal Stadium, home to the Rosenborg BK. Says Onkel Saft, “The idea behind this is to create renewed awareness of the beautiful sights in Trondheim. We are very fond of the city of Trondheim, as you can probably tell.”

And now we are too.

Source: Banana Guide via Fleshbot