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WATCH: Not All of Congress Is As Dumb As Rep. Virginia Foxx

Just in case you were tricked into thinking yesterday’s Congressional debate about The Matthew Shepard Act was limited to morons like Rep. Virginia Foxx, here’s Democratic New Jersey Rep. Rush Holt delivering what will likely be the best soundbite to arise from the victorious passage of the hate crimes bill: “This is no more about criminalizing thought than the anti-lynching laws were about criminalizing knot-tying.” BOO-YAH.

Adds Holt: “It is patently false to say we are criminalizing thought. … And to say that pedophilia somehow belongs in here represents such uniformed illogical and irrelevant thinking as to say kleptomania, drug abuse, school truancy, parking violation, and road rage belongs here. This bill is about hate crimes.”

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