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WATCH: Nyle DiMarco does ‘full frontal’ for a good cause

Still from Nyle Dimarco's appearance on Samantha Bee's

Nyle DiMarco sure knows how to get everyone’s attention.

The sexually fluid America’s Next Top Model winner is using his master-level thirst trapping skills for good this time, appearing on Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal to discuss the very serious problem the deaf and hard of hearing community often has with police mistreatment.

Parodying a training video for police officers-in-training, DiMarco paints a disturbing picture of enounters deaf people have with police that can lead to then being tased, beaten and on occasion killed, all over misunderstandings around not following an officer’s verbal instructions

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“Your training has barely covered the importance of how to interact with America’s one million deaf citizens,” DiMarco starts out.

“And it turns out you’ve been making tons of terrible mistakes,” says Bee.

Later in the clip, DiMarco announces it’s time for the segment “Nyle Takes His Shirt Off So You’ll Pay Attention to Deaf Rights.”

But sexiness aside, he tells us half — half — of people who die at the hands of a police officer are disabled.

Watch below: