WATCH: Obama Is Pretty In Pink at HRC

No, the above wasn’t created using the iPhone’s Brushes app, but it’s beautiful, and clever, nonetheless. Artist Sycra Yasin was taken by Barack Obama‘s promises to LGBT Americans, while failing to deliver. So how to best represent all those so-far-empty guarantees? By putting Obama in a pink tutu.

Says Yasin: “So I felt Obama is in a tough spot because he supports the LGBT community, but he also is very careful about getting elected. So he has to juggle the two concerns, and as it seems happens often now, has to placate people by assuring them he has their interest in mind… While not necessarily doing all he could because of a fear of losing a lot of support. Almost like an empty gesture. So I showed him making an empty gesture to the gay community by wearing a pink tutu. Of course it’s ridiculous and over-simplified, but that’s why it’s funny, I thought anyway. Politics and humour is something that’s hard for people to agree on and accept. I’m not sure if I’ll keep up with politcal stuff or not. I figure getting some people mad is inevitable, especially if the point you’re trying to make isn’t made clearly. Sorry to anyone offended.”

(Oh, and the above was made using little old Photoshop. And Camtasia, to make the video.)