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WATCH: Olympic Divers’ Avengers video goes viral and… wow

Diver Jack Laugher (Photo: @JackLaugher | Twitter)

A video created by a group of Olympic divers has gone viral and racked up millions of views. Posted a couple of days ago by British Olympic bronze medalist Dan Goodfellow (@dannielgoodfellow) on Tik Tok, it features Goodfellow and fellow divers in full-on superhero mode.

Filmed in reverse, they appear to be leaping out of the sea on to a jetty and striking heroic poses, in the style of the Avengers.

It’s had over 6million views on Tik Tok and is now racking up views via Twitter.

The men featured are Jack Laugher (@JackLaugher); Dan Goodfellow (@danngoodfellow); James Heatly (@JamesHeatly); Matty Lee (@mattydiver); Yona Knight-Wisdom (@YonaKW); Lucas Thomson (@_LucasThomson_); and Noah Williams.

The men all compete for Britain, with the exception of Knight-Wisdom, who was born in the UK but competes for Jamaica.

Laugher, a fellow Olympic and Commonwealth champion, explains on his Twitter who each man is supposed to represent. They are Dr. Strange; Captain America; Spider-Man; Ironman; Black Panther; Hawkeye; and Thor.

The men are currently training together in Turkey and have been generously sharing lots of photos of themselves to social media. This includes gay, British diver Tom Daley. He has been training with them but sadly wasn’t part of this particular viral video.


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Although they’re not the first individuals to shoot a video like these (this group of men did a similar video last month), the guys’ clip is picking up widespread acclaim – which we’re sure is not at all related to their all-round fitness and athleticism!