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  • sweetdog

    This is a great conversation. So what would blonde bimbo Prejean have said about interracial marriage? Oh, I forgot. She’s not a politician. I think her boobs are getting in the way of her “thought” process, since it appears that her brain is not in her head but elsewhere on her person. Oh, I forgot. She doesn’t HAVE a brain! Perhaps the pageant should have paid for one of THOSE. But then she wouldnt have been able to participate in a beauty pageant. “Um, Miss California, which would you rather have us provide? Boobs or a brain?” “Let me think about that and I’ll get back to you when I have an answer.” (OTR w/Greta VanSusteren)

  • Lee

    As someone who has often been an extremely harsh critic of what I perceived as Oprah’s inconsistency about gays [I could give examples but they’re beside the point], I am thrilled to applaud her for what we see in this segment.

    And also appreciate the message they send about how often the Ghetto Gay meme “everybody knows” is SO wrong, and how explicit we need to be for those who don’t want to see us. Gayle apparently didn’t see the post on Oprah’s site after the tsunami show from someone very sorry to hear that Nate’s BUSINESS partner had died. And, here, they mention a more recent show in which he described a picture of himself and his new partner and many STILL didn’t get it.

    Bravo for him, too. He is WORSHIPPED by Oprah’s millions of viewers, so this one show…unlike that endless succession of dumber-than-the-last-dumb-one “Stonewall 2” demos which are ignored by hoi polloi…. did a great deal of good just with a few moments of explicit honesty by Nate, the Iowa couple [however much one of them is trapped in Bull Dyke drag] and the viewed applause of all these straight-identified [I don’t care what their actual sexuality is in this context] much admired public figures.

    Now if we could just get everyone to say “marriage equality” rather than “gay marriage.”

  • dgz

    i watched this last week (yay DVR!) and loved the following:

    1) Oprah’s use of the adjective “gayness.”
    2) the studio audience’s spontaneous applause.
    3) Hugh Jackman’s enlightened perspective.
    4) that adorable lesbian couple.

    it was almost enough for me to forgive the fact that Fridays Live on Oprah is a huge rip-off of The View. except with smart people… well, and jenny mccarthy.

  • Bertie

    watch out bigots — Oprah has taken our side.

    As Kathy Griffin might say:
    ‘be afraid, bigots…after all, Oprah DID chose our President.’

    Besides, Oprah is tight with the powergays of Hollywood. Her CAA agency’s co-founder Stephen Huvane had a same-sex marriage ceremony not so long ago.

  • Chris

    If Oprah speaks, they will come! Such good press for the queers!

  • Mark M

    Not only did Okra Windbag pick our president, she also was responsible for Dr. Phill. So.. this is nice… but not enough for me to give her the time of day.

  • anderson cooper is my future husband

    @Mark M: She doesn’t need you. Good for Oprah a lot of older republican housewives watch her show and she will be opening their minds with this kind of programming.

  • atdleft

    @Bertie: Heh. At least Oprah’s finally “coming out” as a gay icon! :-D

    @Mark M: Please take your veiled racism elsewhere. Thanks.

    @dgz: Yep, but I’d still rather watch “Friday Live with Oprah” than “The View”. Why? As you just said, the panel’s smarter and there’s no Sherri Shepard sounding like a complete idiot.

  • Jurassic-She-Male

    @Mark M:

    Oprah fucking rocks! you dare insult her and she’ll unleash her army of white middle aged housewives on yo ass

  • Raven

    Still love Hugh Jackman…damn shame about all the gay baiting around him.

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