WATCH: Orangina Reaches Out To Bear, Gay Mountain Lion Markets

In France, the makers of Orangina came up with an original ad campaign by making knowingly outrageous claims about the citrus soda—that you could brush your teeth with it, mop your bathroom floor with it, even use it as aftershave. In this commercial, a he-cougar trims his whiskers, dabs on some Orangina, then snuggles close with his hot Parisian boy toy. We can just see this starting a whole new kink.

Below, more spots from the campaign—including one featuring a butch grizzly in a locker room. Growl!

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  • Um.....

    Okay… so… beastiality and apparently the worlds most versatile soda. I’m thinking something got lost in translation.

  • n900mixalot

    What is Oragina? An oral vaginal wash of some sort? Hypertension of the oral region?

    Do you mean OraNNNNNgina?

  • Polyboy

    Those are old commercials, and part of a broader series.

  • gattsuru

    Yeah, there were a number of Orangina commercials like this over the 2007-2008 seasons, including some highly sexualized ones in more het or fem/fem contexts. Bit of a todo over it, given that one of the videos was so heavy on the boobs (topless female octopus!) that it couldn’t be shown on TV until after watershed. The obvious guess is furries, but I don’t think the advertising company actually picked up anyone involved in the furry fandom itself, since the uses of sexualized imagery is so decidedly pedestrian despite the strange backdrop and actors.

    Despite the weird uses in the commercials (aftershave! plant food! highly Freudian drum/ejaculation joke! watersports/bukakke simulator!… what, what?!), the stuff’s basically orange juice and soda water — ie, a soft drink. Not a bad soft drink, although one I can no longer consider without thinking of octopus nipples.

  • Kaz

    It’s wayyyy already a kink, it’s called Furry :P

  • Richard Bird

    One drop does it all!

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