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WATCH: Oscar Isaac is fine with thirsty fans calling him “daddy”

Oscar Isaac
Oscar Isaac (Photo: Shutterstock)

Actor Oscar Isaac is busy currently promoting the new Marvel series Moon Knight, streaming on Disney+

One interview the Star Wars and Dune actor gave recently was with the Chinese publication ET Today. The interviewer told him that some fans called him “daddy”.

A slightly bemused Isaac, 43, responded, “I didn’t know the fans called me Daddy.”

“But that’s okay. They can call me Daddy if they want to. I don’t mind.”

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Fans rejoiced.

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Moon Knight is streaming now on Disney+. Isaac is currently lined up to star in the big-screen adaptation of the computer game, Metal Gear Solid, and to play the part of director Francis Ford Coppola in a movie looking at the making of The Godfather.

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