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WATCH: The most Oscar-worthy reenactments of Tiffany Trump’s drunken “Trump Pride” speech

Tiffany Trump hit the campaign trail on her father’s behalf last weekend, headlining a bizarre Pride rally in Tampa, during which she gave a speech that has been described as a “train wreck,” “awkward,” and a “disaster.”

Wearing her tightest, prettiest, sparkliest pink cocktail dress, the 27-year-old law school grad spoke off the cuff for roughly 10 minutes about everything from her love for the “LGBQIA+” community, to gay Broadway actors dying from AIDS, to how absolutely awful the media is, to how much she loves the lord, to how she writes all of her own speeches.

Despite her best efforts, Tiffany’s speech was not well received by anyone other than the approximately two dozen people who were sitting in the room at the time.

Many on Twitter questioned Tiffany’s sobriety…

Billy Eichner said he wanted to see Tiffany’s college essay.

The speech has since inspired many on social media to put on their own sparkly pink cocktail dresses and blonde wigs and reenact Tiffany’s words to the “LGBQIA+” community.

Check out some of the best performances…


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