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WATCH: Our Top 10 Must-See Films at This Year’s LGBT Film Fests: Brent Corrigan, Lesbian Space Aliens, and Forbidden Love in Iran

Judas Kiss

Brent Corrigan goes legit; Richard Harmon plays gay; Timo Descamps stops singing and Charlie David hopes to put “Dante’s Cove” behind him in this sexy, time-bending thriller (I guess Matthew Montgomery was busy).

David plays a washed-up filmmaker returning to his old alma mater as a judge for the school’s annual film festival. After sleeping with one of the students (Harmon), who may or may not be him in some parallel time and place, he starts to see a way of altering his past and future at the same time.

Strapped was the best gay movie of last year and if you liked its blend of mystery, sexiness and surrealism, you’ll probably enjoy Judas Kiss.