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  • MaybeTruth

    I wonder why either one of them would want a place in the West Village anyway? That area is just for business-people who want a quieter place to live that’s still easy and quick to get to Wall Street.

  • ewe

    I love Jane Street and i adore that building because it is on the very end of the street and it loops around to Horatio so you cannot drive onto the West Side Highway. She is paying 3072.00 in monthly maintenance charges and although it has the view the only drawback (maybe not) is that underneath those windows is a parking lot. There are some beautiful townhouses on Jane street for sale right now. I really think Rachael Maddow is getting better and better lately because she is unabashedly a gay rights heroine with a full steam ahead in your face defiant ActUp attitude that gets things done.

  • AIDS Spreader

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