WATCH: Out MSNBC Anchor Thomas Roberts Calls NOM’s Brian Brown A Bully

Thomas Roberts had Brian Brown on MSNBC today to talk about the New Hampshire state House voting on whether to repeal marriage equality. The two went back and forth on the usual talking points, until Roberts finally broke down and indicated that, as an openly gay man, he had a stake in the matter.

“Is it sometimes just exhausting for you,” asks Roberts, “and what the National Organization for Marriage does, to try to stand against the tide of equality? Is it exhausting?”

Brown took the opportunity to remind Roberts that over 30 states have bans on same-sex marriage, and that in the seven states that allow it, there are dissembling referenda at work. He also said that redefining marriage changes things for straight people because schools end up teaching different ways of life are essentially equal.

At that, Roberts recommends Brown go watch Harvey Weinstein’s new movie, Bully.

Fat chance Brown has watched any new media since before Will & Grace premiered.